No “Prologue” for Gran Turismo 7, Standard Cars Likely Included


Kazunori Yamauchi, who was present at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed where a number of new Vision GT cars were unveiled, spoke with Eurogamer about work being underway for Gran Turismo 7.

Yamauchi insists that Polyphony Digital will progress right into the development of the full title rather than working on a teaser, as was the case with GT5 which was preceded by the Prologue title before the full release in late 2010.

One of the more controversial decisions going into the next iteration of the Gran Turismo franchise as it debuts on the PlayStation 4 is the decision to keep the Standard car models that persist from 2004’s Gran Turismo 4 moving forward:

“I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars,” said Yamauchi. “Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focussed on increasing the number of premium cars.”

GT6 Photomode image by edwinpr.

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  1. oranjoos

    just change the standard racing and super cars into premium, and remove the useless ones no one uses, like the 5 million gtr’s, s2000’s and gto’s. it seriously puts me off so much that some cars dont have cockpits, it stops me from wanting to drive them

  2. DYLAN777-is-not

    Bs! Gt7 better be a real racing game not another gt4 ps2 game. Its make or break time for the gt series and i think its headed for breaking. I dont want a prologue nor do i care if they continue to carry 11 different versions of miatas and s2000’s. Focus on making a REAL racing game, with caution flags, qualifying, cutting edge AI, realistic oppents!, mandotory pit stops, engine damage, and CAR DAMAGE like a real racing game. The ps1 has had better car damage then gt ever had.

    So pd: either make a condensed and polished REAL racing game or you better hire a ton of new people to actually acomplish all this to make your bad ass game with 1000s of cars in it. Im tired of your completely half baked games.

  3. Hentis

    I have to say that I am not bothered about the standard cars being in the GT7 or not. I use Bonnet cam on Standard cars in GT6 (and GT5 & 4 ). I am not overly bothered how it looks in the game. As long as I can drive it im fine with it. What they might do is thin the ones they have a lot of down abit but I like the EVo’s S2000’s and Skylines. What can I say. I have no problem with them all being in there I have no problem that they are standard and not detailed. I still go through GT6 using Standard or detailed. As long as It can go round the 18 mile test track im happy and as long asI get a time out of it on the goodwood hill climb then yeah im happy. But I guess you cant please everyone. Although I would like to see several varients of the Ford Transit van, the classic Chevy van, VW transporter van and a couple of the newer type vans. Also one or two of the new Toyota, Nissan and Ford pick ups that you see running about the place.

  4. Durodes

    I understand that many of the standard cars have a special place- but you needs to get rid of the duplicates- there are 17 S2000s with 428 or 429pp.

    Also, if you’re going to included standards- plz make them look good- like a NFS game or something- like the interiorless VGT cars.

    And lastly I advise you guys find a way around that blacked- out cockpit. Perhaps an on dashboard cam?

  5. GTRyan32

    As Yamauchi says, “each car has it’s own fans” and he is 100% correct.

    I used to own an R32 GTR (non V-Spec) and obviously I wanted to own it in GT. It is there for me although only standard but I am happy with all the Skyline GTRs because I want to drive and compare them all.

    Now I have an Evo VIII MR (GSR) in real life and the game. Once again only standard but I am glad it is there as a choice. My mates 2005 STI Spec C RA is not in the game however. Shame on you Kaz!

    My point: when I go driving at Mt. Myogi I often see a group of about 10-15 men aged around 30-40 and all driving Mazda roadsters of some sort. It is one of the most popular cars to lighten/tune and thrash around Japanese Mts. Upon seeing this mass of roadsters I was immediately reminded of GTPlanet ppl asking Why? Why so many roadsters? Ah that’s why.

    So shut up.

    1. pporshahidy

      I agree with you 100 percent. I love the R129 SL 500 and 600 because I own a R129 in real life. I wish they would make one of them premium but so far i’m satisfied with just the implementation.

  6. Paulski

    I don’t get it. With the standard cars included we have so many cars in the game, the only logical reason to have that many cas is for collecting reasons. Now I’m a “collector” myself (although I only collect premium cars, aside from a handful updated standard cars like the Pagani Zonda and some Japanese classic cars), I think the game’s economy isn’t suited at all for collecting, since you have to grind so much to get the more expensive cars.

    But to be honest I already expected GT7 to be an updated GT6 instead of a new, real next-gen game…

    1. blkpig

      I’m a buyer of all cars as well have been since GT1. And what I always loved was the ability to drive any car any time no fuss no muss. I guess we all still can now as long as it’s a max of 500 cars. In GT6 I have 560 I haven’t bought a new car in MONTHS although I have been getting all DLC & VGT autos. Which to my point and why I created an account today as I spent my time playing, I respect you all for finding time to do what you all do on these pages. But I do find time to read most all your comments topics and questions, I have one for you all to ponder as i have because none of you do which is… The useless STOCKYARD file which makes you pick and choose which cars in the game you want to have with you all the time and if you want to go over 500? hehe!! well then get ready for not only forever thinking what car to MOTHBALL but the insane loading time for you to do such action. I know the sounds this premium that more this more that I fell you, but not being able to buy,build and enjoy freely ALL cars it’s starting to leave a baaad taste. Hehe! It’s one big thing I wish was the absolute same as GT5,4,3,2,1. Oh and being able to park and not have your car spining or dare I say twerkin’ on your screen,my screen,everybodys screen. Thanks

  7. BWX

    LOL GT7 is going to be a laughing stock. I hope it is the last one under Kaz’s control, or it may be the last one ever.

    1. Tenacious D

      People laughed at GT5 so hard, they bought nearly 11 million copies. And in spite of a few people mentioning reviews slamming GT5 and 6 for the inclusion of Standard cars, they’re not really there in any number.

      I guess you never touched those Standard tracks either, because they look just as bad. ;D

  8. JaySamurai

    Could someone make some sort of voting system in a forum that could reach Kaz?

    The thing is the car list is growing so they have to drop the standard cars at some point right!! Yes it means we will have cut backs on the list of cars, but overall the experience would be consistent which is something PD seem to struggle with. It’s best to do it now and feel the burn rather than later seeing as the car list continues to grow.

