Inside Polyphony Digital’s Tokyo Offices: Video & Photos

During the Tokyo Game Show last week, several media outlets were invited to tour Polyphony Digital’s new Tokyo offices (the company is actually headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan). documented their visit in the video above, while EuroGamer took lots of photos.


Although the purpose of this visit was not to announce anything new about GT6, EuroGamer did confirm that there will be no changes or improvements to clutch response on wheels which support the third pedal.

Sketches of the new Red Bull X2014 – successor to the X2010 and X2011 which debuted in GT5 – are also revealed with confirmation that the car will be in Gran Turismo 6.

UPDATE: More photos of Polyphony’s offices have also been published by

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  1. montecarlo87

    I love the car because as it was intended to be it shrugs off the regulations that are placed on race cars. So many people forget that.

    1. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      +1 more I love using the x2010 & x2011 because when their is a field of them it always makes for some very close and exciting races. In alot of my cars I can finish a 5 lap race on expert level with a 10 second lead over the car in second but with the redbulls my biggest win was 2.565 seconds over the car in second

  2. Racer6c

    I don’t want Polyphony Digital to read this and get the idea that everyone hates the Red Bull X cars. I love the car and I am excited to hear there will be an X2014.

    I really don’t understand why some of you people hate this car so much. Its one thing to not care for it, but a couple of you have strong feelings against it. I think the X cars have way more of a place in GT5 than military vehicles and pickup trucks.

    1. Swagger897

      I agree with your very last statement, but i wish that this car would die off..

      Its sad to see PD team with RedBull, yet they don’t make any discussions about including an RB7 or RB8.. Horrible planning.
      Back to the X thingy.

      It is an excuse for people who want to get to the end of the game and not enjoy the drive of all different types of cars and their heritage that follows each one of them. I believe it is the casual gamer who wants nothing more than to win and not ever find ways to improve their driving skills. Its only to have the fastest car and blow by the ai or the online players. The car should only be allowed in A-spec. Not B-spec, seasonals if we have those, or online games..

    2. kekke2000

      I agree! The Red Bull X Series is awesome and hopefully here to stay. Although I wouldn’t mind if it was treated like the Ferrari F1 cars. Only race against other Red Bull X cars. But seeing what is physically possible (if the driver can handle unearthly g-force) is awesome.

    3. sayba2th

      To me this is quite surprising that there appears to be a vast majority of people who are against this vehicle. Does this feat of technological ingenuity really deserve to have such polar opinions against it?

      Is this because the car has been used online by lesser drivers who feel they need a PEV (Performance Enhancing Vehicle) or have you just not been able to harness this power of this car? If you are completely against this car then don’t use it simple.

      Of course it cannot be used in the real world as per se, but it is a snap shot of what could be possible, feasible of course not, practical hardly! Yet you have an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the genius that is Adrian Newey is capable of and part of the reason Red Bull F1 is so successful, why is this met with such disdain?

      @ Swagger, it would all boil down once again to that word we all despise so much cause of the Porsche issue and that’s the licensing side. Keeping it stead with it’s own competition really is the only way to justify racing with others in this type of vehicle.

      @ K2G + 1

    4. sangdude82

      I think a lot of people dislike the Red Bull X cars because some players go online and abuse others with those X cars by driving around like a bunch of fools.

    5. sayba2th

      That’s the thing though sang, does that really warrant the removal of this car from the game? If it’s about the online side of things why not find a league that does not permit such vehicles to be raced or form a group that has agreed limitations as to what can be raced or if it’s in use how it is raced. I know there are lots of guys out there who are clean racers who would facilitate such races / events. Note that was not directed at you just for all who want it removed if it’s based on the “tools” online who use it for such purposes.

    6. sangdude82

      I don’t mind those Red Bull X cars so I’m not one of those people who want those cars to be removed from the game and I agree with you sayba2th. The hosts should have an ability to choose certain car(s) to be left out.

