Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update Arrives April 25

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An announcement on the official Gran Turismo website and in-game has revealed that a new update will arrive for Gran Turismo 7 on Monday April 25.

Although the original server maintenance announcement made no mention of an update, a subsequent replacement uses the now-traditional “game update maintenance” language we’ve seen across GT7’s lifetime.

While we have been expecting an update in the next week or so, it’s unusual to see a game update arriving on a Monday. However we do have a reasonable idea of what to expect.

Following the controversial v1.07/1.08 update, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi directly addressed fans with a short roadmap for the game’s development. This letter contained a note that there would be updates before the end of April which would “add new cars and course layouts”.

As April ends on Saturday April 30, the coming week is the last window for such an update to arrive. That makes it very likely that, unless Polyphony Digital is planned to push out two updates in a week, we’ll be seeing fresh content on Monday April 25.

Of course at present we don’t know exactly what that content will be. Given the rate established by GT Sport’s content updates, we’d expect somewhere between three and seven new cars. However we’ve not seen any clues as to what they might be; as it’s the first content update for the new game, we don’t know if Yamauchi will continue his tradition of “silhouette” teasers. The Toyota GR010 is a possibility though.

“Course layouts” likely refers to new routes at circuits already in the game, particularly as the original version of the letter stated “tracks” before this was corrected.

There’s a number of possibilites for this, from new routes at fictional circuits — yet more Lago Maggiore variants, new Tokyo Expressway routes, or other layouts at tracks we haven’t considered — to alternate courses at real locations. However we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store.

In addition there’s a good possibility that the update will bring some new events, perhaps even the rumored “missing” GT Cafe books, to expand the single-player offering.

The update will certainly also bring bugfixes for a number of known issues too. In addition there’s a note in the announcement that Performance Point (PP) limits for some races will be changed; this may be part of a fix to combat an exploit using the Dodge Tomahawk X for very rapid money earning.

When the maintenance period starts at 0600 UTC on Monday 25, you’ll lose access to just about all of the game — only Music Rally and Arcade Mode will remain available — so be sure to complete everything you need to ahead of time.

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