  9. 05XR8

    Well, I see this as a blessing. We got the stratus, lotus, 2000GT as premium(detailed interior). I”ll name the “premium” cars “DI”- I’M COPYRIGHTING THAT!

    Maybe we see DI hachi roku, Hakosuka, Kenneth, 510, Supra XX & TT Supra RZ next.

  10. Wider

    Maybe less versions of 1 car? You know, who will notice difference between 2 Miatas when there is nothing changed in terms of how it drives. Just don’t get this thing. But don’t know why don’t they take more employees. Or cooperate with some other studio(s)? Don’t know. I think that with more people and full concentration on GT7 they could do so much more. I wouldn’t blame them for letting GT6 and concentraiting more on GT7.

    1. MeanElf

      I will have to disagree there, because I do feel that there are differences in performance between the MX-5s and other multiple cars from GT5 and 6 – nor am I alone in that.

  11. MLRSparco

    Unfortunately most of you don’t understand what it means to carry over the standard cars to GT7,you guys just think they port them over press a few buttons and PRESTO every things rainbows an unicorns.

    1)They will need to update all the standard models (not just making it look decent for the PS4 but also having the ability to add fiber hoods,bodykits,and exhaust).

    2)Cockpits,because who in there right mind would accept a car in 2014 on the PS4 with no cockpit?

    3)Sounds,that means all 1200+ cars must be updated with acceptable sounds.

    How they’ll be about to do all this while working on everything else they have planned for GT7 by 2015 or 2016 (while supporting GT6)is in my mind impossible.So please,pleeeassse,I dare you to say when GT7 comes out it will be a finished product.

    1. starspd11

      This is what happens when people want to keep all of the standards, compromises will be made because they won’t have the time or the manpower to complete everything on schedule. I do have a feeling that it’s going to be incomplete like GT6 was, but hey, at least we have 1400 cars that we can buy that people wouldn’t have enough time to drive most of them anyway. People have a choice though, buy it and hopefully they would update it with more features in the coming months/years or move on to something else.

  12. Tvensky

    sometimes you need that special car.. and most of the time they are Standard.. its good that you have a choice! I mostly pick premium.. but when I need Toyota Supra or Honda Prelude, I have only one choice – standard! nice to have the option.. only this time around split them again or at least make them visible and stand out!

  13. jlmcmillan1978

    Well this is the safest decision isn’t it? Leave the standards in & anger those who want to see consistency across all the cars and a general level of quality that is befitting of any game on the PS4. But take them out & risk annoying the hordes of fans that aren’t satisfied unless they have 1,000 cars in their garage & never use cockpit view. The former like myself are able to get over by simply not driving these hideous standards, but the latter will not have any way to replace their need for 1200+ cars. And apparently it’s too much to hope for PD to produce 1200 odd cars of premium quality with interiors. Will that day ever come?

  14. Lambofanghini

    I do expect the standard cars to get a bump in polygon count on PS4. Since they can’t make them all premium, which would be a huge undertaking, then maybe they could touch up those wheel arches and headlights up a bit more. The ZZII doesn’t look as badly in GT6 as it does in GT5. I’m looking forward to more premium cars with much improved exhaust sounds for all cars in GT7.

  15. Koenigsegg19

    More of the same standard cars. yay. I don’t really care about how the interior looks as I don’t really race in interior view, but can some effort be at least put into the body of the cars so that they don’t look like pixelated blocks on wheels? How about not being lazy for once PD. How about adding drivetrain and motor swaps as well? If you listened to your fans and players, maybe you would have a larger amount of people flocking to GT and the rating wouldn’t be so poor to many of us out there. Just some food for thought.

    1. MeanElf

      So much of a me, me, me attitude in that post.

      How exactly is PD being lazy by not including drivetrain swaps? Maybe they don’t want that, maybe they had to prioritise in regard with the PS3 – you see, not so simple a situation after all.

      As for ‘pixellated blocks on wheels’…it’s better than GT5 and the odds are it will be better again in GT7.

  16. AERO_HDT

    Car modelling. Hmmmm…. I’m sitting here with a 1980’s plastic Revell model of a ’56 Ford Victoria. Has anything improved? Not really. It’s a reissue of an old kit. Am I excited to build it? Bloody oath!
    There are some standard models in GT6 that are really quite poor, and there are some models that are quite good. I don’t use interior views, but I do like them when I’m going for a cruise. Personally I think that Kazunori is right, he has a solid base to build from and I have no doubt that he’ll keep adding to the “premium” look. There might only be 500-600 standard cars come GT7 – once that happens, we’ll have more premium cars than standard (how many do we have now? 400+???)
    The physics, the data, the core pieces of the car are already mapped. The difference between a “standard” and “premium” car has narrowed drastically. In fact, we’re all still using GT5 terminology. Let Kazunori build his castle, it’s forever evolving so it will never ever be finished and will never be perfect. But then again, tell me of a game that is?

  17. scoobyonline200

    I’ll probably get hate for this..which is expected. . But I might be in the very small minority that does not care one bit about car interiors. I never use that view and I honestly wouldn’t be looking at the interior while racing… of course this is just my opinion. If the premiums and standard cars handle as their real counterparts. . I don’t care if they look pretty… at least for me physics and the proper recreation of each car’s handling should be above other things. . . But to each their own. I enjoy racing in GT6 and thats what counts at least for me.

    1. FLX1981

      And what on Gods green earth makes you think those 1000+ cars with random generic tires and upgrades actually each handle anything like their real counterparts? Do you really think they put in the substantial amount of hours that would be needed to fine tune and hone every car to match the real one as close as possible? Sorry, but I dont think so.

  18. SaintSaiya

    Pathetic,as much as I love gt,has kaz even looked at the competition? Or does he even know there’s one?

  19. Itchie

    Ignore last comment* you will leave gt cause if the graphics? .. Good .less fools crashing into me online

    1. MeanElf

      Toko, you were amongst that group up until recently.

