‘The Crew’ Races Onto Xbox’s Free ‘Games With Gold’ Program For June


Open world racing title ‘The Crew’ is now available to download for Xbox One users as part of Microsoft’s ‘Games With Gold’ initiative. Joining ‘Goat Simulator’, Ubisoft’s USA-wide street racing MMO includes over 40 vehicles, extensive visual and mechanical customization with plenty of missions to rack up the mileage on your tour across the states. The Crew received a mixed reception when it launched in 2014, achieving a 64 critic score on Metacritic.

The Crew is mostly known for its seamless online that puts players in a ‘living’ game where the experience is shared across those you are playing with, which means you can cruise, race or challenge anyone you find roaming around your world.

One feature sim racers may be interested in is that The Crew actually includes real-life race tracks spread around the USA including, but not limited to, Laguna Seca and Sebring. Unlike many racing games, the added challenge of finding these tracks can be just as fun as the actual driving itself: The Crew definitely offers a unique way to experience some of America’s finest race tracks.

Nato 777_The Crew
The Crew has a lot of off-road mileage to experience, as Nato_777 proves.

Another area the game has excelled at through it’s lifespan is in the form of paid DLC – many cars have been added including the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Ferrari 458 Speciale and the legendary McLaren F1. In 2015, a full expansion called ‘Wild Run’ was added, bringing motorcycles, upgraded weather effects and even monster trucks. Players that didn’t purchase this new DLC were still treated to the same thorough visual overhaul the expansion brought with it. ‘Wild Run’ also included even more challenges and missions thanks to the ‘Summit’ – a monthly tournament featuring fresh PvE and PvP events across all categories of vehicle.

For those on Xbox looking to scratch that street-racing itch, The Crew should prove a nice freebie to kick-off the summer with. Players have until July 15th to redeem the download so don’t miss out on one of this generation’s more interesting racing games.

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Comments (11)

  1. DYLAN777-is-not

    Massive score for any car lover. This game is legit! Sure it’s not a sim in any form but it’s utterly beautiful and bad ass and fun and FREE. Beautiful graphics, great cars, lots of unique customization.

    I’m very surprised this game is as good as it is actually. I’m excited to play it tomorrow which is rare these days. I’d compare this game as a hybrid of a NFS and Forza Horizon. The cars feel like NFS and the game looks amazing like Horizon.

    A fun little game with a lot of buttery content.

    1. SZRT Ice

      I’d take the cars “feeling as Need for Speed” as disrespectful towards this games handling model. Physics wise, NFS is a joke by comparison.

  2. SavageEvil

    Wonder if this forces you to buy all the extra cars with money? This game could have been good if you took out the pointless story and everyone gets the same avatar laziness. Handling is a mixed bag, once you clear a lot of the main objectives there is little fun left and the AI cheats a heck of a lot in this game, like it’s glaringly bad cheating. Good thing it’s free because Ubisoft is still trying to sell the original and update for $10 apart in price, there should be one digital bundle The Crew Wild Run and lose the original but you know when you want money you leave all the traps up so you can snag a few here and there. Disgusting practice that I see in the PS store with some games.


    For those who haven’t tried it yet: definitely get it, it’s a blast of a game and pretty huge!

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