Author: Joe Donaldson

All New 2019 Aston Martin Vantage Makes Its Colorful Debut

Aston Martin gave the world its first look at its all-new Vantage — and it’s a thing of beauty. The first thing you notice about the car is the Lime… Read More »

This Lamborghini Huracan Is One Awesome Papal Bull

Pope Francis might be the fastest holy man alive now that he owns a Lamborghini Huracán. Well, he doesn’t own it per se, but Lamborghini did gift him the swanky… Read More »

Own a Piece of Racing History With the First DeltaWing Coupe Chassis

Out of all the bizarre LeMans cars to hit the track in recent years, one of the weirdest is the DeltaWing. With its unique shape and rule-bending engineering…

Sir Chris Hoy Spins a Caterham Right Round for a Donut Record

There’s plenty of automotive world records out there. Most of the ones that dominate the news are lap records or racing wins. But what about something a little less serious?… Read More »

Singer Teams Up With Williams to Create an Epic 500hp Porsche 911

Singer took the wraps off what might be one of the prettiest Porsche 911s to ever hit the pavement. For those who’ve never heard of Singer, it’s a California-based company… Read More »

Win One of the 500 Limited Edition Nissan Juke GT Sport PlayStation Editions

Are you a Gran Turismo super-fan? Do you own all the games? How about loads of merchandise? Chances are most of us on GTPlanet can answer yes to all three… Read More »

Bad First Day: Navya Self-Driving Shuttle Involved in Accident With a Semi

Whenever you start a new job you hope your first day is without incident. The last thing you ever want is something to damage your future career. For one AI… Read More »

Chevy Shows Off Extreme 755hp Corvette ZR-1 in Dubai

After all the rumors and leaks, we finally get a chance to see the wild 2018 Corvette ZR-1. The previous ZR-1, code-named Blue Devil, hit showrooms in 2009 and ran… Read More »

Need for Speed: Payback Launches Today

The latest release from the long-running Need for Speed series is here. With plenty of action, Payback looks to entice gamers through street racing and in-depth customization. We first told… Read More »

The Honda Vision GT Concept is the Baby NSX We Want

The current Honda NSX is a very impressive car. However, it also carries an equally impressive price tag which is out of the reach for most buyers. With the latest… Read More »

The Bugatti Vision GT Concept Makes Its Home in California

We’re sure many of you want a Vision GT. They’re unique, out of this world, and truly one of a kind. Well, one California man made this dream come true… Read More »

The Best Way to Sell a Used Honda Accord Is With a Luxury Car Commercial

If you’ve ever sold a car you know what a hassle it can be. Between low ball offers, scam e-mails, and even some shady buyers, it’s not an experience most… Read More »

Hennessey's Insane 1,600hp Venom F5 Aims For 301mph

Hennessey has unleashed its new secret weapon in the top speed war with its Venom F5. With a claimed top speed of 301mph, the Venom F5 could very well end… Read More »

SRT Hellcat and Civic Type R Crate Engines Debut at SEMA

A good engine swap, while incredibly tricky, can turn an average car into an absolute monster. Thankfully, at this year’s SEMA show a couple manufacturers unveiled their newest crate engines… Read More »

Apple Founder Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Hitting the Auction Block

With the exception of Bill Gates, no one man revolutionized the computer industry as much as Steve Jobs did. Now you have a chance to own his 2000 BMW Z8.

Three Lego Car Models We Want Right Now

Back in August, we showed you a handful of Lego cars that were sure to bring out your inner child. Now we’re back with another crop of vehicles that are… Read More »

Ferrari Shows off Its Downforce Monster With the FXX-K Evo

If the Ferrari FXX-K wasn’t wild enough for you, you’re in luck. There is now an even more extreme version dubbed the FXX-K Evo. Right away the first thing you… Read More »

The 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC Aces Its First Trials in the UK

What is without a doubt the fastest motorsport on the planet, land speed racing is among our favorites. When cars eclipse 600mph it’s nothing short of impressive. Now the UK… Read More »

Forget Driving an Aston Martin, You Can Now Live in One in Miami

Automotive branding is something that’s common among luxury automakers. Everything from shoes to watches to theme parks gets logos on them. Now Aston Martin is taking it a step further… Read More »

Mazda Previews New Design Language With Kai and Vision Coupe Concepts

Mazda took the wraps off two concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The Kai Concept and Vision Coupe both hit the show’s floor and won us over with… Read More »