      I appreciate that you now see things differently, but to label those of us who still enjoy the series as fanboys, is mildly insulting and also against the AUP.

  20. binbin90

    keeping the standard cars?!?! An answer nobody would like……………… least remove the duplicates?? :|

    1. MeanElf

      The only controversy I see is the childlike mentality that still uses and thinks it’s okay to use the term retarded.

      I don’t know, you’d expect a lot more tollerance and respect around these days, but it has become another example of the lowest common denominator ruling…

    2. hall90

      I totally disagree with you, standard cars are in the GT7 very good on PD to do this you Imari you don’t have to use them in the game just use premium cars it is not hard to do that is it.

  21. Fat Tyre

    Standard cars in next gen? That’s all I wanted to know, bye bye GT hello PCARS! I’m guessing dumb A.I. and weak damage modelling will still remain…

    1. sumbrownkid

      As much as PCars looks promising, for some reason the low car count is holding me off. Sure GT has standard models, but I’d rather have them than not.

    2. Johnnypenso

      On one side you have an eclectic mix of 75 cars without a dog in the bunch, each with their very own tire model and handling individually matched to mimic it’s real world counterparts, surrounded by a game that’s a real racing sim built by racers for racers. On the other side you have a more generic driving game, with no real offline racing and a terrible online system to compliment that. If you love hotlapping and running TT’s in a wide variety of cars, GT is the game for you. If you really want to race and do it in a sim-like fashion, PCars should be the game for you. Or get both and enjoy the best of each.

  22. sumbrownkid

    I feel like I’m the only one that’s actually excited for GT7 instead of raging about standard cars or Project Cars has this and that or blah blah blah.

    I guess people forgot to have fun with Gran Turismo and nitpick everything.

    1. Master Weasel

      So having an issue with 10+ year-old car models in a PS4 game is nitpicking now? I bet you’d be okay with GT7 being a blank Blu-ray disc.

    2. sumbrownkid

      @Master Weasel. So being ok with standard car models, which they said will stay but added that they will continue making more premiums, is equated to me being ok with GT7 being a blank disk?

      Get over yourself. Oh wait, wait I haven’t nitpicked you enough yet.

    3. MeanElf

      You’re definitely not alone, and at least a few of us haven’t forgotten how to have fun. Same applies for lots of other games really, too much worrying about what couold have been instead of enjoying what is…or if not, moving on to something that does appeal.

    4. viejaloca

      It’s not about nitpicking, its about getting your money’s worth and not letting a rich company take advantage of you and release more half-complete garbage. I had fun with GT5 but was still a bit disappointed. I didnt buy GT6.

    5. sumbrownkid

      Seeing something that is worth the money is highly subjective though.

      For instance, people thought MGS GZ was a rip, but I found it to be worth it.

    6. MeanElf

      Value for money viejaloca is a valid point. I have around 130 hours raced in GT6 and many more spent in photomode. GT5 I had driven almost 300,000 km by the time I got a gamesave corruption. I got back upto 250,000km on my second playthrough. For me that is totally worth it.

    7. MeanElf

      For me that was online, with a group of like-minded people. Offline though still gives plenty of options, as I’m sure you well know.

      I’m not aware of many other games where people re-do the career races regulary. Maybe for some that’s just grinding for cash – personally I prefer the seasonals as you get a bit more variety in the mix if you set yourself a challenge.

  23. panjandrum

    If this is the case then what PD needs to do NOW is STOP with the useless features (i.e. perfect night – sky), and STOP making premiums out of every freaking nearly-identical Japanese econo-box and START making every single interesting car in the game “premium”. Seriously, how many people give a flying-fox if 27 versions of the honda prelude are premium if the Zonda or the E-Type aren’t? It just makes absolutely zero sense and it’s a clear indication that PD fails to understand what is desired on the part of consumers. (Well, I’m sure there will be at least one person who actually would prefer 27 nearly-identical premium honda-preludes over even a single interesting premium car, but I’m guessing here that that portion of the GT player is incredibly small. Personally, they can take back the interior of every single econo-box in the game in exchange for a good interior of even a single interesting/exotic car and I would be happier…)

  24. Jonnyboi

    To me I really couldn’t car if standards are in the game, they say more premiums will join in so what’s the problem. A lot of the cars I use in the game are actually standards because a lot were my favourite cars from GT4 and earlier. If they went I wouldn’t be happy.

    If you don’t like the look of them, don’t use them, simple.

    All people do with these games are moan, moan and moan more.

    1. Haelth

      I’m just happy with the variety of cars to choose from. I could care less as to whether or not it’s “Premium” or “Standard”, all that matters to me is that I can tune it to my liking and then take out to the track of choice.

  25. Ben Rogue

    Standards on the PS4, really PD?!? GT7 is your last chance to make a proper game, if you still have those crappy low detail models, 2D trees and crowds, etc, I’m giving up. I’d rather less vehicles with better detail than models from GT3/4 on PS2.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Don’t drive them. If he took them out, you wouldn’t be able to, so what’s the difference? Don’t drive them.

    2. wudy201

      Easy fix dont look at the trees or crowd you should be watching the track ahead of you anyway. And as for the cars you will have less vehicles with better detail models when you just forget about the standard models and not use them. There fixed and it took zero time money and manpower.

    3. jhw93

      @Ben Rogue – What makes you think that GT7 will have the same level of graphics fidelity? The PS4 is much more powerful than the PS3 is, environments and vehicles will look a lot better.

      “2D trees and crowds” – I will explain to why that is. The PS3 was not as powerful as sony or the media hyped it up to be, it’s graphics chip is actually inferior to that the Xbox 360. GT6 runs at 60fps which means that its really limited in terms of polycount in comparison to a game that runs at 30fps. This is means that some details in the tracks will have to be simplistic otherwise it won’t meet its fps target. The other reason is that some details in the environment just aren’t that important, for example a dude in the crowd does not need the same level of detail as the track surface would. Don’t blame PD for the environments because its the PS3 that’s the limitation. The PS4 is far more capable in the GPU department so I would expect to have all objects in the environments to be 3D and have grass and possibly rubble on the track surface. The premium cars will also look better along with better lighting and etc.

