Jurassic World’s Jeep Wrangler is Coming to Rocket League

Another licensed vehicle is making its way to Rocket League. The popular car football (not soccer) game has added a few real cars over the years and the Jeep Wrangler is next in line. The premium DLC comes as a tie-in to the latest Jurassic World movie, due out next week.

The Wrangler arrives in two colors so that it can used in both the away and home team. Kitted out in red and blue, the Jeep suits the world of Rocket League perfectly. A fantastic teaser trailer shows exactly why you will want to spend a bit of spare change on the car.

One of the cooler elements in the DLC Pack is the goal celebration. Upon scoring, an explosion bursts into flames as a T-Rex lets out a mighty roar. It really is as awesome as it sounds. Pricing is set at $2.00 and includes the car (in both home and away colors) and T-Rex goal celebration. The Wrangler is using the Octane hitbox which is sure to be good news for competitive players of the game.

If you fancy adding a bite of dino to your Rocket League experience, the DLC will be available June 18 on all platforms.

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