The Gran Turismo…Restaurant?

April 2nd, 2009 by Jordan Greer


Don’t bother checking your calendar – this isn’t another April fool’s joke!

granturismocafe2Polyphony Digital is moving into the restaurant business with the launch of the Gran Turismo Café at Twin Ring Motegi race circuit in Japan.  Opening just last week, the “exterior, interior, and even the staff uniforms have been decorated in the image of Gran Turismo, and there are additional items added to the already popular menu lineup as well.”  We don’t have any pictures of the actual place yet (if you’ve got some, please let us know!), aside from the provided logo and sketch.  The press release also mentions three GT5 Prologue “play booths”, but you can’t help but wonder if these copies have an HD version of Motegi thrown in…  It’s a little odd, but it’s cool to have the first permanent, public location branded around Gran Turismo.  Begin your pilgramige now.

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  1. May. 4, 8:11am

    Wow! Do you think they serve a GT-R burger with loads of extra filling that gets Japanese customers really really excited?

    Or the under-appreciated NSX bacon sammich?

    And I think they should do smaller portions of the most popular meals (for kids, perhaps) and call them ‘Prologue’s. And they always get served long before the main course.

    And for dessert? The Sundae Cup of course.

  2. Apr. 9, 12:40pm

    …and then, someone complains about a restaurant spending their time making video games!

  3. Apr. 9, 11:25am
    Touring Mars

    I can just imagine what a GT-themed restaurant would be like… you’d wait absolutely ages on a table, and then you are given a small starter which is very enjoyable, but not quite enough to satisfy your appetite. You ask for a menu to see what you can have for the main course, but there doesn’t seem to be any. Some of the customers start to get agitated at the lack of information and start talking about petitioning the restaurant owners for some, but others have made their starter longer and urge the increasingly restless customers to have more patience… eventually, the main meal arrives and it is absolutely stunning, although some people are disappointed because it’s too similar to what they had the last time, or were expecting a bigger portion. However, most customers leave very satisfied indeed, and some enjoy it so much, they tell all their friends how it is the best restaurant in the world, and other restaurants – like the new Italian restaurant “Forza” across the road – are inferior…

  4. Apr. 4, 9:48pm
    fuggin guy

    Can I get the number 3 combo s class sized with a side of gran turismo 5 please

  5. Apr. 4, 2:37am

    lol 80Y 2C2, indeed :D

  6. Apr. 4, 12:56am
    80Y 2C2

    Gives a whole new meaning to “fast food” *chuckle*

  7. Apr. 3, 5:30pm

    Exactly, mimaximax, this has a lot to do with building the brand. However, even that may be stretching it a bit. There always seems to be “over-thinking” (or perhaps…”under thinking”…) that takes place when something unrelated to the development of GT5 comes out. For example, let’s be realistic about how this Cafe probably came about:

    1. Kazunori Yamauchi heard the track’s old cafe was closing (as it says on Polyphony’s website).
    2. He contacted the owners about opening a GT-branded facility.
    3. Paperwork was signed, an interior designer/decorator created the look and feel.
    4. Employees were given new uniforms.
    5. The menus were changed to include the “additional items”.

    To suggest this had any sort of negative affect on GT5’s development is unreasonable.

  8. Apr. 3, 4:58pm

    I agree with Kojiro, I don’t think programmers have anything to do with that. Moreover, I think doing this is a part of working on GT5 because there’s no point for them to make such a great and expensive game that don’t sell enough. Classic games uses TV adds, they are creating a gran turismo world very close to the community to advertize their game (like GTtv, GT by Citroen, Nissan GT academy, sponsoring 24th hours of nurb, cars and other famous tracks).

  9. Apr. 3, 1:11pm

    I’d like to point out that the engineers working on GT5 have nothing to do with opening a restaurant. In fact, there is probably only one marketing guy at Sony who is actually putting any time into this thing, at that is likely limited to collecting the royalty money from the restaurant owner.

  10. Apr. 3, 1:05pm

    Hi, can I get a Clubman Cup, cream and extra sugar please?

  11. Apr. 3, 10:06am

    Its cool no doubt, but like Blake says…more work on GT5 please, the game is already too late. And more info about the game itself would be nice.

    Thank you.

  12. Apr. 3, 2:02am

    Wow, they must have some free time. If so, they could always, you know, work on Gran Turismo 5!

  13. Apr. 3, 12:32am

    Very cool. I think that recent events show this could be the end of the beginning for the GT franchise!

    And yes. I do mean it that way.

  14. Apr. 3, 12:26am

    This was posted a couple of days ago at Official GTJapanese website. I think it’s pretty awesome that there will be GT restaurant. Wonder what kind of food they will be serving. And who knows maybe one day they’ll go worldwide and be at most of the main tracks.

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