RUF Revives the SCR in Fiery 510hp Form

Although a new Porsche is exciting, seeing the house of RUF work its magic is just as fun. Thankfully then, the German manufacturer has revealed its latest piece of work — the revival of the RUF SCR.

Sporting the iconic retro body we all know and love, the new SCR is a beautiful machine. Packing 510hp under the rear hood, it is noticeably more powerful than the original SCR, which had 217hp. The six-cylinder, boxer-engine sports car is also lightweight, coming in on the scales at 2755lb. Technical stats are impressive but let’s not kid ourselves, the real star of the show is how it looks.

Compared to the ultra-refined modern car design we see so often, the SCR is a breath of fresh air. Featuring all the curves of the Porsche it takes its inspiration from, the SCR is striking.

To call it a homage would be understating the work that has went into this vehicle though. RUF has crafted the car with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and carbon fiber body, both of which contribute to that low curb weight. The elegant nature of the car doesn’t impact performance, which will be music to the ears of motorheads everywhere.

There are a lot of ambitious cars being announced at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show but RUF’s SCR is a testament to tried and tested car design. The German manufacturer refers to the vehicle as a “gentleman driver’s sports car” in its press release and that sums up what makes it so special. In an automotive world obsessed with making the most of technical developments, the SCR is a tribute to how we got here in the first place.

Now, if only we could afford one…

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