      PS2 car models is a different matter all together and I agree with others that have replied to you. I don’t like the idea of standard cars but you don’t have to use them, just use the premium cars.

    4. Fat Tyre

      @SZRT Ice Even if you don’t drive standard cars you still see them while you race against them. And that is not the point, the problem is that they just want carry on old work from PS2 era. What’s next, include “super standard cars” from psone???

  26. SZRT Ice

    It likely takes little to no effort to include the standards in GT7. Not including them doesn’t mean we’re getting more premiums in place of them.

    It would simply mean a smaller roster of vehicles. If you don’t like standards, don’t use them. But regardless, they will be updating as many as they can and adding in as many new ones as they can whether they include the standards or not. So what’s the big fuss?

    Act like they’re not there, don’t race with them. Do what must be done. I for one will enjoy my GTO Twin Turbo/3000 GT, ZZII, Cadillac Cien, XJ220, and many others as long as I’m allowed to until the premium version arrives if/when it ever happens.

    1. Ben Rogue

      It’s not as simple as deciding not to drive them, they uglify up the scenery when you’re racing. Most of the vehicles in the games are standard so most of the vehicles on track end up being standard. PD will have developed their 4th GT game over 3 platforms since these models were introduced and they are still including them. PD can always outsource their work if it’s that difficult, they don’t have to keep it all in house if it’s too time consuming

    2. MeanElf

      I think some people in their shiny new premiums don’t like it when others online hand them their ass whilst in a standard car.

      I agree with you Ice and several others above, that to leave them in hurts no-one and gives those who aren’t so precious, a better car roster to drive. GT6’s non-premiums are also far better than GT5’s which in turn are again better than the models the standards are meant to have been spawned from in GT4. I think therefore that the non-premiums in GT7 will be a lot better looking than some seem to think.

  27. SavageEvil

    What are you guys talking about Prologue is GT6. I have no qualms about GT, I’m with them all the way. Take their vision and accept it and try to let them in on some things that could be addressed by way of the community Q&A but still it’s their game and they build it according to their plans. How many are professionals and like people telling you how to do your work that you know about and they only see in books and stores? Criticism is fine but some people are just way too overbearing, relax and breathe it’s not that serious. Life has lots of disappointments, you get over them in time and move on.

    I wonder what this update will be consisting of? I hope it’s mainly a better processed sound so things don’t sound so synthesized, especially the add on parts, ewww. Right now I’d settle for PD doing a I4,I6, boxer, V6, V8, V12 and the odd man out W16 samples and play with that for all cars and match them for tune ups. Some cars are like wtf, did I lose like four cylinders when I added an exhaust? New cars should be coming with their own sounds but the old crap has to be given placeholder that won’t completely rewrite all the audio in GT6 that’s just a waste of time and shift all of that directly to GT7 to ensure that all cars will sound the part. Means getting cars and recording sounds from scratch, I say they hit up Evolution Studios for how they went about it to see if it’s viable for PD to approach it that way. They are a second party developer so they will have some great tech over there. GT was built by PD but now it’s time to use all the assets they have to make sure that GT’s footing is solid.

  28. KYD302

    Im sorry but if the standards aren’t better for gt7 than why dont they just sell gt4 on the ps4. I didnt buy a ps3 for ps2 level quality and now recycling the same ps2 trash over 4+ games is getting old. I could handle the ps3 premium cars but ps2 cars 10 years later is just laziness. Alot of the cars have both premium and standard versions of the same cars about of cars people want still haven’t been added. Why don’t they just copy and paste tracks to. I don’t get what kaz is thinking. He takes to many shortcuts. Maybe project cars drive club or someone will drop an atom bomb on gt, something enough for kaz to start giving a crap instead of being lazy an taking the easy route. Gt6 was supposed to be better than gt5 but yet it lacks in so many areas that i still feel gt5 is the better game overall. I probably won’t stop playing gt games but im sick of feeling cheated everytime i buy one.

    1. wudy201

      Wow I would love for you to come work for me if Kazs work ethic is lazy and taking shortcuts. When can you start?

  29. Sixflags48

    I find the physics fun. I like the current line up of cars, and don’t do to much actual racing. Sure pCARS and Forza have more cars or tracks or liscenses, I am fine with the ones in GT. I like to make the best of what I have, and GT let’s me expand that. I will play pCARS, but will not play Forza, for I do not personally think that it is worth my money for my interests. Thank you Kaz for the series, you have started and continue to create r/evolutions in the console sim racing world.

    1. Sixflags48

      Also, I would be more OK with the standard cars if e
      We could see the outside of the car from the inside. Volvo 240 for example, you can’t see the hood of the car. It looks like you are driving a welding helmet with no sense. The Nissan R390 as well, it is hard to determine the actual width without seeing the sides of the car. Thanks again.

    1. SZRT Ice

      It’s one huge work in progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Recreating real life to the degree they do is commendable. Sure things aren’t perfect, but what in life is?

  30. JohnyGT

    Well as much as I like GT series I must say 6 will be last for me. It’s called evolution Kaz! You must not be afraid of it.

    1. Ben Rogue

      I’ll personally give 7 a go but if it still feels half finished I’ll be returning it. Just feel like playing the same game over and over with very minor improvements.

  31. DaveTheStalker

    I hope Kaz sees what a visual mistake this will be. Standard cars on a 4K display will be the death of Gran Turismo.

    1. vr6cas

      Speak for yourself on that one. Pcars looks good an all but something still seems a little off with their physics from the videos I’ve seen. I mean the guy was turning the steering wheel and the cockpit steering wheel was still pointing straight while the car was turning.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ That’s because he’s more used to using a wheel than a controller, and that pCARS PS4 version he was playing, he said it was different to the one on PC. Get your facts straighten or don’t say anything at all.

      @COUNTERSTEER123 Agreed!

    3. kollosson

      PCars looks good on PC, remains to be seen how much of that they can get on ps4 and why is the ps4 version different to the PC version, that would say to me that they have had to compromise on something, probably physics if that bloke couldn’t drive it with a controller…

  32. Aussie_HSV

    Honestly, I don’t know if it’s ignorance, arrogance, or just plain stupidity.

