Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.19 Now Available, Adds New Cars, Menu Books, Events, Lobby Settings

The latest game update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, bringing a number of quality of life changes along with an expansion to the single-player offering and some vital upgrades to multiplayer.

Coming in at 1.37GB on PS5 and 1.66GB on PS4, the 1.19 update adds three new cars to the game’s stable — although with two of them destined for the Hagerty Collection Legend Cars dealership, you won’t be able to own all of them until these show up in rotation on July 29.

In addition there’s four new GT Cafe Menu books, with two adding new events and two in the “Extra Menu” selection, rewarding you for vehicle collections.

Update 1.19 New Cars

As we’d already guessed from the silhouette teaser, and subsequently confirmed on July 27, the three cars in the update are:

  • Maserati A6GCS/53 Spyder ’54 (Legend Cars)
  • Nissan Skyline R30 Super Silhouette Group 5 ’84 (Legend Cars)
  • Porsche 918 Spyder ’13 (Brand Central)

The Maserati is a classic racing machine, developed for competition in the World Sportscar Championship in 1953. This particular car also won the Gran Turismo Award at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, guaranteeing its spot in a Gran Turismo game — but it’s been a while coming. It’ll become available in the Legend Cars dealer on July 29.

That’s also where you’ll find the Skyline, although it will appear as an AI car in Gr.3 races and you can also borrow it for the current Gr.3 Daily Races too. It’s not much of a surprise that this beast appears in the Gr.3 category, as it packs over 550hp and doesn’t quite weigh a ton. A fan favorite from the Gran Turismo 2 days, it’s been over 20 years since we last saw the R30 SSS in a new GT game.

Finally there’s the Porsche 918 Spyder, which you can pick up for 1.6 million credits in Brand Central. Officially the second of the hybrid hypercar “holy trinity” in the series — with the third only appearing in a track day special form, rather than a regular road car — the 918 combined a V8 petrol engine based on that in the LMP2 Porsche RS Spyder with electric power for an 875hp total output.

Update 1.19 New GT Cafe Menu Books

There’s a total of four new Menu Books, with two regular books and two Extra Menu books, adding six new races. You’ll be able to access them after completing Menu Book 39 and watching the ending movie only, and each requires a specific Collector Level too.

  • Menu Book 43 – Enter the Neo Classical Challenge (Collector Level 33)
  • Menu Book 44 – Enter the Hyper Car Parade (Collector Level 35)
  • Extra Menu 4 – Collection: Nissan Fairlady Z (Collector Level 29)
  • Extra Menu 5 – Collection: Dodge Viper (Collector Level 34)

For the Extra Menus you’ll need to complete collections of vehicles. The 1989 300ZX/Z32 (Used Cars), 2007 Z33, and 2023 Nissan Z Performance are required for the Fairlady Z book, which awards a Greddy Fugu Z. For the Viper book you’ll need 2002, 2006, and 2013 examples of the Viper, with a six-star parts ticket as a prize.

The two new Menu Books each come with three races, with events at Fuji, Red Bull Ring, and Willow Springs for the Neoclassical Challenge. That’s an event for cars from 1980-1999, set at 800PP and using racing tyres. Hyper Car Parade is an open road car event with races at Kyoto, Le Mans, and Trial Mountain.

You’ll need to complete the Menu Books to gain access to the events, and you’ll earn a five-star ticket for the Neoclassical event and a six-star engine ticket from the Hyper Car Parade.

Update 1.19 Scapes

Two new Scapes locations are included in the 1.19 update, adding another 45 places to photograph your vehicles, although one of them is very strange indeed.

The first is Shikoku, the smallest of the four islands that make up Japan, sitting in a bay created by Honshu island to the north and east and Kyushu to the west.

Famous for its 88-temple pilgrimage, Shikoku has four of only 12 original castles remaining in Japan, three of which appear as locations. All four of the island’s prefectures — Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi, and Tokushima — feature, with a number of landscape shots and a weirdly high number of submersible bridges.

The other Scapes location is the first that isn’t strictly real. Likely inspired by the title sponsor of the R30 Skyline Super Silhouette, Tomica Town is a model city made from Tomica scale model cars, buildings, and roads.

Any cars you place in these locations are scaled down to fit in, and it certainly generates some unique images — like tilt-shift without either tilting or shifting.

Update 1.19 Major Changes

There’s a number of significant changes that mainly affect multiplayer, with lobbies, meeting places and Sport Mode all subject to the improvements — as well as Custom Race in single player.

Crucially, players will now be able to save and load race settings, both in Custom Race and Lobby modes. That means those who run regular racing series, or have a particular favorite custom event, can now quickly set them up without having to go through the menu every time.

Players can save up to 50 different settings in either mode, and can name the settings with up to 32 characters. They can also be overwritten or deleted.

In addition, you can now pick up certain parts directly from a Race Shop quick menu within any event for Garage Cars, rather than having to back out and go to the Tuning Shop. Different tire grades, as well as power restrictors and ballast, are available here.

Interestingly there seems to be an update to Balance of Performance, with new BOP settings for “high-speed”, “medium-speed” and “slow-speed” tracks, although it’s not entirely clear how this has been implemented at this point.

Lobbies now also support the GT Sport-classic message templates, allowing you to quickly enter messages with varying levels of passive-aggression — or to quickly tell everyone you’re a dirty driver with “Let’s have a clean race!”.

You’ll also now be able to mute individual players, and this function will automatically be applied if you use the Report function.

Update 1.19 Other Changes

The update has addressed a number of issues and adjusted other items for general quality of life. This includes changes to milestones in My Page, shared items in Showcase, player Wishlists, and fixes for issues with counter-steer assist and the Logitech G923 wheel.

However, one thing not yet added is the ability to sell cars. Players are still waiting for this much-requested feature, which also appeared on the roadmap for the game published in March — and the game’s official store page — but will likely need to wait until at least the end of August.

In addition to the full patch notes, which you can read on the official site, GTPlanet’s users are tracking any undocumented changes — including new engine swaps — in the usual thread on the forums.

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