This Week’s Racing Game Deals: The Steam Summer Sale is Upon Us

With summer drawing in (at least for you northern hemisphere folks), Steam is making sure to stop that fun in the sun. This, of course, is the wallet-taunting Steam summer sale. From the looks of the line up, it’s going to be another year of impulse buys for many.

Delving into the list, we can see plenty of opportunities for those who want to experience some classics for the first time. The Crew Ultimate Edition, rFactor and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit are such examples.

With prices slashed by up to 75%, there has not been a better time to try them out. With Need for Speed: Payback and The Crew 2 both coming out soon, it’s a good chance to get acquainted with the series.

For those who prefer crashing things, BeamNG.Drive and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box are also on sale. With Burnout coming in for as low as $4.99 USD, hours of fun are ready for little cash.

Keeping with the off-road theme, up for the taking are a host of rallying games. Colin McRae Rally, DiRT Rally and WRC 6 are all established titles for cheap. Are you ready for the challenge?

Or maybe two wheels are more your thing? For those two-wheeled-bandits, there is plenty to have interest in. MXGP2Ride 2 and Valentino Rossi The Game are all on offer for as low as $9.99 USD.

DLC heavy games such as Assetto Corsa and Automobilista also have their prices slashed — and not just for the games either. All the additional content has a slew of price reductions, allowing players to get those last few cars to complete their game. This is great timing, with the 70th Anniversary pack just being announced for AC.


  • Assetto Corsa: 50% off ($14.99/£11.49/€14.99)
  • Automobilista: 70% off ($8.99/£6.89/€8.39)
  • 33% off ($16.74/£12.72/€15.40)
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box: 75% off ($4.99/£2.49/€2.49)
  • Colin McRae Rally: 80% off ($1.39/£0.99/€1.39)
  • DiRT Rally: 70% off ($17.99/£11.99/€14.99)
  • F1 2016: 70% off ($17.99/£11.99/€14.99)
  • Grid Autosport: 75% off ($9.99/£6.24/€9.99)
  • GT Legends: 75% off ($1.99/£1.24/€1.49)
  • GTR: 75% off ($1.74/£0.99/€1.24)
  • GTR2: 75% off ($1.99/£1.24/€1.49)
  • iRacing: 60% off ($3.99/£2.79/€3.99)
  • MXGP2: 75% off ($9.99/£7.49/€9.99)
  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: 75% off ($4.99/£3.74/€3.74)
  • RaceRoom DLC: 35% off (prices vary)
  • rFactor: 70% off ($7.49/£5.69/€6.89)
  • rFactor 2: 50% off ($15.99/£11.99/€14.99)
  • Ride 2: ($24.99/£14.99/€24.99)
  • Shift 2 Unleashed: 75% off ($4.99/£4.99/€4.99)
  • Stock Car Extreme: 70% off ($4.49/£3.29/€4.49)
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2: 75% off ($4.99/£3.74/€4.99)
  • The Crew Ultimate Edition: 66% off ($16.99/£13.59/€16.99)
  • Valentino Rossi The Game: 75% off ($9.99/£7.49/€9.99)
  • WRC 6: 60% off ($17.99/£13.99/€15.99)

The Steam Summer Sale runs from now until July 5.

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