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Last weekend’s interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi are finally hitting the web. While most reveal nothing that GTPlanet readers don’t already know, if we add up the bits and pieces of new information, we can get a better idea of what he is trying to tell us (or not). With so many interviews out at once, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. To help out, I’ve organized Yamauchi’s comments for you, dividing them up by topic. Let’s get started…

Gran Turismo 5’s Release Date

Yamauchi: “If it’s just to play the race or just run the game is over. However, if you want to go after the experience I would say we’re at 65%.”  —via JVN

Yamauchi:The development schedule for the U.S. and Japan are pretty much fixed and the rest are really up to the marketing decisions that need to be made, so our schedule won’t really be changed – it’s really up to [Sony]. –via IGN

Yamauchi: “I don’t think it’s going to be that much later in the U.S. and Europe. This is based on our production schedule. The reason why the dates for the U.S. and [European] regions are not decided yet is because their marketing is still discussing their issues. It shouldn’t be too far off from [the Japanese] date for the other regions as well.” –via GameSpot

Car Damage

Yamauchi: “Once we have the physics calculation engine that will calculate the deformation on impact I think we will be done. […] Racing cars will have the parts falling off, and obviously you will be able to see inside of the car, so it takes a lot of additional effort to create the cars.” –via IGN

Online Play

Yamauchi: “The big difference between Prologue and GT5 Prologue is that works like an open game. Anyone can go and play together. In GT5, there will be a restricted area where you can invite anyone you want or your friends.–via JVN

Weather and Day/Night Cycles

Yamauchi: “We can implement it, but we don’t know whether we will put it in or not. Even for damage, it only took us two months to get it where we’re at, and if we really wanted to, we could enter time changes and stuff like that, but it really depends on how it will affect the quality of the game.” via IGN

Car Customization

Yamauchi: “Visual modifications, yes. They will also affect the physical characteristics of the car as well.” –via IGN

Downloadable Content

Yamauchi: “At this point in time, we have nothing really planned.” –via IGN

Interaction with Gran Turismo PSP

Gran Turismo PSP […] will have a connection with GT 5. […] …players won’t be able to move their credits from one version to the next.” —GameSpot

Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo PSP 2

Yamauchi:  “GT5 is a title that was pretty much remade from scratch, but because we did that, the next version is actually going to be faster — the time period it’s going to be released. But I think when GT5 comes out, we’re still going to have things that are left undone, and whether we complete that in GT6, or the next version for PSP, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been working very hard for the last 15 years, and I think that hard work is just going to continue.” JoyStiq

If you’ve noticed some other detail which you think deserves to be covered here, leave a note in the comments and I’ll update this post.

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  1. Madaz75

    I’m a Die Hard GT Fan.. Have been since the Original GT on the PS.And all I can say is.
    After 5 years of waiting, if there is no Dynamic Weather, and no Day/Night cycles. I’m selling my PS3.
    I bought the first ever model of the PS3 for GT5, if PD fails to deliver, expect to see a PS3 on E-Bay.

  2. OffTopix

    @Sam__NY Codemasters has the license for F1 cars and they are coming with a F1 game in 2010 on all platforms. See

    @Mickle Having damage is a mixed blessing of course. But using the walls as rails during a race often made me chuckle at the subtitle “Real Driving Simulator” of GT3 and GT4. Just about everyone I know does that because the game allows it. Having damage will at least prod people to invest in learning the finer art of driving, which I would expect from a real driving simulator. Hence, damage is a necessity.

    Having an “arcade” setting is fine with me as damage monger if that makes the game playable for the masses. :-)

  3. Mickle

    For Mustangmiha:

    ”…difference between Prologue and GT5 Prologue…”, I’m was confused also.

    but it should have been:
    ”…difference between Prologue and GT5, Prologue…”, the translator forgot the comma.