    To be making judgment calls on a game that’s probably at least 18 months away, with no evidence of game play, visuals, sounds, or game structure is ludicrous.

    1. Master Weasel

      GT7 will have 10+ year old car models. You don’t need to know anything else about the game to find that unacceptable.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Unless you’re a PD employee working on the project, you have no idea what a PS4 GT7 ‘standard’ car will look like.
      Again, passing judgment at this stage is simply moot.

    3. Aussie_HSV

      True, I forgot that one.
      Perhaps @Master Weasel would like to go away and find out the poly count of a GT4 car.
      Maybe compare that to GT5 on the PS3.
      Then return and tell us how GT7 on the PS4 will have ’10+ year-old car models’.

    4. Master Weasel

      Maybe you should go play GT4 again and see how the cars in that game are more presentable looking than in GT5/GT6. Ridiculous.

      In addition, they ARE 10-year old car modeled in the literal sense. They will never be on the level of premium cars unless they redo them from scratch.

    5. Master Weasel

      No. Now you’re just putting words in my mouth. Where did I even say GT4 is on the same level as GT6?

      I’m done.

    6. Aussie_HSV

      lol … of course you are.

      In the context of your ’10+ year old car models’ comment, you said that GT4 cars are ‘more presentable looking than in GT5/GT6’
      (whatever that means, but at least suggesting they are somehow comparable)
      Only a blind man would suggest that even the best looking car in GT4 was anywhere near on a par with any car in GT6, including the worst.
      And we haven’t even touched on the extra processing power available on the PS4 going forward yet.

      So now that you’ve been called out … you’re ‘done.’
      Not surprised.

  33. GBalao888

    I won’t get GT7 if all of the cars in the game aren’t in arcade mode, and if it is a half-assed game.

    1. MeanElf

      I think you’ll find that all of the cars are already in arcade mode, and have always been so, with the exception of some like the FGTs which can’t be taken onto the snow or dirt tracks.

      Granted, you will need to buy it first…or did you mean for use without buying? If so, I think you have the wrong game.

  34. p3bucky

    I’ll only consider getting GT7 and a PS4 if we get adjustable offset. No offset = No happy. In GT6 I can at least mod it to get offset, in GT7 I’d be stuck without it and I’d be sad :( I could care less about the standards, I can easily chose not to use them.

    1. wudy201

      I have every GT game made even PSP and love them, I also love racing cars I dont give a crap about sounds and trees what the track looks like as long as I can race th rest is pointless. Now I just bought a xbox 360 11 days ago for Forza 4 and Horizon and the upcoming Horizon 2. I must say I love Forza 4, I love the tuning and paint/livery options, and content is endless The world tour is twice GT 6s career mode and like 600+ event races that use a little bit of every car in the game. Also the autovista is cool and adds more races to unlock more cars, The bowling, the up and down hill pass challange, The weaving the cones challange and the rivls is an awsome idea as it keeps adding more and more to do. Also I like driving cockpig view and all the cars have it especially ones GT dont like some NSXs, Supra, 3000 GT, Some Integras, RSX, IROC camaro, 90s SS camaro, allcorvettes, mustangs, Vipers, Mercedes and BMW race cars all the Audi LMS, the silvias and 240s and the list goes on and on and on and on. Now I love all the GT2 and 3 cars the Porshes, the Holdens, Bentleys all the non production cars, the colbolts, Ions, Bertones,Hennessey, Joss, Koenigseggs, Morgan, Molser, Noble, Panozs, Radical, Rossion, Saleens, Spada Vetture, SSC, Ultima, Weismann cars, all the musclecars with cockpits, a good variety of tracks love the engine asperation and drivetrain swaps, No dont get me wrong in no way am I putting GT down they eachare better then the other ag somethings andI dong have a favorite Im just saying by reading all the anti Forza comments written on here like its some teenage schoolyard this is better than that nana nana foo foo bickering I realised I was missing out on a whole lot of racing and GT like gaming that I wish I would have tried it a long time ago. Xbox andforza 4 are cheap on ebay these days and anybody who just likes GT and racing cars in general should get them. I still and will always love GT love the new content all I did was expand my opportunities to race which I wanted to do after completing GT6 in less than a week I had the time. All Im saying is why hate any of the games if you truly love racing whats wrong with playing any of the racing series out there. I guess all the haters will be hating towards me for this one.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Why? They look good to me. Looks aren’t everything. I enjoy games with lesser and inaccurate car models (GTAV, TDU2, GRiD, Etc.) and still enjoy the game. As long as the gameplay is fun and the car looks properly proportioned, I’m not stressing it. And I’m sure with the PS4’s processing power, the GT7 Standards will look better than ever.

  35. kollosson

    LOL at the haters, depends how its done, if the untouched standards are touched up then they may look awesome in the next gen engine, have to wait and see. To all those people on this site that think their opinions actually affect Gran Turismo, well obviously not you poor fools.

    1. fatkid

      Yes, our opinions won’t effect Gran Turismo. But than neither will yours. This is the problem with PD – they are living in their own world.

  36. phil_75

    Are you f***ing kidding me?

    Does Kaz want GT to become a laughing stock?

    The guy learns nothing, stuck in 2004.

    Oh well, looks like Project Cars is where it’s gonna be at going forward.

    1. wudy201

      Dont you think with all the press GT gets with manufactures with the vision cars, GT Academy, Jay Leno and now FIA proves hes a highly respected figure in the auto industry? Far from a laughing stock when your product impresses some of the biggest people in the auto world.

  37. Hekongaro

    In GT5, travesty.
    In GT6, tragedy.
    In GT7, mortality.

    A haiku by me.

    Seriously Kaz, if you have a standard then all parts of your product must adhere to that standard.

  38. JKcreativeworks

    Gran Turismo, The Real Obsolete Simulator.

    They should add GT2’s models too while they’re at it, so we can at least enjoy the “Real cool” outdated models.

