Time Extend Podcast #19 – Unreleased Racers

Gaming 127 May 11, 2019 by

This week’s Time Extend kicks off with a chat about a game Brendan and I are very excited for — the Switch release of Sega’s arcade classic Virtua Racing. It’s without question the finest port yet of one of the most influential racers ever made, and we’ve definitely been bitten by the hot-lapping bug in the quest to improve our fastest times (especially around that tricky Bay Bridge circuit).

But Episode 19 also returns to a subject that we began looking into last year around some of the most interesting racing games never to see the light of day. While that earlier episode covers more ground overall, this one dives deeper into a few really unique titles.

We discuss a Motorstorm spinoff that developer Paul Rustchynsky alluded to on our previous episode with him, a Genki-developed, open-world Fast & Furious tie-in, and a little-known project that might have taken Project Gotham Racing’s place as the original Xbox launch racer in another timeline. If you enjoy reminiscing about what could have been, this one’s for you.

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