Bring Money: Vesaro’s New McLaren-Based Simulator Range Now Available

British simulator manufacturer Vesaro, known for its high-end offerings, has revealed a new range of products developed in collaboration with McLaren.

Mimicking McLaren’s road cars, the lineup is split into three categories: Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. As a result, the lineup kicks off with the Sports Series, just as it does in real life. This entry level model — if you can call it that — comes with a 46-inch display and a full complement of high-end sim racing equipment. Direct-drive wheel, aluminum pedals, integrated sound system; you name it, it’s probably included.

Taking the partnership one step further, the seats and steering wheels are the same units fitted to production McLarens. Furthermore, some seats even offer the full range of adjustments found on the real cars.

Moving up through the ranks bring more goodies, with more powerful PCs and triple-screen support. Graduating to the Super and Ultimate offerings also includes unique support tiers, more robust hardware, and lots of carbon fiber. As a result, Vesaro promises the most authentic McLaren experience around outside of owning the real thing.

The look and feel of Woking’s supercars aren’t the only aspects the Vesaro lineup apes. Because of the high-quality nature, the lineup starts at £24,549 and stretches all the way to a shocking £83,549. Naturally, this puts the products out of range for all but the most well-heeled clients.

Despite the sticker price, it’s great to see another entry in the sim hardware market. Hopefully, McLaren’s extended efforts to get noticed in the community will spur more businesses to follow suit — perhaps at a more accessible price point!

This collaboration with Vesaro comes off the back of a recent partnership announcement between McLaren and Logitech. Plus, The Woking-based company also announced the World’s Fastest Gamer competition earlier this month. All of this shows how eager the Formula 1 giant is to become a respected player in the sim racing community.

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