DiRT 4 Road Book

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How ‘Your Stage’ Will Work in DiRT 4’s Career Mode

One of the most promising features of DiRT 4 is the Your Stage feature, an in-depth track creation tool that players will be able to take advantage of. Codemasters has used the latest iteration of its “Road Book” blog series to tackle this topic and why the team is confident that the tool can deliver worthwhile rally tracks.

A Deeper Look at DiRT 4’s Team Management Features

On the road to DiRT 4′s June release, the official Codemasters blog has had a weekly review of the various features and gameplay elements players can expect when the game is in their hands. First we had a look at the innovative “Your Stage” track creator and then the “Landrush” gameplay mode. This time around, a core element of the title’s career mode has been tackled, as we get a look at the in-depth team management we’ll be able to tackle in the rally racer.

Information About DiRT 4’s Landrush Mode Revealed

After we learned about DiRT 4’s all-new ‘Your Stage’ feature, Codemasters continues to provide us with more details about what the game will include. Thanks to the DiRT 4 Road Book on the developer’s official blog, we now know how the redesigned Landrush game mode will function.