    For Everyone else:

    Honestly, I could not careless about Damage… I play GT5 to race and to make good times, not to crash the car… if i wanted to crash cars, i would play Destruction Derby on PS1 or else… but not GT5… you all Damage mongers are asking for too much and are confusing things: So what if other games have Damage included…. They are the ones who are supposed to copy on GT series, not the other way around. The poor perfectionist Kaz is trying to satisfy you like the boyfriend to his hew girlfrend… No wonder he is taking his time, because it a labor of love… And if you ask me, that is what separating GT series from every other games out there, you see Devotion and Passion pourred into this games that you dont see anywhere else… Forza 3 and the rests are all good games in their respect, but ultimately they ALL lack the passion that Kaz is putting into all GTx! ;)

    That’s why Just like some of us, i dont expect Damage to be included in the GT5 game, not until later GT versions when the man can make them perfect (or at least is allowed to show “realistic” destruction :P )

    IF indeed “Damage” is included with GT5, I HOPE I HOPE THAT WE, the players, WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO TURN THAT THING off !!!! I really dont need to have damage, ‘cos i dont plan to crash into anything when i race.

    As for as Weather/Time change during race: YES YES YES YES…
    They should also bring back the Tire Temperature Monitor System found in GT1 and GT2.

    As well as the ARIAL replay view where you see the cars above as if you were GOD looking down on micromachine… that’s school and cOOL !!

    just my 2 cents, hoping that wont delay GT5 release any longer.

    Mickle Pickle.

  4. Doktoj

    Day/Night cycle must be implented in endurance race like SPA, Le Mans or Nürburg.

    If not, it will be a big disappointement for a lot of endurance player like me who really want/wait that kind of implement in the game.

  5. gazg25

    hope theres more new tracks than just valencia..

    it all probably means 35 tracks over 20 locations with 70 variations….

    PS if you want to play your mates in GT5prologue just ring em when your both on same event in online menu and both press X to start when they hang up this…

    this works 90% of the time…
    only connect to host failed..
    and if theres too many people in that event does it not work sometimes so just choose one with less or none in…
    hope this helps you race your mates online for now till GT5…. peace out.

  6. chrisrar

    dont know if this means much… but gt psp has 35 tracks. 70 variations. where-as gt5 has 20 locations. 70 variations.

    thats on the uk gt site as well.

    does that perhaps mean 20 global locations like on gt 5 prologue world map? and within that there will be 70 tracks spread over the 20 global locations?

  7. Felipe Jardim

    We are all forgetting that this game can be UPDATED after it comes out so if we dont have weather/day/night stuff it could be added on later

  8. Canadian STIG

    Does “visual customization” refer to a livery editor?? This seems to go unnoticed by many for some reason, or is Kaz mistaking himself with visual add ons such as wings and rims being visually noticeable?? This sounds absurd I know but what is he trying to get at?

  9. Quency

    ” It shouldn’t be too far off from [the Japanese] date for the other regions as well.”

    I do remember the time KY said that GT5 would be released “shortly after GT PSP”…
    With 6 months difference between GT PSP & GT5 for Japan, if this is called “shortly” i’m a bit scared about the European release… Christmas 2010 ?

    KY has definitly not the same vision of time than us !!!

  10. Driver

    OK i think they polishing the grapix and all last thing they can add is weather if posible with not to much frame drop

  11. Bernd

    I think, some people thinking this has only 20 tracks are awfully wrong – even the PSP-version has 35 ! Still dreaming of the MAZDA FURAI in it !!

  12. GTfan

    “Somehow most of you forget Forza 3 already had a 360 foundation to work on (Forza 2) and only needs to fine tune their physics engine. And you know how those car models already look like.”

    Actually, Turn 10 completely re-wrote their game engine. And I think I heard (from some interview?) that they actually had over 200 employees at some point.

  13. Pedz

    Day and night needs to be implemented… At the very least for the 24 hour Le Mans Endurance (that will, i hope be in the game). Because that would be pretty damn good.

  14. F1P1

    @Oneword, yeah I know. Just thought on a whole, F1CE was a great game and a great example of some features I’d like to see implemented in GT5 soon. The online portion of that game, while now defunct, provided some of the most exhilerating, and memerable racing experiences if had.

    @Sam__NY, I think Codemasters does still have it, which isn’t necessarilly a bad thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see other F1 cars in GT5 besides the 07 Ferrari, unless it happens to be a classic Ferrari F1 car, which would be fantastic, or some of those formula GT generic things from past GTs. I think the only reason they included the Ferrari F1 car in GT5P, is that it was Kimi’s Championship winning car in 07, and threw in the two colors from that season and Massa’s ride because it was easy to do so. I don’t think they’d include the current F60, as it hasn’t had a succesfull season, and don’t think that even if PD was able to acquire the right to do so, that they’d include any other F1 cars because F1 cars actually change and develop all season long. Just my guess, would be cool though.


