Weather Changes, Night Racing in Gran Turismo 5


You don’t have to decrypt any secret messages for this tidbit of news!  Coming straight from Kazunori Yamauchi himself, weather changes and night racing can be expected soon.  GTPlanet user MGR managed to dig up the following interview with Yamauchi-san, conducted by Audi.  It’s part of the Audi R8 Meets Gran Turismo 5 mini-site and documentary, which gives two professional drivers the opportunity to compare the R8 in both the real and virtual world (also check out the video – including footage of the Nurburgring Nordschleife running in GT5: Prologue – on GTPlanet’s YouTube Channel).  Unfortunately, the video is in German, but Yamauchi’s interview is in print and can easily be translated.  In addition to dynamic weather and lighting, he also reiterates the inclusion of damage.  Here’s what he had to say…

Please excuse the rough, automated translation.  The original can be viewed on the last page of this PDF document.


21jrkoyAudi:  The graphics of GT5 Prologue “is incredible realistic. What can you still in this game improve?
Kazunori Yamauchi: GT5 is a greater choice on motor vehicles and Routes offer. And we provide more features for Online communities to Disposal. We are also working with high live close to a graphic representation for rain and night.

Audi: How do you manage it, the cars as realistic in the game is over?
Kazunori Yamauchi: In order to replicate cars so graphically that they are each model the same position they need we are the real models. At the Audi R8, it was particularly difficult for high-quality materials of the interior to reproduce. Even with the body, it was not easy, level, This incredible precision to express. Not only the cars, as every tree looks at the Nürburgring his real counterpart frighteningly similar. Such influence Details the game behavior? We have the greatest respect for the innate
Power of the cars and also the nature. Therefore we consider every detail very carefully — even if it’s just a bush on the edge of the racetrack is. Our passion and our commitment are perhaps not always immediately, but they seem subconsciously to every player.

2e49ilxAudi:  What games can the fans of GT soon expect?
Kazunori Yamauchi: We are working on it, including weather changes, a race which may affect index. And damage to racing cars we will soon be able to simulate.

Audi:  We dare a glance into the distant future. What is Gran Turismo 9 anything to offer?
Kazunori Yamauchi:  I find it difficult to follow closely the developments so far predict. Gran Turismo is growing with the Automotive industry. When we consider the future of GT, we also consider the future of the Automotive industry.

UPDATE:  English versions of the video and translation are now available – thanks to Gecko for digging them up and sharing them in the comments!

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  1. milez

    i hope they do great engine bay modeling and also wish they would add 360deg camera control similar to forza. also add brake fade. and if they do simulate damage, i hope they add flames, explosions (including tires) LOL. but i really miss the backfires from gt4.

    CANT W8 for the release + 6 speed support on gt25

  2. Zuel

    I wounder if it will work with any of my combat sims for my PC.

  3. RADracing

    Yeah, can you imagine crashing at 200mph and catching air. It can actually simulate the spins and flips….LOL

  4. RADracing

    Here is another site that actually sells the headgaers but still in low rez ones they get to 1080p sony can probably make one with OLED and run the games in 3D

  5. RADracing

    I am sure PD already has something like this in the works. I also think when OLED screens come to market that the 3d head gear will also be in place for Sony, so no need for multiple monitor screens but an interactive motion sensing head gear screen.

  6. hm,m

    doesnt confirm anything for GT5. Just says its part of the vision for the future. Could mean GT8 even.

  7. RADracing

    anyone remember when F1 CE came out with the PSP as a rearview mirror attached to the PS3. You think GT5 is going to be using this feature?

  8. RADracing

    QUOTE: In the same time, GT5P has got 2 polys trees and is PS3 exclusive… I really hope PD’s engine will be fine tuned to run on ps3 flawlessly and to be the best racing game ever….

    That is the reason why GT5 is way above the rest of the competition. It’s so they can have the best sim racing game our there while all the rest play catch up. They are the only ones who knows best how to make the game work with their 3D engine and future 3D engines. They can plan ahead and be one step above the competition. They maybe slow but they know what they need to do to stay ahead. At least, I hope?

  9. Pete

    I really hope for stable 60fps in GT5. That’s a feature not many deliver and it’s worth so much.

  10. maximou

    It’s exactly the reason why im worried about GT5 not evolving visually from Prologue. I think that their 3d engine is too demanding or not enough optimized while some engines, like EGO from Codemasters or the one Slightly Mad Studios use, can handle for example, cars and tracks deformations, real looking trees moving by the wind, beautiful lightenings, reflections on the windshield on cockpit view (!), anti-alias… Just look at Dirt 2 for example. But there is a counterpart, these games are 30fps only, 720p, and car models are way beneath Prologue’s level. In the same time, GT5P has got 2 polys trees and is PS3 exclusive… I really hope PD’s engine will be fine tuned to run on ps3 flawlessly and to be the best racing game ever.

