Information About DiRT 4’s Landrush Mode Revealed

After we learned about DiRT 4’s all-new ‘Your Stage’ feature, Codemasters continues to provide us with more details about what the game will include. Thanks to the DiRT 4 Road Book on the developer’s official blog, we now know how the redesigned Landrush game mode will function. 

Three vehicle classes have been specifically tailored for Landrush with varying performances. The first is the Larock 2XR Buggy, which comes in a RWD and rear-engined layout. Then comes the Jackson Pro-Truck: a car that also is drives the rear wheels but produces 700 bhp. The biggest and baddest of the three classes, though, is the Jackson Pro-Truck 4. Unlike the other two, this vehicle includes a 4WD drivetrain, and it needs it: the engine generates a massive 900 bhp. 

A crosskart, the Speedcar Xtrem, will also be made available for use in Landrush with its motorbike-based 600 cc engine. The light weight of the car’s chassis combined with 120 bhp should make for a fun time.

For those who thought maneuvering one of these mad machines around the track would be a walk in the park, think again. Codemasters has placed an emphasis on how Landrush has been given the same treatment as the other game modes such as Rally and Rallycross in terms of how much effort goes into making it as realistic as possible.

Racers with sim handling will be experiencing the highest level of simulation, while people playing with gamer handling will have assists enabled to help them make their way to the finish line.

The wireframe model of the Nevada track.

DiRT 4’s Landrush mode will be comprised of three fictional circuits with several layouts: Baja, California, and Nevada. The team has attempted to make their best representation of what Landrush entails and has looked at existing tracks for inspiration. Things like “berms, moguls, jumps, bigger jumps, step-ups and split routes” are some of the characteristics Codemasters has payed attention to.

In other news, DiRT Rally has made its way onto Linux thanks to a partnership with Feral Interactive. Also, the recently released DiRT Rally for PlayStation VR will be coming March 15 to users in Asia.

As usual, be sure to keep an eye on GTPlanet for any new information about DiRT 4 and other racing games.

DiRT 4 is scheduled to launch June 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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