  15. Sam__NY


    that reminded me, does PD have they license to 2009 F1 cars (I think codemasters still has it). Or will they just use the 08′ f1 cars?

  16. jagenigma

    What IGN said about the DLC fot GT5 is inaccurate. KY said that he will offer stuff in the future for GT5 but as of now, PD is concentrating on GT5.
    This doesn’t mean that DLC won’t be offered, it means that it will be concentrated on a later date perhaps after GT5 comes out.
    Why does IGN do that?

  17. Spiike


    If u read my comment 2 above urs it states the Japan release date is 31st of March so good luck with your no later than the 1st of March… lets c u go make a game in 5 years that will ever be as good as GT

  18. Bolg

    All sounds good to me apart from the release date, we need a world wide release in March and when I say in March I mean no later than March 1st.

  19. Spiike

    A few note to point after searching through a few websites.

    1. At the Tokyo Game Show held from Thursday, September 24, the release of Gran Turismo 5 has been announced as “March 2010”. Strangely this has been shown on the United Kingdom Website for GT not stating anywhere that the release is only fo Japan. On another website this is what appeared, “Gran Turismo 5 will release on 31st March 2010 in Japan, and slightly later in the US and Europe.” They are giving an exact date.

    – New Physics. Can only be better than GT4 which were amazing.
    – Overturning of cars. Give the more realistic feel again.
    – Damage. It’s always been wanted by GT fans and will only help give a bit more reality.
    – Movable objects on the course. Great… Things to crash into :).
    – The newest Hybrid cars and electric cars. This one interested me as this could possibly mean the use of the Tesla Roadster which would be interesting.

    3. However, the plans outlined by Yamauchi back in 2006 for a marketplace that would let players download cars, tracks, and parts, won’t be part of the game at launch. So it has not been ruled out just got to keep our hopes up.

  20. vanti

    Weather and Day/Night Cycles
    “it really depends on how it will affect the quality of the game”

    How could it possibly affect the quality of the game in any other way than making it fantabulous? :o

  21. S3 Racer

    Hello first,
    It´s my first time here so be gentle :S.
    First, GT is one of the few racing games that are realistic. Apart from GT there is only the SimBin games that step up. Tryed the new ones from shift fm3 and non come near driving GT. So don´t say you go change sides because you definitfly will come back crawling. and don´t come with FM3, doesn´t even support G25 !!!!
    And for the reviewer at the top: car handling has change a lot during series. (GT4 had brake fading added…) playing gt with controllers doesn´t allow you to critizise the game. buy a wheel!!!
    i was pretty pis s ed also when i read here about the release date. But fact is : demand of damage slow hole process down, and KZ philosophy about not damaging cars was a nice aspect as long as technology can´t render and calculate realistic damage. For me they could reabondon the hole damage project. Rather not have it than having something that lowers this realistic game. So after some hours days I calmed down and concluded that better 6 months more and getting an exceptional game.
    And for me the PSP version is huge, and not a simple copy of GT4, they were working on it since the lauch of psp( why i bought mine). And this is for marketing (working in that business) a huge step ´cause it will boost psp sales (maybe not pspgo!). For marketing it would have lauched gt before xmas because they need to sell ps3 units via a big seller like gt or gow… but that´s not my business, just a shareholder´s concern.

    We will all cry when it comes out, that for sure!!! now buy psp version, so KZ get rich, because his margin is surly huge, after a serie of games like he got out and your understanding of economics this guy would rule japan, come on guys. GT is a great serie and why shouldn´t GTpsp be!!

    So let´s all hope for an easter release for Eur. and N-Amer. No one will regret it.

    Wait and Tell. Don´t tell and wait.
    My first comment here!
    Goodnight and good fight.

