Range Rover SV Coupe Is The World’s First Full-Size Luxury SUV Coupe

Automotive News 24 March 8, 2018 by

Does the world need a full-size luxury SUV? Probably not. At least that’s what we thought until we got a glimpse at the Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe. Now we’re pretty sure it does.

Featuring a 557hp 5.0-liter V8 with a supercharger, it’s the fastest Range Rover ever. It completes the run to 60 in just five-seconds and flat-out will hit 165mph. For something that weighs nearly three tons, that’s nothing short of amazing.

However, the Range Rover SV isn’t about performance. Instead, it focuses on luxury and opulence.

Starting with the standard Range Rover underpinnings, it gets a full hand-crafted makeover by the team at Land Rover Design and Special Vehicle Operations.

The most notable change by far is the lack of rear doors. While aftermarket companies made Range Rover coupes in the past, this is the first time Land Rover itself ventured into the market. (Ed note: readers have pointed out that this isn’t actually the first time, as the original Range Rover did include a 3-door version. Maybe Land Rover doesn’t consider the first one “luxury” enough? Maybe it deems it too small?)

Now, we think two-door SUVs are rather strange. The inability to get in and out of the rear seats with ease sort of nullifies the “utility” part. To minimize this issue, the team redesigned nearly every body panel. The only bits of the Range Rover that didn’t get sliced up are the hood and lower tailgate.

However, losing two doors didn’t shorten the SV any. When set side-by-side to the standard wheelbase Range Rover, they’re both exactly the same size. This means there’s still plenty of space for the rear passengers and luggage.

Another slight change on the outside is the ride height. While it drops by a third of an inch, it’s still plenty capable off the pavement. According to Land Rover, the SV can still wade through three feet of water — even if we get the feeling not many will.

While the exterior is definitely something unique, the real glitz and glamour are on the inside.

The most stand out option is the two-tone seats. When you typically think of two-tone seats, it’s usually black leather surrounding a colored insert. However, Land Rover took it a step further with different color seats in the back and front. As weird as it is, it actually works surprisingly well.

Also covering the interior is a smattering of various woods, brushed metals, and even more leather. In a first for Land Rover, you can also spec the SV with Nautica wood veneer. This makes it a perfect match for your yacht.

And yes, if you can afford one of these ultra-luxury SUVs, chances are you do have a yacht. Starting around $335,000 it’s the most expensive new Land Rover you can buy. It’s also nearly $100,000 more than the already luxurious Bentley Bentayga.

If you want to own one of these unique machines you’ll need to act quickly. Land Rover is limiting the production run to just 999 examples.

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