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GT Omega Racing Apex Wheel Stand Review: A Stable Step Up

If you read my last review with the Thrustmaster T150, you know I’m new to playing sim racing games without a controller. I’m so new in fact that I had to mount my wheel to a TV tray in order to use it with my PS4. This isn’t exactly ideal.

Bus Simulator 18 Review: Who Knew Public Transit Could be Fun?

When it comes to sim games, to say I enjoy more lowkey titles is a bit of an understatement. Titles like American and Euro Truck Simulators, Mudrunner, and even Pure Farming often catch my eye. So when Stillalive Studios offered me the chance to check out Bus Simulator 18, I couldn’t resist.

Own A Piece of GT Academy History With This Nissan GT-R GT3

Welcome to the 100th edition of the Wednesday Want! To celebrate in style we are once again bringing you a piece of Gran Turismo history. However, unlike the Art Morrison Corvette and the ‘51 Ford Coupe, this car is not from the GT Awards. Instead, it has an important connection to GT Academy.

Lamborghini Uncovers The Italian Job’s Missing Miura, Lost for 50 Years

Finding an original film car is something special. More often than not, the cars are crushed or traded away only to end up on a ranch in New Mexico. So when one turns up it’s pretty cool. It’s even cooler when that car is the original Lamborghini Miura P400 from the film The Italian Job.

Does Gran Turismo Have an Exclusive Toyota Deal?

With the April update for Gran Turismo Sport, players can add another Toyota road car to their garage. This brings the total up to 18 Toyota models in Sport. No other modern racing game comes close to that figure, with some even missing the brand altogether. It forces us to ask the question: does Toyota have a console-game exclusivity deal with Polyphony Digital?