  22. F1P1

    Formula One Championship Edition was a launch title for the PS3. It had fantastic weather effects (beautifully rendered various amounts of rain from light sun showers to menacing torrential downpours, obviously creating unpredictable amounts of grip and lack there of all at 200mph). It also had a reasonable amount of visual and physical damage, ranging from mild asthetic blemishes to race ending damage. Both features could be limited during online play to suit your taste, leaving us with the ability to have private or public online lobbies to join.

    Why can’t we have these things in our favorite title GRAN TURISMO? It’s time we did.

  23. mk1992

    ”EU + US shouldn’t be too far off from [the Japanese] date´´

    which wasn’t far off the PSP date, hello 2011! >:|

  24. Wizard Hat

    Sometime day night cycles just aren’t realistic. Some tracks
    might not have lighting at all. Perhaps city based courses should be able to be played at night due to the fact there are streetlights.

    Can’t wait to see rollovers- I want to tumble at high speed in the corners following the rings’ long straight. I want to cause a massive 16 car pile-up!

  25. Kingpin

    @ Enciah

    It means that the game comes out later than march 2010 in USA / Europe. I think 1-3 months later.

  26. Enciah

    KY: “I don’t think it’s going to be that much later in the U.S. and Europe. ”

    I’m not sure, what this mean??

    Is it : “It should’nt be as late as in Japan (so maybe late 2009 for us)”
    or it means anything else?

  27. GilesG

    I care about day/night and weather. It’s a driving simulator, it’s about the different conditions for driving. Anyone who thinks that day cycles would be harder to implement than damage is kidding themselves. There are many elements of the game about which many people won’t care a jot (for me, it’s cockpit view) but which take ages of development time. We’ve just got to live with that “wasted” development time.

    I am starting to get a bit frustrated by all the interviews and videos and other media interaction. I can’t help but feel that these activities are distracting the team from getting the game finished.

  28. Dom

    I wonder what they were thinking the last 5 or should I say 6 years!? Now, after they found out that they deliver nothing new, they implemented a sh ity damage model in only 2 months? What’s the next great idea? A better AI, maybe even skid marks?

    Don’t get me wrong, I will LOVE GT5 and it’s worth waiting, but some statements really make me worry in what kind of world PD lives in.

  29. chris

    you know im kinda glad that gt5 will come out next year, coz im starting a new career right now and i wouldnt want to have anything get in the way of it, although the bathurst 1000 is next week, for all u fans in australia, so i cant wait for that. im glad that there will be a gt6, coz i thought this was the last ever game they were goin to make. since there will be a gt6, i dont think that they will perfect gt5 to much, coz there is always something to improve.

  30. chrisrar

    i think one thing weather/day night might affect is the overall performance/ framerate… theres a chance itll be in. expect another teaser trailer around forza’s release confirming this feature…

    also notice on the gameblog french video. kaz is playing in nordeschlieffe in clear blue sky. on a shot where the french interviewer looks at the hdtv/wheel setup the screen is pixelated out to hide something… theres also a shot of this on ign. i personally think weather is in.

    gt5p has 20ish locations on the world map. with time of day/weather. id say its implemented now but will be being tested extensively for framerate issues/ online performance/ etc etc.

  31. riph

    GT5 made from scratch,1080p & first time on Ps3 platform.should take years..who wants to play Forza 3 go ahead..stick with it..let them finish their work & dont bother them..

  32. Black Chamber

    @warden – thanks. That is really going to help the cause.

    In regards to the desires of the fans, what would be a good use of PD’s time then?

  33. warden

    who really cares about day and night… FFS! PD don’t worry about day/night cycles, it’s an absolute waste of time.

  34. Black Chamber

    The JVN interview is THE significant weather/day & night racing interview!

    In that interview, Kazunori Yamauchi CONFIRMS weather & day/night racing while he was being interviewed by his friend. IGN got a slightly hesitant response to the same question, so I think that the JVN interview should be the reference point for weather & day/night – not the IGN interview.

    @Jordan – I think the following JVN quote about the weather/day & night racing should be added to the quotes list on the front page – it’s really all we have to prove that it’s not just heresy and most likely on the program!

    Quote from the JVN interview:

    “During an encounter between the two racing lovers as they meet at the sidelines in this interview, we have also yielded some revelations regarding the finished Gran Turismo 5. We have learned that the game will in fact have a realistic day/night cycle and we will – finally – be able to drive in the rain.”

