Thrustmaster Launch Logitech-Compatible DB9 Pedal T.RJ12 Adapter


Indeed, who could have seen that coming? The new adapter from Thrustmaster features compatibility with non-Thrustmaster pedals as long as they feature a DB9 connector. That naturally includes Logitech and its G-series pedals.

The company also claims that the DB9 T.RJ12 will improve the resolution of previous DB9 connector pedals, moving from usual 8-bit (255 values) to 10-bit (1024 values) for each of the three pedals of the set.

Quite an unusual gesture this is, one that will certainly please owners trying to merge the best from both manufacturers. The adapter is currently available for £9.99 at Thrustmaster’s European Store.


  • Allows non-Thrustmaster pedal sets (3 pedals supporting DB9 connector) compatibility with many Thrustmaster racing wheels, of which we mention currently disclosed ones:- Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
    – TX Racing Wheel Series
    – T150 Series
    – T300 Series
    – T500 Series
  • Multi-platform compatibility supported (depending on the Thrustmaster racing wheel used):- Xbox One
    – PlayStation 3
    – PlayStation 4
    – PC (Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista)
  • Four-times better resolution and precision than non-Trustmaster DB9-supported pedal set, jumping from 8-bit (255 values) to 10-bit (1024 values) on each of the 3 pedals (gas/brake/clutch)

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  1. PicSoul

    Just built the GIMX adapter to use my G25 and G27 on PS4. I was very skeptical but it works amazing with no input lag or any I’ll effects. I love technology.

  2. GT_Alex74

    Ha, interesting, since I have a spare T500 sitting in a corner with the pedal’s cable broken, I could find a used pedal set from a G25 and use it.

  3. Johnnypenso

    The official TM one is just a bit more than half the price and a two year warranty. Unless I’m misreading the fine print the Ricmotech stuff comes without a warranty.

    1. DaGiBUS

      No because the end that is plugged into the TM base is the same as the one that connects the pedals naturally.

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