4 Hour VLN Nurburging Endurance ROOM OPEN! 9PM GMT

Discussion in 'GT5 Single Races' started by Loskey1, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Loskey1

    United Kingdom London

    yeh sorry just noticed the clock on my laptop is wrong,

    Ive actually opened the room now for anyone wanting to do testing, set ups

    room number is

    1472 6399 8665 9408 6085
  2. Loskey1

    United Kingdom London

    Do not believe it, 1st lap and mu playstation just switches itself off!!! Never had that before
  3. Vegard

    Norway Norway

    My wrists are sore, my eyes are dry, my back and neck are stiff.

    Totally worth it though.

    Fantastic race and a close fought battle for the win.

    At one point there was almost 30 seconds between us, but for the best part of 3hours 37 minutes there was 10 seconds or less between the two front cars.

    Bronco passed me two times, but i took the lead back immideately on both occasions.

    The split battle was epic, loosing a tenth or two here and there and snatching back a few tenths.
    On one split he gained one thousandth of a second!

    I am left with the impression that this battle was won in the pits.
    My first stops i took only 20 litres of fuel (approximately the time it takes to change the tyres).

    But the desicion would come at the very last pit stop of the night.
    I had a lead of about 8 seconds after the penultimate stop, but a few mistakes here and there saw the chasing Audi catch up to me on the back straight.
    "That's that", i thought.

    He passed briefly, but i was able to draft just enough to creep past him before Antoniusbüche.
    3 laps to go, 2nd lap of the stint and he dives into the pit.
    I had thought about doing this myself but didn't want to battle for the lead on the last lap with worn tires.
    Pitting with only two laps left meant i only neede 22 litres of fuel, and after a splash and dash i rejoined 5 seconds clear.

    My fresh tyres was what tipped the scales in my favour.

    Thanks to Bronco for an epic battle that saw us finish only 19 seconds apart after 3 hours 37 minutes of intense racing.

    And a great thanks to everybody.
    It was truly amazing that everybody finished the race. Not one car retired.

    See you around.