  3. HaerBev

    Never used and won’t use the Rebull X car, there’s many more thing to improve (3 doors VW cars for example) than updating this thing, I understand that this can be a pody kind of visual brand and usefull for online racing with kids, I’m more into sport tires race :)

    1. Tvensky

      +1, but its nice to have an option to choose… most cars in GT I dont even drive.. like most people.. they just pick the favorite.. in the end more people are happy! :)


      You probably hate it because you can’t dive it to its full potential. I think it’s amazing to drive! Less is more when driving that beast..

    3. kekke2000

      GRAN_TURISMAN: I remember throwing that car around the Nordschleife and the feeling when the car bounced just right over the curbs in insane speed is sooooo good.

  4. Redlamborghini

    Man, I really didn’t want the any of the xprototypes in gt6… Well I hope it’s for the best, I’m not going to drive that overpowered vacuum!


    Not to say everyone is wrong, but I’m still under the impression that those are early renderings of the X1 (still refuse to call it X2010). They way the are sorted out right before the finished X1 (and that two of them do not have a fan underneith) suggests to me these are likely done before Adrien Newey brought in the fan idea.

    1. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      I have been thinking the same thing RACECAR and we are probably right aswell because if you look at the drawings they have the same narrow rear wing as the x1 and it doesn’t make sense that the rearwing of the x2014 is the same as the x1’s when the x2011 had a full width rearwing, besides why would pd and adrien newey deprove on the rear down force of the x2011 when they make a new model? Catch my drift?

    2. eran0004

      The article says that the X2014 pictures are at the far end of the wall, which I guess is the blurred part, out of focus.

    1. sayba2th

      Of course you would, better get in contact with PD and show them how. Just makes me wonder how good your implementation of this works when you sentence starts off with “If i Be”. Wonderful to be an armchair quarterback riding on a high horse.

    1. sayba2th

      The wheel is a very worthy investment regardless and will improve your GT experience. I have the G27 and it’s a great wheel if you can find it for the right price.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Don’t want anyone wasting their time with you sooo, I’ll make this quick. If you can’t say what bugs are being left in GT6, don’t bother replying back. Oh wait, that’s right you always do so no, stop assuming crap…

      And how can having no changes nor improvements on clutch consider a bug? How dumn.

    2. Pit Crew

      With PDs thinking, the Casual GT5 Player analogy could apply to wheel users too. Unfortunate though, makes a Pro Mode/Versio in GT series, where the 3 pedal system can and should be optimised look more inviting.


    Wow that would be my dream job, to be a test driver for PD! I can just imagine sitting in front of those 3 huge screens and testing GT all day long! Sigh, and then I woke up… Lol

    1. Quakebass

      I think before PD does another X-Proto car, they should make a fully-functioning one for the REAL world – I mean, how do we KNOW a ridiculous car like the X-1 is even possible in reality? Because a realistic simulator said it was? If they can PROVE that the car is possible, that would give HUGE credibility to the car and the franchise. It could even start a new breed of racing series, where it’s actually basing the competition on driver strength – because in GT, it claims that the X-1 can pull 6-8 G’s in full swing. I’d be genuinely interested in the project.

    2. eran0004

      @ Quakebass. Each of the components of the car has been tested individually throughout history, but they’ve never been put together (mainly thanks to the rules and regulations of motorsports). The fan concept was used in the Brabham BT46:

      “Brabham’s lead driver, Niki Lauda, realised he had to adjust his driving style, mostly for cornering. He found that if he accelerated around corners, the car would “stick” to the road as if it were on rails.[15] This had the side effect of exposing the driver to very high lateral acceleration, which would become a major problem in the ground effect era. In his autobiography, Lauda described the car as being unpleasant to drive due to the lateral loads and reliance on aerodynamics over driver skill. He realised early on that the rate of ground effect development meant that in the future, every driver would be exposed to such g-loading while behind the wheel of such a car, and the physical effort needed to drive the cars would leave the drivers exhausted by the end of the races.” (from Wikipedia)

      The engine performance (1400+ hp from a turbocharged 3 liter V6) is not too far from the performance (1200 hp from a turbocharged 1.5 liter V6) of the Renault V6.

