Can we kill the 0/0 debate once and for all?

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    Precisely why I feel we don't need another new thread with 60+ post stating the same argument that already can be found in existing threads. It's just discouraging to see new threads on this topic still allowed while certain topics with multiple repeat threads such as wish list or PSN outage get met with an immediate lock. I see it as a double standard, I know the staff isn't doing it on purpose, thats why I'm bringing it up. Not knocking the staff just mentioning my observation in hopes they recognize it now if they haven't already. I still feel there are way to many repeat threads on 0/0 collecting that already exist to not put an end to new ones. Thanks for your reply, your explanation, and your time.

    Thanks for the reply Jordan. :tup:
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    A little fix there;)

    I agree that a stickie will alleviate the repetitive "0/0/0" threads; Perhaps user's reasons as to why they want those cars over others should be placed in that thread as well because, truthfully, I don't understand the difference more than Jordan's description of "They're collectable"

    Also, is there a way to keep the stickies in constant "Bold" view (Like a thread that's been posted in recently)? People tend to look at the bold threads, which is why FAQ, the 1,000,000 limit, and other important messages are sometimes missed.


    0/0/0 cars are cars with 0 miles / 0 switches / 0 modifications in that order.

    HP varies depending on where the car originally came from. Prize Ticket cars are not broken in resulting in stock HP. Cars purchased from the OCD have broken in HP but still with zero miles.

    Besides collecting a 0/0/0 car will ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your vehicle, due to the permanent power loss mechanism built into the game. Also these cars are assumed to be the stock color and free ANY modification/tuning. So it's basically a brand new untouched standard car, something that is normally uncommon in the game.
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    What I had meant in my previous post was that such a quote should be added to the said stickie.
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    How long does it take you to see one of these posts and just look to the next one? Maybe a tenth of a second? Yet you used how many minutes typing up this thread? (arguably as pointless) And even funnier is you want gtp mods to go around locking up threads anytime someone expresses their opinion that you dont want to read? Letting people say what they want to say, within in the rules, makes for a more friendly gtp and more open to new users. And I can guarantee you the gtp staff would rather reach new users than just keep pleasing the old ones...
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    I guarantee that the GTP staff are in place only to keep order; "reaching new users" would be a bias over others, as would "pleasing the old ones (users)".

    I don't think staff do bias and partiality. Also, you do need to remember that they're also users, thrown into this group of "old ones" you refer to.
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    Hey thanks for that man, didn't think that asking a legitimate question was so wrong. Until just recently, Gtplanet was unknown to me, so as I looked into the marketplace, it confused me as to why anyone would want 0/0/0 cars. The collecting aspect had not crossed my mind at all, so after a few days I began to get the picture. I'd also ask for you to remove my thread link from your OP, no reason to bring people to a thread that's already dead.