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Leak Re-Confirms Project Scorpio Will Be 4.5x More Powerful Than Xbox One

4K gaming is already on the rise thanks to the PlayStation 4 Pro having an early start. Released last year in November, the higher-spec Sony console already has a number of titles taking advantage of the additional headroom, and is further enhanced when VR is factored into the equation. The other half of this 4K race remains absent for the time being: Microsoft.

Watch Microsoft’s E3 2016 Press Conference Right Here

It’s Monday morning, and that means the big two are about to unleash their press conferences for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Microsoft is up first at 9:30 AM PST (click here to convert to your timezone), with their presentation being broadcast on the official Xbox Twitch channel, which you can watch up top. Xbox owners can also follow along on their consoles.