      The weight is not an issue with modern composite materials (F1 cars are ballasted in order to achieve the minimum weight of 642 kg).

      So, why not build it and make a racing series out of it?
      Because it would be suicide. Crashing at 300 km/h is bad enough as it is. Another extra 200 km/h is not what motorsports needs.

    3. Quakebass

      My point is, the “ultimate machine” has never ACTUALLY been built or exists in the real world. It’s more to prove what’s possible. And yes, taking a simply CORNER could be suicide, as could running of debris, and all sorts of other things. But right now the thing only exists in simulation. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a point to the car, so why not give it one?

  7. Stephanos82

    No clutch improvements but a new x2014 on the works? That’s just brilliant, exactly what the community’s been asking for so long!

    1. ttfn

      You know what streeto, i like it, Kaz likes it, those who like it like it, if you dont like it, dont use, he’s a games programmer not a brain washer, not that that term applies to you coz this is a car built plain and simply for speed, obviously you had a bad experience with idiots using it against you while you had a bog standard sports car which is bad on them, but try it against another X car and its real fun, but egg in your face for thinking bad about it

  8. coolboy48

    I’m surprised that the Gallardo is being used (on the multi-screens).

    Its quality is fairly inconsistent compared to other premiums.

    For instance, it’s one of the few with a full suite of working gauges but suffers from an over bright shade of grey for the interior.

    It’s also the only premium where the rear spoiler doesn’t work. And the rear wheel design isn’t totally right.

    And it shouldn’t hit redline until it’s past 325 KPH. The final drive ratio in GT5 was set too numerically high.

    1. HKSBro92

      He’s not hating, he’s just saying you’re making it sound more serious than it really is. It’s just a video game at the end of the day

    2. coolboy48

      Well (serious rambling face on and I’ve the time to bother here), many of my proper forum posts do elaborate on this issue on inconsistency. And one can always ignore without planting annoying replies of indifference.

      Some of the GT6 threads seem to be devolving into PD roks/suks arguments and as a non-participant, the point I always wanted to make is, that regardless of hardware limitations this, 6 months per car that, Forza this and that;

      Why do a handful of premium cars do manage get damn near everything right. And many others suffer fairly obvious flaws.

      Thus, is it really possible that the no one in the staff notices this? Or is there some secret debug version of GT5 with these niggles fixed?

      Especially odd with all these latest shots featuring the LP560-4 and its many various flaws.

    3. Quakebass

      I’d rather PD focus on not having standard cars BEFORE they debug the premiums… But I agree the entire inconsistency thing is a HUGE issue to me. Some parts of GT felt really good, like when I first started GT5 with a little bit of cash, got a slow beginners car, and started doing some races. It felt good in the first few, but then the rest felt very rushed, like a lot of the game. It wasn’t a pleasant experience all the way through. When I get a game, I expect all the parts to feel like they were meant to be there, and they’re all important. It’s like half a piece of artwork was done by Van Gogh, and the rest was finished by a small child. (I’m not saying PD’s work is sloppy – it being rushed is what causes this).

    1. MeanElf

      I’d be happy to make it my first port of call, there again the Studio Ghibli museum is also good – it all depends on what you like.

  9. HuskyGT

    No point on whining on the new Red Bull, I guess. In that case I’ll just shut up and try to enjoy it. But I do hope the X2014 has more tuning options, including turning the fan off.

    1. KM964

      I just hope they dont hand them out for free at some point. That was my issue…stupid kids got ahold of them and plagued the lobbies.

    2. HuskyGT

      Yeah. I can accept when they are like running hot laps cleanly, but most people I encounter with this car are just running the wrong way and ramming others. Even when they are running clean laps, you have to be careful if a Red Bull is in the track and make sure you’re ready to pull over in time and let it pass.

    3. eran0004

      Overtake checklist for X1 drivers:
      1. Slow down.
      2. Wait for gap.
      3. Overtake.

      Sadly, a lot of the drivers goes straight to number 3…

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