Hot Wheels Will Turn Your Unleashed Design Into a Real-World Toy

Hot Wheels Unleashed players have a chance to have their design turned into a real-life Hot Wheels diecast in a competition running in the game across the next month.

The contest, called the “Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle”, will see players from around the world on PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox submitting designs for consideration by a special panel of judges.

It’s open to any adult anywhere in the world and runs in-game, so you’ll need to have a copy of Hot Wheels Unleashed, or access to one, in order to submit your entry.

On the face of it, the competition is pretty simple. All you have to do is go into the Livery Editor in the game and select the Design Battle. There you’ll be presented with a Rodger Dodger to spruce up as you see fit.

However there are a few additional considerations. Firstly, your design must be an original work; it can’t infringe on anyone else’s copyright in any way — which likely means that the Gran Turismo Honda S2000 is out. It also can’t feature anything defamatory or “counter to public morality and decorum”, which likely includes symbols deemed to be offensive.

More restrictive are the color requirements, which likely come from the methods used to paint the real diecasts. Each “plane” can only feature a maximum of four colors, and for the top-down view the trunk, roof, and hood are counted as separate planes — a white stripe across all three would be three of your four colors.

Milestone and Mattel will collect all valid designs made between January 14 and February 14 and whittle them down to a final 100. Those 100 designs will then go before a panel of Mattel’s design specialists — including Ted Wu, the VP and global head of vehicle design — to determine one winner based on style and originality.

That car will then become an official Hot Wheels product, available to the general public worldwide on the Rodger Dodger line in December 2022. It’s not clear if the winner will get a free sample of the car, but we’d hope that’s the case!

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