You Can Actually Sit Inside This Full-Size LEGO McLaren Senna

Full-sized LEGO cars are cool, but there’s always been something a little… arty about them. You can look, but you can’t touch, and you certainly can’t get inside.

Well, LEGO and McLaren have come up with the perfect riposte. Meet the 1:1 scale McLaren Senna with a full interior that you can actually sit in.

The car consists of 467,854 LEGO bricks — nearly twice as many as the similar McLaren 720S model built for, and at, the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2017. Given the price of LEGO now, that likely makes it more expensive than the real thing, but then it’s heavier too, at around 3,750lb.

It took longer to build too. 42 model makers working in shifts spent 2,725 hours putting together the LEGO Senna. That’s enough time for McLaren to build nine of the 500 Sennas it will eventually produce.

Setting it apart from other 1:1 LEGO recreations is the working interior. It features the carbon-fiber seat (driver’s side only), steering wheel and pedals from the real thing, along with authentic McLaren badging and the road car’s real Pirelli tires.

That means that when it goes on display at events later in the year, you’ll be able to get in and have a taste of experiencing the actual road car. You can operate a fully functional McLaren infotainment system, and even fire the car up with the roof-mounted starter. Well, sort of — the car will simply play some sound effects at you.

McLaren plans to take the LEGO Senna to several events across 2019, although it’s only confirmed the Goodwood Festival of Speed so far.

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