Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32 Now Available: Four New Cars, New Races, Environment Updates

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7, 1.32, is now available, coming in at 1.25GB on PlayStation 5 and 1.76GB on PlayStation 4, bringing with it new cars, races, and general gameplay changes — as well as a new look for one of the game’s circuits.

We already knew some of what to expect, with the update being formally announced yesterday, but there’s more to dig through in the patch notes and in the game itself now that the update is available.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32: New Cars

The four new cars coming as part of the 1.32 update were already revealed, but now the update is available we have confirmation of their pricings and availability:

  • AMG Mercedes-AMG GT3 ’20 – 480,000cr – Brand Central
  • Jaguar XJ220 ’92 – 615,000cr – Legends Cars
  • Super Formula SF23 Super Formula/Honda ’23 – 1,000,000cr – Brand Central
  • Super Formula SF23 Super Formula/Toyota ’23 – 1,000,000cr – Brand Central

Jaguar’s XJ220 is probably the highlight of the pack, as one of the top requested cars by fans to make a return to Gran Turismo and only previously appearing as a “Standard” model. It was once the fastest production road car in the world, at 212mph, before being eclipsed by the McLaren F1.

GT3 racing fans will be happy to see the updated Mercedes-AMG GT3 too. It’s been extensively reworked to make it more reliable over long GT3 endurance races, as well as more user-friendly for the customer teams that run the car.

Finally there’s the two new Super Formula SF23 cars — with the Honda and Toyota engine options. This was introduced for the current season of Japan’s top open-wheel championship, with redesigned aerodynamics to promote closer racing and more environmentally friendly construction as part of Super Formula’s “Next50” project.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32 – New Events & Cafe Menus

There’s a total of four new races and three new GT Cafe Menu Books awaiting players in the update, mostly centered on the Super Formula content.

Menu Book 47, which requires you to have reached Collector Level 31, adds three races for the Super Formula cars — at Circuit de Sainte-Croix, Fuji International Speedway, and Watkins Glen. You can use either generation of Super Formula car, and there’s a six-star Roulette Ticket available for completing it.

  • GT Cafe Menu Book 47 – Super Formula
    • Circuit de Sainte-Croix B – 10 laps – 160,000cr
    • Fuji International Speedway – 15 laps – 200,000cr
    • Watkins Glen Long Course – 12 laps – 160,000cr

There’s also one additional race in the Hypercar Parade championship, consisting of a seven-lap race at Interlagos and worth 95,000cr.

In addition there’s two new Extra Menu Books, rewarding players for collecting vehicles of a certain type. Extra Menu Book 20 is based on the Shelby brand, requiring the Ford Shelby GT350R, the Shelby Cobra 427, and Shelby GT350, and awarding a six-star Roulette Ticket. Extra Menu Book 21 gifts a five-star Roulette Ticket for collecting both generations of the Alpine A110 and the Vision GT Race Mode.

  • Extra Menu Book 20 – Shelby – Six-Star Roulette
  • Extra Menu Book 21 – Alpine – Five-Star Roulette

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32 – New Scapes and Other Changes

There’s a total of 45 new Scapes locations in the update, with two sets located in Japan and the United Kingdom. They cover Miyazaki, on the southern island of Kyushu, and North Yorkshire respectively — both majoring on rural landscapes and ancient settlements.

Fuji Speedway has also had a small makeover, with new structures and signage to match recent changes to the track. The most obvious is the Hyatt Fuji Speedway Hotel off the final corner, but there’s also changes to the podium and circuit signage.

There’s a new interface for Sport Mode too, changing the way in which the Daily Races and Time Trials are displayed. Curiously the number of Time Trials has also been doubled, with both a new event as expected for the next two weeks and a second event which runs for just one week. This could suggest a new Time Trial each week, although we’ll have to wait to see if this is the case.

An overdue tweak for one of the game’s PSN Trophies has also been implemented, with the Honda RA272 and McLaren MP4/4 both added — alongside the new Super Formula SF23 — to the cars that can trigger the Formula First Timer Trophy for driving a “formula” car.

Keen-eared fans will have noticed that the Audi RS5 DTM, added last month, had an incorrect engine sound in some views. That has been addressed with this update too.

Although not highlighted in the patch notes, there are some new engines for the engine-swap feature. These are still being uncovered by the community, and you can find them in our dedicated Engine Swap thread as they are found. There’s also our Undocumented Changes thread which hunts for other changes not specifically mentioned in the patch notes.

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