Wreckfest Now Available on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series

If you’re a new-generation console owner and like your racing games a little more destructible, this will be a good week for you. Developer Bugbear Entertainment has launched the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series enhanced version of Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last today.

Wreckfest brings all the fun of a demolition derby into the digital arena — sometimes quite literally. The game’s full title pretty much tells you exactly what you need to do: win races or be the last car going.

There’s a huge variety of vehicles in the game, from a motorized couch to a big rig, a ride-on lawnmower to a combine harvester, coaches and motorhomes, and sometimes even cars. All feature solid driving physics and come apart into thousands of pieces during the inevitable high-speed impacts.

This upgraded version of Wreckfest takes advantage of the new-gen consoles’ capabilities. Naturally it all comes in 4K resolution at 60fps (30fps on Xbox Series S), but there’s also higher resolution textures, dynamic dirt on vehicles, and improvements to particles and shadows.

Of course there’s quicker load times too, and the online multiplayer now supports up to 24 players, compared to 16 from the previous generation consoles. If you’re playing on PlayStation 5, Wreckfest also uses the DualSense adaptive trigger feature to good effect — something you’ll feel when your car is approaching the end of its useful life.

In addition, the enhanced version bring a free new course, called the Wrecking Playground, and all players will gain a Speedbird GT reward car.

The full title is in both PlayStation and Microsoft Stores at $39.99 and $29.99 respectively, and players can upgrade from PlayStation 4/Xbox One versions for $9.99 — via an in-game interface for Xbox. However, given that the game was free to PS Plus subscribers all through May, we’d not imagine there’s many player left needing to upgrade to the PS5 version.

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