Sony Might Let You Change Your PSN Name Next Year

Gaming 33 December 13, 2017 by

Aside from the new Gran Turismo merchandise released at last weekend’s PlayStation Experience, there wasn’t much for racing game fans to get excited about from the show. An interview with PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden, however, revealed something that should get everyone’s attention.

When asked if PSN users would ever be able to change their usernames, Layden said “the elves at the North Pole have been working on it,” but noted that “it’s more complex than you might think.”

“I hope we’ll see events occur that you won’t have to ask me that question at the next PSX,” he continued.

While username-changing is a popular request for any online service, it is in especially high demand among Gran Turismo players. Usernames are an ideal way to identify or group team members, and the ability to change names can make it a lot easier when organizing a league or online competition. Forza players on Xbox Live have enjoyed the ability to change their names for years.

Of course, name-changing is a double-edged sword. While convenient for the user in question who wants to change their name, it can become an administrative headache. How frequently should users be allowed to change their names? What happens if a user changes their name, then another user claims their old name? For everyone else, it could be very confusing when they can’t find their friends, or see names they don’t recognize in their contacts.

Despite the shortcomings, it would almost certainly be a welcome addition to PSN for members of our community here. We’ll keep an eye out for any more details next year.

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