Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.13 Arrives: Adds First Post-Launch Content, With Three Cars and Spa 24

The first new, post-launch content for Gran Turismo 7 has arrived with today’s v1.13 update, bringing three cars and a new track layout to the game.

As we were already able to determine from the silhouette teaser posted on Sunday, the three cars added are all Japanese: the second-generation Subaru BRZ; the championship-winning Subaru BRZ GT300; and the fan-favorite Kei car Suzuki Cappuccino.

We’ve been expecting the BRZ road car thanks to its appearance in the schedule for the 2022 Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup. Sibling to the GR86, the BRZ features some significant updates over the first-gen car, not least of which is a larger, 2.4-liter boxer engine.

The BRZ GT300 uses the body of this second-generation car as a basis, though as a GT300 racer — equivalent to GT3 in pace terms, with GT3 actually allowed to race in the class — it bears few other similarities.

Making its debut in the 2021 Super GT series, the car took a race win at Sugo for drivers Takuto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi, and captured Subaru’s first ever championship win.

Finally, the Suzuki Cappuccino returns from Gran Turismo 6, having been absent from Sport. This tiny sports car, built to the restrictive Kei car regulations, produces a mere 63hp from its 0.6-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder engine — but has plenty of admirers.

In addition to the three new cars, there’s an unexpected additional circuit layout in the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 24h course.

While GT7 already has the famous Spa circuit, it’s only been in F1 guise, with the pit lane entry at the Bus Stop chicane and the exit after the La Source hairpin.

This update adds the 24hr version, which extends the pit lane past a second set of garages — used to accommodate the huge entry list for the Spa 24h — and exits just past the crest of Raidillon, with the race start line between La Source and Eau Rouge. Otherwise the circuit is the same Spa we know and love.

The new track also plays host to three new events, with short European Sunday Cup 500 and Japanese Clubman Cup 550 joined by the longest and highest-paying race in the game so far. It’s part of the World Touring Car 800 series, but the race is a time-limited, hour-long endurance worth 1,000,000cr for the win.

With the Clean Race Bonus adding 50% to that, it’s set to be one of the quickest ways of earning credits in the game.

Further changes to the game include a return of the Sportsmanship video from GT Sport, which now plays the first time you enter Sport Mode following the update. This is narrated by “voice of GT”, and GT live event compere Tom Brooks, covering the unwritten rules of not doing anything that might make you look bad…

Also in Sport Mode, players can now choose to enter any race with either their own garage cars or to “rent” a vehicle for the event. That means you no longer need to own a car in order to take part, and you can even rent a different vehicle for events where you already own one of the eligible machines.

Used and Legends Cars dealers now have a “new” stock flag, which highlights vehicles that have arrived in stock that day. This complements the “Limited Stock” marker, telling you which cars only have 24 hours left in the dealer, and will start to appear from April 26 — when the Cappuccino will also become available in Use Cars.

There’s two changes under the hood too, one of which will come as more welcome news than the other. PD notes it has “adjusted the geometry calculations” which caused a lack of rear-end grip particularly on rear-wheel drive cars, and this should now be improved. In addition, an error with the Performance Points calculation has been addressed.

Of course various other changes have also been made, and you can read the full patch notes in our forums. The update comes in at 2.66GB on PS5 and 4.6GB on PS4, and is available now.

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