Time Extend Podcast #20 – Super Sonic Racing

Time Extend enjoys all kinds of racing games. If you’ve listened before, you likely know by this point we love our old-school arcade coin guzzlers, but we have a soft spot for brutal rally simulators, semi-realistic circuit experiences, and, of course, the humble kart racer. Which brings us to today’s show.

Last week, we were treated to Team Sonic Racing, the latest fun and frenetic offering from Sumo Digital to feature Sega’s Blue Blur, and the first since 2012’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Our feelings are mixed; while the satisfying, drift-happy Transformed DNA is very much still present here, Team Sonic Racing is smaller in scope and ambition and suffers a bit for it.

However, that’s not all we discuss in our 20th episode. It very well could have been, if not for Codemasters’ surprise Grid announcement last week. We’re ecstatic to see one of our favorite racing franchises of the previous generation make a long-overdue return, just as we’re sure many of you are — although the emphasis on returning tracks and cars from the first game has us a bit perplexed. As does the guest starring role from the one and only Fernando Alonso, for whom we can only hope this venture doesn’t end the same way his Indy 500 bid did.

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