MG Maze is a Gaming Room Inside a Concept Car

MG’s specialist design center, SAIC Design in London, has created a new concept car that’s not only inspired by gaming, but a games room itself.

SAIC has taken a look at the increased focus on gaming and esports over recent months to design the MG MAZE. Even on the outside, the car is intended to look like gaming hardware. A full polycarbonate shell allows you to look at the hardware from the outside, much like a PC showing off its components — and yes, it’s all illuminated with LEDs.

Opening the front clamshell gives you access to the interior, which is as much a vehicle cabin as it is a two-player arcade.

There’s a pair of “Zero Gravity” seats which MG says features high-tech fabric that’s inspired by “contemporary streetwear”. Although not specifically mentioned, it looks like they have built-in audio, and likely include some modern car seat tech like heating/cooling and massage functions. They’re even marked as Player 1 and Player 2…

However it’s only when you close that long, front-access lid that the gaming features really come to the fore.

The entire front of the car acts as an augmented reality display for the occupants. You won’t be playing Gran Turismo on it though, as it seems that SAIC has created a specific, unnamed game, unique to the MAZE.

Much like other AR games, the purpose seems to be to use the MAZE to drive the real world in the hunt for “digital art” in their environment. Players use their phones to access the game, and for game controls as they look to score points and earn rewards — though it’s not entirely clear how one drives the car.

As you progress through the MAZE game, your status will be displayed on the outside of the car. That will allow different MAZE drivers (or players) to see how each other is getting on, to add a competitive aspect.

The MG MAZE has one further party piece, in the shape of a plug and play battery unit. There’s no specifics on the battery capacity or motor power, but in principle you’d be able to take your depleted MAZE to a battery swap station and quickly replace the unit with a fresh one with no need to charge.

Of course this is all just a concept design — SAIC has also revealed a “wearable” car called the R RYZR — but it is nonetheless a cool look at how car manufacturers are taking gaming a lot more seriously after recent events.

Alternatively it’s a future episode of Black Mirror, but you can see the reveal video in full below:

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