Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Handling Comparison: Assetto Corsa vs iRacing

Youtube channel GamerMuscle recently took the chance to drive one of the latest Porsches available in sim racing on two platforms: Assetto Corsa and iRacing. The video comparison — aiming to find the differences between the two PC simulators — was carried out on the British circuit Donington Park.

iRacing’s version of the car is more prone to oversteer on corner entries, so braking requires more caution on the driver’s side. When it comes to understeer, Assetto Corsa’s car puts more of it on entry and turn-in — quite a difference from iRacing where the car pushes wide mid-corner and at the exit.

Force feedback is much stronger in iRacing, but only if we discuss the self-alignment of the wheel; Assetto Corsa’s car still provides more information on front tire load, a crucial difference when learning the limits.

The beast has been present in both games only briefly: iRacing offered the car for download last week for $11.95, whereas Assetto Corsa got its iteration out this last December as a part of the Porsche Pack III for $6.99 (on PC only — the console release date has yet to be announced).

Still, considering that Porsche terminated the EA exclusivity contract last year, there is no doubt more models from this desirable manufacturer are going to spice up the driving genre as we go through the year. We’re certainly looking forward to more comparison like this!

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