  35. Corey

    @Julian, GT PSP was basically already completed since it’s basically GT4, and it was rushed.

    Other titles were also for PS2, which were easier to make, and the ones for PS3 were demos.

    I guess you could say ‘lame’

  36. Big Ron

    Weather Effects and day/night cyclus is a must have for “simulations”. How should that damage the quality of the game?

    This guy is crazy to think about GT 6. GT5 is a nearly complete game, when all the features are implementated.

    What will come to GT 6?

  37. Julian

    Lol @ Keitaro333 that’s even worse that they have done other titles and completed them yet the main event title is only 65% complete. But they could get GT5 psp done and out this year hahahhahahhahahaha wow how lame.

  38. Keitaro333

    Some people probably dont realize, that in those 5 years they’ve also worked on Tourist Trophy, various GT concept stuff, Prologue and GT PSP…

  39. Paulo

    “I feel sorry for you guys. The only reason you’re all so disappointed with the news of GT5 is that you put your expectations too high.”

    ummm… yea we all have high expectations, why wouldn’t we. We have been waiting over 5 years for the next installment of GT. And I am also positive that Kaz has high expectations as well, he must, thats why the game hasn’t been released yet. If he wasn’t like this, this game would’ve been out a year ago. So if PD are gonna have diehard GT fans wait for this long, then GT5 better be nothing short of amazing. Sorry dude.

  40. Julian

    Lol @ Sunday Says Seriously dude people wouldn’t have their expectations so high if your beloved PD didn’t release all this media hype wich was basically lies. We have been told how wonderful this game is going to be at gamescon there was a media card with a Q4 release date on it or have you forgotten. Not to mention that the game has been under a veil of secrecy for over 5 years and we have yet to get the updates that were supposed to be out for GT5P. Oddly enough though they can complete GT PSP and release it OCT 1st. So basically GT5P came out and we paid money for it and no new updates it’s supposed to be all about GT5 but PD has time to build GT PSP which all the reviews say is a subpar game then to get more of our money Kaz is pumping up that you can have an edge by going out getting GTPSP and downloading your cars from it to GT5 he also said that the US release date should follow the japan release date. I for one am tired of the lies and deception as much as people down the car models etc of FM3 at least they deliver to their fans and their community and support is second to none. Yeah the car models in GT5 are better but when are you going to ever get the game. I can go on and on and fanboys can continue to make excuses based off thoery to justify Kaz and his bs but the bottom line is he went from “we can release the game anytime we want” to its 65% finished this is amazing considering you have had 5 years to build it. I don’t know leave GT5 psp alone along with all the automotive media smooching and get the bread and butter project done and released. Great way to try to put it off on the marketing as well but japan still isn’t getting it till 03-2010 is their marketing screwed up as well?

  41. OmegaAbyss

    I’m with jc. I don’t want any more of excuses out of PD regarding a delay of time. They’ve had 5 years. The fact that the product is only 65% done is appalling.

  42. fc3s-d

    @sunday – I agree, these guys work countless number of nights while people sit back and relax. Honestly, does anyone know what work is like in Japan? They work probably 14 hours a day and these guys just don’t have time to go to their family. Only ways of communication is phone and email :\ Man, if anyone here truly plays LFS you would know what patience is. Anywho, the complaining going on here isn’t going to speed anything up.

  43. alrc25

    Then everyone wonders why PS3 is rated so low and losing the battle, when we GT followers, dont have good things to say about the best graphically sim racing out. I have played all of GT games and will enjoy this one. Its not the perfect game, but I have yet to see “the” perfect racing game. No game comes close graphically to GT5, screenshots can easily be mistaken by real cars. Actually I have tested them with family, I showed them pictures of racing games, and they immediately know that its a racing game, except when I show them GT5 pics. Just for that, plus the 60fps is what I believe will keep KZ from adding all the features that all you guys are asking for. To keep the game running that beatifully at the framerate, something has to give. I have played GTR2 and when playing at night or rain, frames do get lower.

