Live Stream: Sony PlayStation 5 Games Showcase

The latest step in the next-generation console launch push will come today, with Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase event.

Today’s event promises to be a gaming extravaganza, bringing a fresh look at some of Sony’s in-house PlayStation Studios titles ahead of the console’s launch later this year.

The exact contents of the presentation are unknown at the moment, but given recent events there’s a certain fan expectation of what we’ll see.

In the last couple of weeks, Microsoft has revealed not only the exact launch date of its next consoles – November 10 – but the pricing too. The top model Series X came in at $499, with the lower specification Series S coming in at a cut price $299.

That means many are anticipating Sony to do the same after what’s seemed like a year-long staring contest between the two brands. Sony also has two consoles to price, with a regular PS5 console joined by an all-digital model without an optical disk drive.

As for the games themselves, we’d expect a similar line-up to the previous “future of gaming” event in June. Given that Gran Turismo 7 was the first game shown in that presentation, there’s more than a little expectation that the next entry in Sony’s flagship racing series will be among the titles shown.

The event gets underway at 2000 UTC on September 16, and you can catch it in full below.

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