  11. paskowitz

    The Nurburgring has already been confirmed to be in GT5 so your hopes are answered. I worry about one thing though. Does the PS3 have enough power to render 1080p, 2-4x AA, 60FPS, weather cycles, 16+ cars, damage, Ai, physics, dynamic reflection, and super detailed cars and tracks all at once. That is a lot even for a top top end gaming PC (which the PS3 is not). Heck this game is getting into Crysis territory. Well if anyone can pull it off its PD.

  12. Dillinger812000

    God, I hope They put nurburgring in a GT5P Update (a long shot but all I can do is hope)

  13. maximou

    Things like backfire flames, brakes that become reddish, were there in GT4 but absent in GT5P. I think that car sounds of cars also changed when you tuned-up your car. It’s just features that are not on a prologue version.

  14. vroom

    Good, but a thing missing is the SHIT G25. There is no need to have it if it does not work like in reality…The rFactor that follows with the wheel from 2006 or earlier has a more realistic game play than GT5p and it has diffrent sounds on each car especially if you add like 400hp, in gt the sound is the same what evah you do !

  15. Northstar3914

    Yes but the lights on the car didn’t work(didn’t illuminate the track) and it wasn’t dynamic.

  16. steve30x

    Was’nt there night time races in Gran turismo already? But the weather effects is a good thing.

  17. ravellron

    yes, i’ve read now the english pdf, and it seems that PD will implement weather cycle to affect the race…
    another important news is the release date of 2009, and new tuning options…
    however if damage will be for race cars only, with the implementation of the rain/dry cycle condition, we will play on a real simulating racing experience, with changing tyres dry or wet and with the truly fear to do mistake in race… absolutly incredible… thx PD…

  18. Stevisiov

    It seems most likely that there will be day/night cycles, so yes the time of day would change in in the same way GTA4 does, but much slower.

  19. caasimun

    hallelluya after all this years finally some rain and dynamic day and night, this is gonna be awsome especially the 24 hr long races which i have never completed in gt4

  20. Zmann42087

    That video should shut up all the doubters and whiners at least for a little while. You’ll get your weather, night/day, and blasted damage. Just wait people.

  21. Zuel

    @ Radracing if they do add a GPS tracker and they get it to work right. Man that would be nuts. It may also hurt some people feelings to see where their times are at on the VR track compared to the real track. I got the feeling once the damage is implemented and lose the glichs a lot of people who are fast now are going to lose a lot of time on the track. Reason why I say that is due from seeing some of the fastest guys run and seeing full lock on the tires. Driving like that while tire ware and damage are implemented you’ll burn and blow the tires in two or three laps then your car man I can’t wait for that. LOL sorry it’s the truth…

  22. RADracing

    Yeah, considering the weather icon on the GT5p main page you are given live weather info. My guess would be that if you are racing on a certain track and it’s actually rainning there it will be raining in the game too as well as if it’s night time there it will be night time in the game. But with a feature to turn it on or off with the players prefference. That’s going to be so cool.

    I’m sure they will eventually have live GPS tracking on the actual race car so that when there is a race we can also race against the real cars currently racing in the live event.

  23. Jordan

    @Gecko: Thanks for the link! I will update the post to point to the English version – wish I had found that before I shared the news.

  24. name

    thats all good and dandy.
    but when is this game going to be out, i feel like ive been wating for years.
    by the time this is out my kids are going to be grandparents.

  25. bigracer/steven

    After looking at the movie it can be added that the german GT5 developer states that for a next version of the game, other than implementing weather changes, other camera perspectives from both the inside and the outside of the car may be implemented.

  26. Zuel

    Weather Changes, Damage, Night Races? I got to thinking and this might be off the wall but we all know off the Nissan R34 Nismo Play Station Pace Car? This info that we just got may be the start of pace laps and cautions. I’m not sure but I think there will be more to the damage aspect of GT5.

  27. Context

    Great news, been waiting for something like this for about 4 months now. Sometimes i get tired of waiting and forget about how much work they are putting into this game. Real Time weather, crash damage, nurburgring, great graphics can you ask for more?

  28. Zuel

    Thanks Big Racer for the translation it gave of more details. On the comment on the on-line communities, A while back there was a video either on you tube or at Play Station Home (showed in the PS Mall on the main screen second floor) but it was about GT5 City and GT5 Race Pods. If any else has seen this video you should remember an avatar walking through the city and near a race track main gate. Also shows some one adding GT5 race pods to their avatar PS Home. It shows a lot but I want to find the video again before I give more details.

