Thrustmaster T-LCM Load Cell Pedals Revealed Ahead of February Unveiling

Hardware 223 January 24, 2020 by

Thrustmaster fans, rejoice! It seems the American brand, owned by France’s Guillemot Corporation since 1999, will finally offer a high-end load cell pedal set for sim racers. Say hello to the Thrustmaster ‘Load Cell and Magnetics’ pedal, or T-LCM for short.

Pictures of the T-LCM unit first appeared on GTPlanet earlier this week, and it looks to be a significant upgrade over the company’s T3PA-Pro. Starting with the obvious, the pedal set includes a heavy-duty load cell on the brake, with magnetic, Hall effect sensors on the throttle and clutch pedals.

If you’re not familiar with load cell technology, it essentially makes the pedal pressure sensitive rather than dependent on pedal travel. The load cell converts the amount of force you apply into the braking signal, mimicking the action of brake fluid and the moving components of a car braking system.

Otherwise the T-LCM is as you’d expect: a simple plastic mold for the body, with metal pedal arms and faceplates. There’s also a textured metal footplate.

There isn’t much to go on at the moment, as Thrustmaster is yet to officially announce the new pedals. However the brand has let us know when to expect the official curtain-raiser: February 13. Conveniently, that’s also the first practice day for the upcoming GT Sport Sydney World Tour, suggesting that Thrustmaster may reveal the pedals at the event, or even that the T-LCM will be part of the competitors’ driving rigs.

With nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the price is still somewhat up in the air. Third-party load cell mods for other Thrustmaster pedal sets don’t come cheap, and the T-LCM will likely have to compete with Fanatec’s CSL Elite pedals with load cell brakes — which come in at $199.95 USD.

The Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals will support PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep an eye peeled to GTPlanet for more details as they’re available.

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