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Yamauchi Responds to GT5 Track Editor Rumors

Most of the Kazunori Yamauchi interviews from “mainstream” gaming sites are generally pretty weak, but I’ve got to hand it to IGN editor Ryan Geddes for asking some direct, important… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5's Weather Conditions Still in Limbo

Kazunori Yamauchi’s latest interview with ComputerBild.de may not drop any bombshells, but it definitely warrants a closer look. Google’s automated translation is a bit rough, so I’ve picked out the… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Features Discussed in Latest Interviews

Last weekend’s interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi are finally hitting the web. While most reveal nothing that GTPlanet readers don’t already know, if we add up the bits and pieces of… Read More »

Weather Changes, Night Racing in Gran Turismo 5

You don’t have to decrypt any secret messages for this tidbit of news!  Coming straight from Kazunori Yamauchi himself, weather changes and night racing can be expected soon.  GTPlanet user… Read More »