  44. Napoleon_Ist

    #Petey Says:
    #September 28th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    #Prologue updates are done. It’s all about GT5

    ♪ do you really want to hurt me? ♫ do you want to make me cry… ♬

  45. Fasterbater

    Hmm nobody cared to ask if gt5 is still going to have the worst engine sounds in the industry? I’m making a point in being an engine sound monger. IMO more important than damage, weather, day/night, custom liveries, even graphics… If it still sounds like a blender I’ll be back on my pc simulators…

  46. swifta

    Why don’t anyone ask if will come out on PC? This game at 2560×1600 res would AWESOME! Also modders would be all over it and it would create endless possibilities to what could be done… like real damage… weather… better physics… more cars… just amazing!

    PLEASE KAZ!!!! BRING THIS TO PC!!!! even if it takes you a few months to do it!

  47. Gar

    You guys realize starting from scratch, making an entirely new physics engine and graphics engine on the PS3 requires time right? Redoing 950+ cars in HD with more polygons and newer textures requires time. You guys think they have like 200 staff or something?

    5 years starting from scratch. Somehow most of you forget Forza 3 already had a 360 foundation to work on (Forza 2) and only needs to fine tune their physics engine. And you know how those car models already look like.

  48. Sunday

    I feel sorry for you guys. The only reason you’re all so disappointed with the news of GT5 is that you put your expectations too high. You’re not even appreciating what’s right in front of you. You don’t realize how hard it is to make all these things (damage, weather and day night cycles) that they’ve never done before. For me, I think GT5 is already awesome and probably the best racing sim today but Jesus please be considerate of the HUMAN BEINGS that are working in polyphony.

  49. Paulo

    At this point I don’t even care. Take another 2 years and release a game that will add some new features to the series. Features that we all are looking forward too. 16 car grid is great, cockpit view is great, damage is great (visual and mechanical). We need to have season and career modes, real rally stages, weather, time cycles. It gets old driving on the same tracks when they look the same over and over, especially if you include a 24 hr race. Do it right Kaz, don’t say maybe we will add it in.

  50. Sam

    “I’ve been working very hard for the last 15 years, and I think that hard work is just going to continue.”

    One day, he’s going to quit. THEN the “boo hoo I want this I want that I want it now” crowd can have a real cry.

    I’ll admit day and night would be nice, but to get the cycles just as good as the rest of the game, visually, isn’t there sort of thing you knock up in two weeks. It took them 2 months just to get to the damage to the stage they’re at now, and this is (presumably) with their full team in operation – the PSP version is done.

    Okay, 5 years is a long time, but the man’s a perfectionist (on top of that, the aforementioned PSP version was in basically secret development until very recently. It was announced years ago, but we don’t know how long they’ve spent on it, how much of their resources it took). Every feature that IS there, he wants to get dead right, rather than throw in loads of features and do them all reasonably well. Personally, that’s what I want from this game. I want the actual driving to be as real as it can be, and I want it to wow me with the visuals like every GT to date. I don’t care if I can plaster stickers all over my car and mess about with the engine. There ARE other games for that, if that is the way you prefer it.

    Seriously, stop you’re whining. It’s going to be f*cking amazing.

  51. Kazuya

    Did anyone of the interviewers asked Kaz, why GT5 will have TWO different kinds of damage? It’s totally stupid to have a crash, including a Ferrari Streetcar with a WRC car, and only the WRC got really damaged?

    Also, did anyone asked him, if we (even as DLC) will ever have a track-editor?

  52. caribbeantopdriver

    kaz stressed on VISUAL MODIFICATIONS……. guess they wouldnt be any painting of cars as showed in needforspeed, midnight club or forza…… which is cool by me. more interested in physics, day and night tracks ( not really weather) and COCKPIT VIEWS FOR ALL CARS!!!!!

  53. Corey


    I’ll give PD a year of DLC and then they’ll start on GT6, and be done before 2015. Although the game will probably be like GT5.5 it will be everything and more

  54. jc

    gt6 aint seeing the ps3, id put money on that. I been playing GT since it first hit shelves, and I love the series, but seriously PD, STFU stop making excuses and start producing results. A few HD renders every day and maybe a video here n there doesnt cut it. Stop with all the media pumping and the junkets and park your a$$ at a desk and deliver all the bull you been shoveling. If I had the cash id fly to Japan and tell you myself.

