Gran Turismo Pace Car Livery Built in Hot Wheels Unleashed

It’s fair to say we pretty much love Hot Wheels Unleashed. In fact, if it had a bit more of a multiplayer offering and a slightly less grindy single player mode, it’d stand a solid chance of being our game of the year so far — you can read our full review here — and one GTPlanet user has shown off a little bit of the reason why.

Signing up to the site specifically to show us this creation, new user Sezu gave us a look at what a particularly dedicated player can produce from the game’s livery editor, with this stunning recreation of the famous Gran Turismo Pace Car.

The Pace Car made its debut almost 20 years ago in Gran Turismo Concept. Based on the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, the car was, as the name suggests, a pacing vehicle for some of the licence tests, and it continued in that role in Gran Turismo 4.

Despite being a somewhat frustrating vehicle — in that you weren’t allowed to overtake it, thus limiting your possible performance — it became something of a fan favorite.

In fact it became such a favorite that people have even built real-world examples of it, such as this German model which came up for sale over the summer.

Unfortunately, even though there is a real Hot Wheels model of the Gran Turismo Pace Car, neither the car nor the Skyline it’s based on are available in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

That is, of course, where the livery editor comes in, and Sezu states it took three days in the game to recreate the car’s famous patterns on a Honda S2000 hardtop.

We rather liked the livery editor in the game, and even though there’s no facility to upload your own graphics, there’s still plenty of room for a dedicated creator to use the wide range of supplied shapes to come up with… well, this sort of thing.

Needless to say, we’re massive fans of the result, but it’s unlikely we’re going to be able to take it out for a spin.

That’s because Hot Wheels Unleashed doesn’t appear to allow direct searching of user-created content at this time — you can only scroll through the most recently shared items from across the community — which is a pity given how many excellent liveries and tracks there are.

Hopefully Milestone corrects this soon, and we can add this S2000 Pace Car to our virtual Hot Wheels collection, to go with the real thing on our shelves!

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