Onrush Gets a New Trailer, Open Beta Coming in May [UPDATE]

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For quite a while, we haven’t really heard much about Onrush. The latest racer from Codemasters did have a pre-order incentive detailed recently but outside of a few screenshots there’s been nothing to get the juices flowing. That ends today as we finally get another look at Onrush in action.

This latest trailer cranks the madness up to 11 and it looks like a whole lot of fun. With many vehicle types and mental track designs, this looks like a perfect marriage of Evolution Studios’ Motorstorm series and every notable arcade racer from the past decade.

Set to a banging soundtrack, we see the chaos that Onrush offers that includes tricks, jumps and even takedowns to really stick it to your opponents. The game really reminds us of Pure, an excellent ATV racer from the now defunct Black Rock Studios. Just with a bit more added horsepower.

A blog post on the Codemasters site details the various vehicle classes in the game:

  • Blade
  • Outlaw
  • Vortex
  • Charger
  • Interceptor
  • Dynamo
  • Titan
  • Enforcer

Each class offers a different set of attributes including handling and special abilities. Judging by the trailer, these abilities will be imperative in launching yourself to victory. Customization also appears to be in, with Codies teaming up with AnyForty for livery design, a UK-based art studio.

The news gets better too, as Onrush is also getting an open beta sometime in May. Codies will reveal further details about this beta closer to the time. We’ll be sure to report new information as it comes in.

Even from this trailer, we get the feeling that this could be Codies’ most ambitious racing game in quite some time. It really is tapping into the pre-2010 arcade racer feel that many miss in a genre becoming more invested in realism by the title. Here’s hoping Onrush bucks the trend in bombastic fashion.

Onrush releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One June 5 with a PC release due later down the line.

UPDATE: It was originally reported the game’s open beta would begin on May 5, 2018. We have since learned from the game’s director Paul Rustchynsky that a specific date in May has not been set. We have updated our story accordingly.

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