  55. Cláudio Xavier

    Well hello.

    It’s the first time that i give my opinion in this site, so here goes.

    I am a GT fan since the first, and I will buy this one for sure but I have to say that I am very disapointed with this shi t of the release date, I am starting to believe that there isnt a game at all.
    We all should be praiyng that nobody releases a driving game with something new, because PD and Sony will want to include that in the game and by this time in the next year they are still giving us possible release dates.

    Everyone forgets that Kazunori Yamauchi said many times that the game was ready to be released.

    I bought PS3 for two reasons GT5 and GTAIV.
    Im thinking if I bought the 360 I was happyer.

    Sorry for my english.

    Just one more thing.
    Congratulations on this site, it’s amazing the amount of information gadered here.

  56. caribbeantopdriver

    visual customizations…………. sounds lovely, i am guessing body kits ( in parts), rims, spoilers (wings) areo splitters, roll cage and suprise me with some others. wonder if these would be for most cars?

  57. Sam__ NY

    Kaz mentioned in one of the interviews that GT6 won’t take nearly as long to make as GT5. Kaz said GT5 was held up by games like tourist trophy, GT HD, and Prologue. But the biggest hold up was the fact that this was their first full GT launch on the PS3, which meant PD had to make GT5 from the ground up.

  58. Kevin

    Anyone notice the translator from Sony’s E3 press conference on the far left? He’s STILL staring at his notepad.

  59. dbarrade

    I am concerned that based on what we know about GT5 so far it is going to be reviewed very badly.

    Imagine you are a reviewer, what would you say?

    Graphics: No longer head and shoulders above racing games this generation, but still a slight edge in car models.

    Cars: more than I will ever get to drive in the game, as has been the case with all Gran Turismo games (nothing new)

    Tracks: No longer head and shoulders above other racing games, but a slight edge in accuracy.

    Online: We already talked about this in our review of Gran Turismo Prologue, now you can finally talk to each other and race only your friends which should have been included from day one.

    Physics: I’m using a controller and to be honest it doesn’t feel much different to Gran Turismo 2 on the Dual Shock, left stick steers X for accelerate…

    Damage: Not as good as other racing games

    GT TV: It’s easier to watch Top Gear on the TV, or youtube.

    I still believe it is the best racing game available, but without new features it isn’t going to review very well:

    Livery Editor: Forza has had this for a few years now and look at all the beautiful cars that have been created in Forza 3 in the last 6 months.

    Track Editor: A reviewer could spend pages showing this off, and how it’s raised the bar and makes it infinitely re playable… look at how Little Big Planet got reviewed!

    Day Night / Weather: This would gain reviewers interest and they would be able to justify buying Gran Turismo again.

    PSEye Head Tracking: Cool, but would casual players be interested and does it justify the expense of a PSEye for your average player? It will be labeled a pointless gimmick.

  60. Corey
  61. reaperman

    “I don’t think it’s going to be that much later in the U.S. and Europe”
    This coming from ‘we can release anytime we want’ and ‘shortly after gtPSP’

    so I’m guessing sometime in the 2012 timeframe assuming it hits japan on time.

  62. miles merton

    i just wanted to say that there is a new gran-turismo website :)

    im so mad though ive been waiting for GT5 for so long and now its coming out in japan in MARCH :( . If they dont hurry up i might as well start playing forza and need for speed shift.

  63. Alan

    If it meant we got a 09 release date then i wounldnt care about day/night racing or weather or even damage, the main important things would be (1) Physics (2) Graphics, the rest could be released later as a download, just bring the game out now its been too long already

  64. RacingFreak2k3

    I hope the JVN interview is correct with the day/night/weather thing. However, if it isn’t 100% true, maybe KY was being hesitant to IGN because he may not want to fully reveal every bit of the game yet. Remember when he said new features will be announced between now and March? Maybe they’ll officially announce this feature with some breathtaking pictures or an awesome new trailer…and not just by word of mouth. Gotta keep some surprises in store between now and March.

  65. Napoleon_Ist

    there were two new features that was demonstrated and explained by pro driver Benoit Treluyer in the JVN interview, first one is the real time telemetry graph, second is the tire heating management.