  29. Igniz248

    Nothing against forza. But it is just “need for speed” in an expensive suit. It’s good but not great. I think there is just more much emphasis perhaps on the car editor, that the physics and handling most definitely take a back seat. But it will never the less be an interesting comparison when they are both available (GT5 and Forza 3).

    Also, big hopes and prayers that they have damage that actually affects the physics and not just the look.

  30. J.P.

    Worrior – go back to your 360 fan boi sites. What’s the point in coming on here to say how great forza 3 will be, this is being read by people who are interested in GT5.

    And no…forza 3 will not by any stretch of the imagination ‘own’ GT5 as will be demonstrated when it finally gets released.

    I made the mistake of playing forza 2 once…physics were a load of shite!!

  31. bigracer/steven

    This is a more accurate translation of the interview:

    The graphics in GT5 Prologue are incredible realistic. What could possibly be improved in the game?

    GT5 will have a bigger choice in both cars and tracks. And we will offer more functionality for online communities. We are also working with great effort to release real-to-life rain and night functionality.

    How do you manage to display the cars in the game so realistic?

    If you want to display the cars with such high quality you need to have the actual cars at your disposal. In the case of the Audi R8 it was really difficult to display the high-quality interior materials as they look in reality. But it was also not easy to process the outside design and its incredible precision into the game.

    Not only with the cars, but also every single tree at the Nürburgring look remarkably similar to its real life counterpart. Do such details influence the game play?

    We have a deep respect for the basic characteristics of the cars and also of nature. Therefore we look at every detail very carefully – also when it’s just some bush at the edge of the track. Our passion and dedication may not always be obvious, but they influence every player in the game.

    What game varieties can the Gran Turismo fans soon expect?

    We are working on the integration of weather changes that can influence a race. Car damage will also soon be available.

    Let’s take a view of the distant future. What will Gran Turismo version 9 offer?

    It is very difficult for me to foresee the developments so far ahead. GT grows with the car industry. If we look at the future of the game, we look at the future of the car industry.

  32. Rens

    This is going to be better than I expected. I don’t expect to much from games. I did that with GTA IV and I was disappointed however that game was great. I don’t expect a realistic damage model, but I might be surprised at the release!! Wheather and night racing is just awesome!!!

  33. Ignasi

    Great news!!!! Finally some solid information! This and amars threats are telling that GT5 will be awesome!!

  34. FXG

    Worrior you stupid xbot what do you want from your stupid outdated shitbox360?? get money from your mommy so you can buy a ps3…

  35. maximou

    Date of vid is 18/11/2008 so we can expect this interview to be made somewhere in november 2008. 5 months passed now, PD must be one step further today. I think weather and damages (at least on racing cars) will be on GT5. That combined to 600 cars and 96 tracks is enough for me to be the best racing game on consoles even if graphics don’t evolve since Prologue.

    In this video, the track ingame looks very good but not as good as what we can witness in Dirt and Grid (tress for example) and the game is still way to dark. Somestimes, interior and trees are literally black. It’s not supposed to happen even in the shadow. Windshield lacks reflections of the interior. Games like NFS shift has these types of reflections. GT5 may lose the leadership he won in graphics with prologue compared with recent racing games. I hope that prologue is also a mere prologue visually too.

    GT-Lover, can you confirm what is said in the interview then ?

  36. peter

    Sascha Appel is not a game developer as said in the video. He was product manager at SCE Germany.

  37. Worrior

    HAHA he means in the next GT lol prolly ps4 because ps3 can’t handle damage forza III will own GT5 just wait

  38. marky5244

    It says “And damage to racing cars we will soon be able to simulate.
    “. Note the word ‘racing’, which suggests not damage for road cars. Of course it could be the dodgy translation…

  39. aLaM0000

    Weather changes and Night Racing Looks AWSOME in GT5!!!! Just like in the 24hrs of Le Mans!!!! :D :P

  40. inuk

    I would like to know if this damage simulation will include cosmetics, or just physics/handling???

  41. Belifant

    Reading the original PDF, that damage/weather change/night cylce doesn’t neccessary has to happen very soon, he’s just saying they’re working hard on it. Could still mean we have to wait till the release of GT5, but still, it’s good news.

  42. darthLegion

    “Gran Turismo is growing with the Automotive industry.” The auto industry is growing? Who knew?

  43. darthLegion

    The rough translation is about the same literary quality on many gaming sites these days.

  44. khamseen

    Although the translation is not perfect it’s at least funny xD “we are the real models”. Thx for the news anyways. I really hope for car damage and night racing with some gorgeous light effects.

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