Hot Wheels Unleashed Video Reveals Skatepark Environment, More Cars

The latest trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed has landed, revealing the fourth of six in-game environments and another selection of the game’s launch day car line-up.

When HWU arrives this September, it’ll give players the chance to race a virtual toybox full of the famous diecast cars. Rather then full-size recreations, such as those you’d find in the Forza Horizon series, you’ll be racing the small-scale models against each other on that iconic orange track.

We’ve previously seen the Garage, Skyscraper, and College Campus environments, each with their own challenges and some of the 40+ game circuits, and the new clip shows off the Skatepark environment.

As you’ll see from the video, the Skatepark is a largely wide open space set around an urban leisure facility. At the center of it all is the skate park itself, featuring concrete ramps and walls, wooden jumps and platforms, grid rails and beams, and even a halfpipe. The environment even includes a basketball practice court.

Along with the pre-defined tracks, Hot Wheels Unleashed will feature a track editor to allow you to configure the orange track as you see fit — after all, playing with the track is half the fun with Hot Wheels. We’re sure there’s plenty going on at Skatepark for some pretty creative and challenging courses.

The clip also appears to show some new sections of track we hadn’t seen thus far. There’s a new kind of power-up, marked by blue “+” symbols on the circuit, a sweeping barrier that forces cars down one of two paths, and what looks like it could be an icy section. That’s marked by a series of fans which appear to blow ice-cold air onto the track, for low-friction shenanigans.

In addition to the environment reveal, the trailer also shows off seven more cars from he Hot Wheels lineup which will be part of the 60-strong car list at launch. Bad to the Blade, Hot Wheels High, Roller Toaster, Solid Muscle, Time Attaxi, Tur-Bone Charged, and Veloci-Racer all feature in the clip and official images.

Thus far, Milestone has revealed a little under half of the cars and four of the six environments, although we’re still a way from launch. Hot Wheels Unleashed will land on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic, on September 30.

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