    1. kollosson

      SZRT Ice I agree, the standards in the new GT7 engine with a bit of polish could look stunning, stupid to make judgments before we have even seen anything, my opinion of standards is I would rather have them than not have them.

  39. spencer7x7

    Y’all know that these “standard” cars were made for GT4, which has an HD mode and photomode.

    1. SZRT Ice

      I know. GT4 actually had 1080i. One of I believe 2 games on the PS2 that was capable. The standards are not GT’s biggest problem. Once other features are announced, and the PS4 polished standards are revealed, these complaints will be history and we’ll all find a new complaint to have. Personally, I can deal with the standards, even more so if we are able to throw liveries over them.

  40. Blood*Specter

    If they follow through on converting select standard cars to premium and significantly increase the premium car count I don’t have much of a problem.

    There are plenty of standards that I personally would like to see converted to premium.
    For me as long as the game play (physics) and verity of real world tracks grows I will be happy with the game.

    One thing I question however is how much have the fundamentals of the module changed if standard cars are still able to perform in the game? And a good pit stop question would be just exactly how long (on average) does it take to convert a standard into a premium?

    I fear that it may become hard if not impossible to get mappings of some of the old car interiors and sounds from exhaust at speed and at rest. PD may no longer have that sort of access to some of the older cars.

    1. MeanElf

      Someone who actually read it all – nice one. He did indeed say only if they become available.

      I’m happy for a continued conversion of the cars we do have. I love my Toyota 2000GT and my Alpine – thanks PD.

  41. GTP_SniperWolph


    You can’t make everyone happy, I hope having PS2 Models in PS4 does not over shadow the beauty of GT7.

    Please move on, as many of our GT series die hards support development Ala GT 6.9 ,GT Prologue 4.99, I am getting tired of buying half built games knowing it’s a development into the next Gen Console or a newer version….MedalGear Solid anyone?. I bought GT6 half hearted knowing GT Academy would be on this version…other wise I have more to do in GT5 then caring about GT6.

    Thank You!


    talking about standard and premium, I’m just confused by his decision to keep premium and standard version of the same car…. for ex: as we know, R32-R34 skylines got not just premium but also standard version of the exact same model…. what’s the point of that… I mean, 2 V-spec Nur’s standard and premium version!!? and talking about interior details, all r32-r34’s basicly got exactly the same interior, why don’t they just copy and paste it from the premium models…. that’s still a mysteries for me till now…. not going to say i hate his decision, but just a weird decision he made..

  43. DX_9

    Maybe what he meant with standard cars is that they have a PS3 quality and the premiums have a full blown-PS4 level of detail.


      very possible… the problem is that even with ps3 quality, the standard car graphics are still crap by modern standard

  44. OpticZero

    Kaz, Kaz, Kaz…what are we going to do with you? One of the top 5 suggestions by the users is to update the graphics of the Standard cars and turn them Premium. And now you say that you are going to be keeping Standard cars?

    I don’t think many of us are saying to ditch all Standard cars, we are simply saying to make them look better, because the quality of those things are not going to cut it on the next-gen game. We know what you can do if you want to do it. Just look at the Premium cars we have now…beautiful, just beautiful. Just imagine what they will look like on a PS4.

    Let’s hope you are just blowing some smoke up our butts or just messing with us. The PS2 was outdated years ago. Don’t think for a second that PS2 graphics are OK.

    1. KiroKai

      Wow. So selling a car from 2004, or in some cases 2001, advertised and priced as new, is okay?

      Nobody wants them to remove cars with a big fanbase from the game, but besides those, maybe 50 individual models that should be turned Premium, they are free to ditch what they don’t like, and those they want to keep need to be redone to match PS4 gen quality. But instead of remodelling, say, the 2003 Audi S4 as Premium, I think players would rather see them model the current S4. Standards aren’t just outdated model quality wise but also real car-wise.

  45. AudiMan2011

    PS2 era cars in a next gen game is completely unacceptable. I don’t care if 800+ cars get dropped if it means that graphical quality can be made more consistent.

    GT7 is going to be a joke if the nostalgia factor isn’t dropped anytime soon.

  46. montecarlo87

    Removing some of the cars that have more than 20 of each model. Miata, NSX, Skyline, and so on would be a more effective move than trying to make them all premium cars anyway. There is such a variety of cars that haven’t made the game yet, or were on the game to be removed later on to add more Skylines.

  47. varmintx

    I love the standard cars and am happy to have them included, I just don’t see why they can’t make it so others can simply exclude their use by the AI. Obviously, I don’t know, but it just doesn’t seem like that complicated of a task.

  48. GBalao888

    If we will expect GT7 in two to three years we should have all of the cars in the game in arcade mode, in addition to some old features that we have in GT5, but not in GT6.

  49. SDSPOWER01

    Ok standards will be included I hope it will be like a premium ps3 version standard. They should do a voting on standard to be premium. Or either include “an advanced simplified version of the interior”. I understand the fear of leaving some cars out but if it takes too much work I know must of us will uderstand.

  50. Dready1984

    The simple solution is, if you dont like standard cars dont use them. There are plenty of premium cars to use and you can complete the game without ever using a standard. Just disregard them, imagine they not even an option. I dont see what the big issue is, what percentage of players religiously use cockpit view anyway? I’d be alot happier if PD spent some time improving the AI, instead of putting every tiny detail into a car I will probably never use.

    1. Firedragon

      Indeed, it is _this_ simple. Many new premiums will continue to be modeled…more tracks…better physics… short, the rest of the game will still continue to develop.
      There’s absolutely no relation between the quality of the rest of the game and inclusion of old models…is it me or are people really naive?

    1. Firedragon

      Lol. That’s quite a bold statement at this stage, isn’t it? You must have had a very exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes, since you know how GT7 will be as a game.

    2. Firedragon

      But…how and in what way? The rest of the game will be developed at a high standard (reasonable assumption, we will see in the future if it will meet our high demands).
      It is either a good game with lots of ‘premium’ quality cars and tracks or exactly that same game, but offering a 100% optional list of older, less beautiful/uglier cars.