  66. Stevo

    kind of weird that he says different things to the same questions in each interview, in terms of weather/day/night. The french interview confirms it – “It has learned that the game has a good day / night cycle and it will last, can run in the rain” – however, im not sure if we should trust the french interview, translations a problem maker. I did like the news of at least some form of customisation tho but its not a biggee.

  67. Nick

    Heh, I guess one nice thing about developing GT5 is there isn’t much translation to be done for a worldwide release — no voices that need to be re-recorded in different languages RPG-style, just convert the text in the interface and you’re done!

    However, given GTs history of lagging other releases by a couple months after JP release, I doubt that this time will be any different. I’m personally going with the assumption that it could be June or thereabouts before I see a copy in USA. Which is fine, I’ve got other things to do in the meantime, I guess that means I’ve reached the “acceptance” stage.

  68. Brett

    Joystic’s interview had an interesting comment about damage – Yamauchi says that GT5 will never have damage where the car is just torn to bits… disappointing.

    Also day/night/weather cycles are a must. How can this be considered the most “realistic” driving simulator when every single race is in perfect sunny weather? Part of the greatness of GT3 when you first played it was driving at night when it was raining and how good the cars looked… I can’t believe he’d want to release a game with just one weather (sunny).

  69. Dan

    Thank you Jordan, I was getting a bit confused with all of the reports, but now I know exactly what’s going on.

    As a side note, I think the day/night cycles and weather changes would be great fun. I think it would add a great deal of variety to the game if occasionally during an endurance race, or twelve hours into an online Le Mans race, the rain started to chuck it!

  70. Napoleon_Ist

    UPDATE: sorry this was poorly written

    he hesitates because the more they add real time features the less memory will be available for the core game’s process. he said he want to keep the game’s visual quality (high resolution and framerate). look at forza it runs at a lower resolution with eight cars which is sub-standard. GTHD Concept had no dashboard view and lesser cars on screen but it had a higher resolution than GT5P (and more characters in the background if i remember correctly).

  71. Napoleon_Ist

    he hesitates because the more they had real time features the more the less memory will be available for the core game. he said want to keep the game’s visual quality (high resolution and framerate). look at forza it runs at a lower resolution with eight cars which is sub-standard. GTHD Concept had no dashboard view and lesser cars on screen but it had a higher resolution than GT5P (and more characters in the background if i remember correctly).

  72. jBat17

    burnout paradise has real-time day/night cycle.. and there is a real diffrerence when you are driving at daytime and night time.

    i really don’t care if it’s changing real-time but what’s important to me is a day/night version of each track. that would be awesome and it would also show the excellent lighting engine of GT5.

    make it happen, kaz..

  73. Napoleon_Ist

    “The tuning shop will be more than just internal parts–there will also be external bits like bumpers, sidesteps, rear wings, and more. from gamestop

  74. Black Chamber

    The JVN interview is significant, in that Kazunori Yamauchi confirms weather & day/night while being intervewed by his friend. IGN got a slightly hesitant response to the same question, so I think that the JVN interview should be the reference point for weather & day/night – not the IGN interview.

  75. DaveTheStalker

    Took 2 months to get the damage to where it is now? Wow, thanks “damage mongers”, I BLAME YOU for why we won’t be playing GT5 this year!!!!

  76. David

    I appreciate the way the interviews were organised by topic, made it much easier to ‘fish out’ the important bits, thank you.

  77. mark032

    They’ve had 5 years for everything (damage, weather etc.), you can’t say that is taking too long to do that or this, 5 years is more than enough…

  78. RS

    Any news about the inclusion of Porsche’s? Because at the beginning of the interview on theres a Cayman and Carrera in the background in what may be PD’s studio.

  79. jc

    so basically a lot of nothing thrown up into the wind. I wish I could go back in time to the 90’s when developers announced a release date and the game came out on that date

  80. infernoflame

    The only thing we can confirm from this TGS intterview is Limited damage to production cars and release date.

  81. Ddag

    I hope they implement dynamic weather, i don’t care much for day and night cycles, but torrential rain would put this game in another league all together imo

  82. RAugie

    alright… sounds good but i want weather cycles and day/night changes
    i have gtr2 for pc and it has it and does a good job at it for a game from 2004


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