Pro Sim’s H-Pattern Quaife Shifter Aims for ‘Old-School’ Style Experience

Although modern driving simulators tend to model gear changing fairly well, without the proper accessory right in your hand, it is hardly possible to capture the true joy of manual shifting. The new shifter from Pro Sim focuses in on that exact problem, by offering an enhanced experience through a partnership with respected engineering company Quaife.

The contact point on the shifter is higher than usual, staying loyal to the shifters usually found in vintage cars. We can already tell that this feature will blend well with appropriate steering wheels to really enhance the feeling of driving older cars in players’ sims of choice.

Downshift into third, up into fourth… you know how it works.

In the video above we noticed the rather rough sound of changing gears, but considering how the product is still in the development phase, it is likely that this issue will be mended by the time the shifter arrives in stores.

Back in April the company announced first tests of the prototype had gotten underway, so we presume we won’t have to wait too long to get the final product. Reflecting its professional-grade status, the price for the shifter is supposed to start at around 1000 British pounds.

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Comments (8)

  1. Andyc709292

    Step1 – Buy old wreck for GBP400

    Step2 – Buy grinder for GBP100

    Step3 – Brrrzziinng!

    Step4 – Scrap sales and parts: GBP500 profit

    Step5 – Cart the gearbox into the lounge

    Step6 – errr yeah, the magic bit of marrying up a real box with some switch gear – but you’ve got a grand to make it work!

    1. jimantonic

      You can make 500 quid from a scrap car??
      I must be doing something wrong as we PAY 25 quid to get a car taken away to scrap at the moment!!

      I’m just teasing, I’d like to see some home made shifters, sure there must be some on here but not looked, I do enjoy seeing peoples own engineering solutions.

  2. LogiForce

    I don’t know, but how is this any better than a CSS?
    The only thing I miss from sim-racing shifters is the feedback you’d get from the real gearbox. Which still isn’t present here.
    Feedback like engine vibration, damaged synchromeshes, not fully synced gears, brushing teeth when missing a gear, etc.

    Honestly, I’d rather have a CSS since it’s less bulky. It’s probably cheaper as well without an external party being involved.
    So yeah, unless they develop some method to get some feedback going… no thanks.

  3. 05XR8

    Ohhhhhh yeah! Steering a Darwin 510 or Escort 1600 would be awesome using this. RHD or LHD experience would be cool. Could teach young drivers how to drive manual.

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