    3. Firedragon

      In an ideal world I would also like to hear that ‘every single car will be completely overhauled and have a very highly detailed interior for GT7’. But in the real world, that is unfortunately just not realistic. I think PD is just doing what they can and with this statement, they are catering for people for and against having standard cars…well, only if we realize that those standard cars are optional, that is. But hey, this is only a game…by the time GT7 is out, we can see if it’s good or not. If it is, then great. If it turns out to be a disappointment…let’s just buy another game then.

    4. OpticZero

      Don’t worry too much about Toko, Firedragon. He’s on the fruity side of the tree…you really can’t take what he says for much of anything. He acts bi-polar, or something. ;)

    5. jimipitbull

      I don’t dislike Toko. I just liked the old Toko heaps more, he was sincere. This new one flip flops like a cupcake without icing.

    6. Lambob

      GT6 is going to Flop hard (DVD bounce to the floor) as soon as GT7 comes out. And it will be day 1 digital purchase for me.

    7. kennylmao

      Years ago during the time of GT5 I remember you were infamous for making pro-GT comments in the news section. Things change, huh?

  51. Humungus

    And people are still wondering why the GT franchise is becoming kind of a joke in the genre?
    You can’t tell me that people prefer a random standard R34 GT-R over the Premium V-Spec.
    This whole carryover thing, along with by now inacceptable inaccuracies reagrding cars (*cough sounds) is slowly killing the franchise. Seriously, if Kaz was such a “perfectionist”, why is he happily accepting outdated 3D models, stupendously unrealistic sounds, a horrid damage model, wrong car stats and more?
    And when I see that there actually are people prasing decisions like these, and with games like PCars and Forza on the rise it seems likely to me that GT will slowly fade into redundance in a not to distant future. I have been an avid GT player since GT2, but I doubt I could support PDs attitide to the future of GT anymore.

    1. Firedragon

      The drama is strong in this one. Maybe even better than the regular soap series.
      Let’s just see what the finished game will be like when it is out. And if you’re so naive to talk yourself into believing your own downwards-spiraling theories at this point in time, where we know absolutely nothing yet about what kind of a game GT7 will be….well…your loss, I guess.

    2. douglasmf

      The only thing about the standard cars that I don’t like in GT6 is that I cant filter them away. But there is some use for them, like being used by the AI or telling you his history. And like some cars that have little chance of being promoted to premium, like the Suzuki Escudo or the Initial D inspired Sprinter Trueno, there is lots of people who like some of the standard cars, throwing them away is a waste.

      About the AI, the last couble A-Spec seasonal events had very good challenge in the expert level, they already know how to make things more dificult. And about the sounds, you should read the pitstop blog.

      There is no way the franchise is becoming a joke, of all the games I played GT6 was the most challenging, especially in the GT Academy last round. I only wish they include a higher level of difficulty in the arcade mode.

    3. OriginalCheezIt

      I don’t know what world YOU are living in, but GT is not a joke in the racing genre. It’s actually the most RESPECTED game in the genre!

    4. mariodiniz21

      This… these GT blind heads can’t see anything beyond the OBVIOUS because they DON’T TRY anything else, you GT groupies know nothing, don’t know how the present of video games is and how the future should be, so you accept everything. You really remember me of Justin Biebers fans, GT and Kaz are perfect and nothing else matters. I played GT since GT1, I have all the games and I concluded 100% in all of them (GT6 not included), I also was the 2nd place overall in the GT Academy in my country finals so I know what I’m talking about in this area, but I’m also not dumb and I play every sim racing around, so I know that these graphics, sounds, etc. are NOT ACCEPTABLE in the top level competition, in the racing games everything evolved very fast in these last few years, everything but Gran Turismo of course that got stuck without a legit reason, is it lack money? Lack of resources? I don’t think so. GT is now a brand, a respected brand that grew because of a spectacular and respected game and they will loose everything if they don’t care about the game anymore, since more and more people will stop playing it. Gran Turismo messed everything in GT6 and from what I’m seeing will mess everything from now on. As I said, if you forgive every single weak point in this game it’s because you still live in the past. I was a BIG GT fan, I was dieing to get my hands on GT5 after so many painful delays and I loved the game, but now this is too much. You can hate on me all you want because I know you will, but you are just making a fool of yourselves defending this game like you life depends on it, when it clearly is disrespecting all the die hard fans and is lacking in all the main areas, even the physics in GT6 were completely ruined. Try to drift a FR car and see how the car reacts, what a joke. And yeah… keep the love going for the standard cars, Kaz appreciates, less work to do.

  52. Paul Arnesen

    Geez I hope there are more Mazda MX5/Miatas in gt7, 35 in GT6 just isn’t enough. Aahh sarcasm.

  53. Mellow70

    “I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars,” Ok! Well if this statement is true, I will not be buying GT7 and they will be getting my big farewell msg. Me personally, I only tolerated it bc it was on the PS3, but on the PS4, I’m not gonna put with their slack anymore.

    Either give us a finished game or I’m DONE!

    1. Firedragon

      Do you believe that any other aspect of the game will benefit at all when those standard cars are omitted?

    2. Mellow70

      Firedragon, You know most of the VGT cars looks brand new on the outside but has no interior, I rather the standards look like that than no work on the exterior at all. I’m hoping that atleast 50% of these cars has atleast that change “500 cars to be exact”. I don’t know about you but
      just like the premuims, I want to change body kits and other manufacturer/ aftermarket parts that you see in real life all the time than just the basic’s that’s in GT now!

  54. Firedragon

    I am totally fine with this and would not want to lose many of the cars that are in standard quality at this moment.

    Driving those standard cars is 100% optional and does not hinder development and modeling of premium quality cars in any way.

    Long live the huge and varied car range that GT will continue to offer!

    1. vr6cas

      +1 Firedragon I agree but…. they need to upgrade ALL the standards to the quality of the 73 Skyline with no jaggy edges, working high beam, reverse lights and tag lights.

