Author: Joe Donaldson

Watch Motor Trend's "World's Greatest Drag Race" and See Who Wins

Every year Motor Trend sets out to find its Best Driver’s Car. In addition to its smattering of typical tests, it also takes all the cars and put them head-to-head in… Read More »

An Apple iPhone Update Might Have Just Left Some Car Owners Stranded

Smartphones are fantastic things. They took the entire world and reduced it to a device that can easily fit into your pocket. As a result, they’re arguably one of the… Read More »

Audi Makes Sweet Music As Its Cars Sing Famous Theme Songs

As gearheads, the roar of an engine is often music to our ears. We love everything from the whine of a high-strung I4 to the bellow of a meaty V10.… Read More »

Toyota Unveils GR Performance Division, Forgets About Performance

Last month we told you about an upcoming performance division from Toyota. Today the company took the wraps off of it and gave us all the details of what that… Read More »

As TVR Comes Back to Life, We Take a Look at its Craziest Ever Cars

It’s the car brand everyone thought was dead, but TVR has proven hard to kill. The company has been been bought and sold numerous times, always seeming like it’s just… Read More »

Jaguar Introduces Sayer, the Steering Wheel of the Future

Have you ever wanted a steering wheel and a personal assistant in one package? Probably not. However, Jaguar thinks buyers in 2040 might want just that with its latest concept,… Read More »

Explore the World in Style With This Off-Road Bentley Continental GT

We’re fans of ridiculous off-road vehicles. Whether it’s a lifted Mercedes wagon, a supercar turned dune buggy, or a real life Warthog, they pique our interest. Now there’s a new… Read More »

MINI Goes Over-the-Top With John Cooper Works GP Concept

MINI has rolled out its latest wild-and-crazy John Cooper Works GP concept ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Fans of the brand will remember the GP nameplate gracing 2,000 unit… Read More »

Watch the Viper ACR Tackle the 'Ring With a Blistering 7:01.3 Lap

Back in July, we told you about a private team that set out to break the Nürburgring record with a Viper ACR. Since the story ran though, the team went… Read More »

Meet Arctic Truck's Latest Icelandic Super Jeep, the Isuzu AT35

A land of fire and ice doesn’t sound like a place that many folks want to live. Intense geothermal activity, blankets of snow, and brutal terrain make for a harsh… Read More »

Toyota Looking to Add Another Performance Division

For most of us, Toyota is no longer a brand that you picture when thinking about performance cars. It was different in the 1990s, but the modern Toyota is a… Read More »

'McLaren' Is the Latest Documentary for Race Fans to Enjoy

There are a ton of automotive themed movies out there. However, most of them have a healthy dose of Hollywood and border on the edge of ridiculous. We’re looking at… Read More »

Do You Have What It Takes to Host The Grand Tour?

Do you take a look at The Grand Tour hosts and think you could do a better job? Well, now you have a chance to put your money where your… Read More »

Even If You Aren't a Formula 1 Fan, Is F1 2017 Worth Your Time?

F1 2017 launches today, and we think it’s a fantastic game. It’s a must-buy for any fan of the series or sport itself since it’s the most feature-packed edition yet.… Read More »

A Halo Fan Turned an Old Chevy Truck Into a Warthog

Have you ever wanted to drive a fictional car from a video game? Perhaps one of the many Vision Gran Turismo cars? Or maybe the Regalia from Final Fantasy XV?… Read More »

Ken Block Goes Off-Road in His Latest Video "Terrakhana"

Ken Block is back with another one of his hooning videos. In conjunction with Pennzoil, Block leaves the asphalt behind in what he’s calling Terrakhana. Southern Utah’s Swing Arm City… Read More »

SpinTires: Mudrunner Brings Back a Classic Off-Road Sim

Focus Home Interactive has announced a follow-up to the 2014 off-road sim SpinTires. SpinTires: Mudrunner looks to improve upon its predecessor in a whole host of ways. The road SpinTires… Read More »

We Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week 2017

Like many of you, we’ve taken to Route X in Gran Turismo 6 in a quest to fuel our need for speed. But, what if there was a place where… Read More »

These Lego Cars Are Just What Your Inner Child Needs

Like us, we imagine, several of you still collect, build, and play with Lego sets. They’re no longer just a kid’s toy and is a hobby shared by people of… Read More »

Wrench Lets You Be a Virtual Reality Mechanic

We all enjoy sim racing. That feeling of going door to door with an opponent or squeaking out an extra second keeps us coming back for more. However, when the… Read More »