New BTCC Game Details: Advanced Physics, Classic Cars, In-Depth Career Mode

The recent announcement of a new British Touring Cars Championship racing game has generated a lot of excitement, but there are still plenty of questions. It’s a title that isn’t coming until 2022, and naturally details are scarce.

To learn more, we had a chat with Stephen Hood, president of Motorsport Games, who is in charge of the title’s development. We took questions from GTPlanet’s community, and covered a lot of ground:

“Our technology is certainly capable of delivering what Assetto [Corsa] is delivering, in terms of fidelity of the simulation,” Stephen said while discussing vehicle physics.

He explained that it’s easier to de-tune a more sophisticated physics engine to something “more arcade in nature” than it is to try and “dial up” for “a more discerning audience”.

“I think BTCC sits somewhere in between,” Stephen explained. “We’re not making an arcade game, but we don’t need to make a high-end, hardcore simulation.”

We also discussed the possible inclusion of BTCC support series, classic BTCC cars, the depth of career mode, laser-scanned tracks, and a whole lot more.

Here are a few timestamps in the video for the most important bits:

  • 0:35 Stephen Hood’s background
  • 2:05 Why BTCC?
  • 3:50 Partnership origins
  • 5:50 Development progress
  • 8:00 Arcade vs. sim
  • 10:33 Game engine
  • 11:48 BTCC support series
  • 13:05 Laser-scanned tracks
  • 13:55 Career mode and team creation
  • 15:28 Classic BTCC cars
  • 16:27 Official BTCC commentators
  • 17:56 Biggest challenges
  • 20:10 What to expect in the future

Thanks to Stephen for taking the time to chat with us!

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