  55. HuskyGT

    Okay, I think it’s enough. GT7 will probably be GT5 and GT6 all over again. I think there is a limit in which a fan can withstand with the wrongful decisions of the developers. I can see GT7 going out with even more features missing and more promises of future updates. I can see GT7 with the same sounds from the last games and more unfinished content. I guess it’s over for car enthusiasts that wont to enjoy a good car game, because I see this trend all over in other consoles and franchises too.

    I have a solution for you, PD. Why not make all those standards into Premium? Or at least the most relevant ones? Takes too much time? Then why not suck up your Japanese arrogance and hire more people to do the work? the only reason why you would take such a pathetic shortcut is because you lack the manpower or the interest in your own game. You only care about being in the media and about your idiotic alliances with manufacturers that do nothing for the game and the people who play it.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Do like I will do, wait it out.. then make sure it’s sorted or just forget it (like I might do) a PS4 is very expensive so no rash decisions.

    2. IneedSchool

      I don’t want to rude or anything, but you look like a fool for jumping into conclusions like that. Nobody on Gtplanet has seen Gran Turismo 7 yet. There are standards, but if the exterior quality of all standards were equal to premiums (Like Vision GT cars) then I think we’re okay. If the standards stay PS2, I’ll be on your side but until then you shouldn’t complain.

    3. Firedragon

      Yeah, all those updates as of lately evidently show that PD is not interested in their own game. Senna cars, Red Bull Ring, 80’s version of Monza and Brands, VGT cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mitsibishi, VW, AM and Nissan, new cars like the BMW M4, Toyota TS030 Hybrid and the Lexus IS F CCS-R, lots of bugfixing and improvements in terms of physics.
      Sure, they have done nothing regarding game improvement and are only about media attention, right?

  56. 01Michael

    Good decision. There are too many people who think ‘graphics’ is everything. From GT7 I’d really like to feel immersed in a race weekend/series instead of ‘look at my pretty car!’.
    As I say that, I expect the lighting and tyre smoke to improve as the PS4’s power is utilized.. and some circuits to improve such as Monaco, Monaco, Monaco and Monaco.

    1. STUCHS

      Dead on the money 01michael,
      the feel of the car is far more critical to the immersion than the looks. I would argue that the track graphics are way more important than the car graphics during the race. if you are any good the cars are going to be only seen in your rear view mirror anyway haha.

  57. pauloSandar

    I think the Standard Cars thing is pathetic. PS2 cars on PS4? Seriously? They haven’t had time to upgarde them in over a decade?
    No more comments, no more buying Gran Turismo games. I’ll enjoy my old GT4.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      If you read on the forum my post history, I ADORED the Standard cars. I thought it would end the PS3 era with a bang to have GT6 with them in there all prettied up. But. . enough is enough. I think they should just AT BEST club the doubles, the duplicates, the ones that dont exist.

    2. Firedragon

      You dislike cars of ‘standard’ quality, yet are announcing you are going to enjoy your GT4.


    3. varmintx

      Seriously? You don’t want the cars from GT4 in 7, so you’re going to go play GT4 instead? The complaining on this website no longer borders on absurd; it’s gone well beyond it.

    4. Lambob

      I’ll be buying GT7 just to enjoy my usual 7~12 premium cars out of the total 1,400 standard ones, as I did in GT5 and 6.

    5. pauloSandar

      I meant it seems absurd for me to pay 70 bucks for 800 cars I already had in a 10-year-old game. It’s not that I can’t stand bad graphics, it’s just that I feel cheated getting 20% of a new game and 80% of a game I’ve been playing for years.

  58. CJvzla

    i asked about this on the AMA … wouldnt it be better if GT 7 only comes with the NEW batch of cars, but standard cars are still available through a free download? so if someone really really wants one of the standards back they can just download it, for free of course.

    it seems less antiquated than having 1000+ cars that barely anyone is excited about.

    1. STUCHS

      Pretty good idea, but why bother me with a download and tie up servers when they can just slap it on the disk and have it available. the cars aren’t in the way and you don’t get them unless you want them in your garage anyway. its not like your garage is clogged with them to start.
      If the game is a digital download then ABSOLUTELY they should implement your plan. I’ll take a 2 gig download, with some small downloads for cars i really want to try, over a 40 gig download any day. Good idea

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Where you see haters? Imagination running again? Meanwhile we are all pleased to keep standards, and my guess is they will look pretty good too.

    2. sosa

      Don’t worry they will come. They will scream out loud they won’t buy a game becouse of extra content and similar nonsense.

  59. sangdude82

    Hopefully Kaz can convert the Toyota Supra into premium, the car that has been asked the most by fans.

    1. TurboProp

      I guess quantity over quality wins out at PD…maybe GT9 or 10 they will have it sorted out. The words standard or premium shouldn’t even be used when talking about the next gen game/console. Ridiculous…

    2. STUCHS

      I just don’t understand the grip of having old junk graphic cars. it is just extra not the core of the game. I want them there because sometime I just feel like driving a beater, and I’m doing bumper cam so I never see the crap graphics anyway. Better to have it there than gone. If your gripe is that you want the all those cars but all upgraded to premium than of course I’m with you, but your comments read like you want the standard cars just removed, and thats just plain silly. Or maybe your gripe is that they are marketing the game with “over 1000 cars” I would agree that it should probably be marketed as “over 300 cars” ” and an extra set of 700 cars from previous games as bonus content” That would be more truthful and I would agree with you.

  60. JMoney689

    It’s the right move, and I’m sure the track list will be held onto as well. Forza 5 failed because so many cars and tracks were removed in the name of quality. I don’t care if some cars have more pixelated models because I’d rather have a pixelated car than no car at all.

    1. hsv

      That was a turn off for many Forza fans. Both options will have their critics, but this’ll show which one is the right way to go.

      I’d just hate to lose a car because it isn’t mega HD.

    2. Master Weasel

      @ZoidFile: Yeah, that’s why Forza is still coming out with games like Horizon 2 this year. Because it’s a failure.

    1. 123_RaceMeBro

      Well I’m for one who would love to see standard cars in GT7 I love so many of them I can’t see them going away specially my Dodge Ram. ^_^

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