Official GTPlanet Ad-Hoc Party Races: World G1, Lobby 01

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo PSP' started by Jordan, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Revelation1115


    lol thanks.. im a noob! but can my ps3 be connected to the internet via wifi? because my only ethernet cable is already connected to my router
  2. Evilmali

    Burbank / CA / USA

    No if you want it to work do what I said or it's not going to work plane and simple a ps3 can't send and receive 2 wifi for it and psp If you want it to work get more cables or a Ethernet hub/switch come on networking 101

    "my only ethernet cable is already connected to my router" I don't get it ok you're only cable is connected to what you're Internet modem and a pc? You need a 4 port switch go to any electronics store it's a cheep item
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  3. Revelation1115


    you mad?
  4. Evilmali

    Burbank / CA / USA

    Nope it's so frustrating to try to do networking 101 in a forum add me in psn so I can help you their
  5. EditRedz

    the Netherlands

    Maybe this has been posted here before, in which case my apologies for the 'dubble' post.

    I found (with the help of EvilMali) that it is possible to race against each other when from different locations, i.e. North American vs. European accounts (and I'm guessing this also holds true for Japanese accounts).
    It does involve a little work but if you have friends from other continents then your own its worth it.

    All you have to do is to make sure both players have the same version of Ad-Hoc Party, i.e. North American, European or Japanese. Delete your current version and download the corresponding correct one.

    So if you want to race against someone from the US. Delete your 'EU' Ad-Hoc Party and download a fresh copy of the US PSN store via your US psn account.

    Its that simple. EvilMali and I did this yesterday. Connecting was a bit of a hassle but it worked in the end.

    And I'm up 3500 cars:) I love cars:D

  6. jcmc


    Anyone up for car trading? In Room 1 just now.
  7. jcmc


    Anyone having problems with racing & trading using Ad Hoc Mode?

    I have managed races successfully in the past but over the past few days i have tried both functions with several different people and we have been utterly unable to see each other when you set up a room.
  8. Mikis94


    Anyone now wants to play ?
  9. Supra88lvr

    El Paso, TX

    I would love to play, but have yet found anyone to play with.. and still confused on how to setup.. I have AD HOC party downloaded, and the PS3 is wired to the router, but im not sure how to get my PSP to communicate with the PS3..
  10. Mikis94


    I'm now on G1 01 willing, to enter :)
  11. Akmuq

    Ireland Galway, Ireland

    I'm stuck to a wireless connection. Is there anyway to use adhoc party.
  12. Peter


  13. MaruchanSoup


    Do you guys still do this? I wanna race
  14. nathanw15

    rockford il

    yep im always in G1 lobby1 but noone is ever on
  15. GranTurismoPSP


  16. FoolKiller

    United States Frankfort, KY
    PSN:FoolKiller79 or GTP_FoolKiller for GT5P

    Yes. You also need a PS3 to do this at all, as it uses the PS3's Internet connection to connect you to people out of traditional ad-hoc range.
  17. GTP_JKG


    Does anybody still use AdHoc Party? I just logged on and nobody playing in any of the Worlds.
  18. red ice

    Philippines Makati City

    people just moved on to GT5. only a few guys are left in GTPSP. :grumpy:
  19. GTP_JKG


    Do you still race on AdHoc Party for GTPSP? Do you compete on GT5 GTP events?

    If so fancy a race?
  20. red ice

    Philippines Makati City

    I never used Adhoc Party coz I don't have a PS3. I only used XLINK Kai before.
  21. sandy1110


    where do I DL ad-hoc party?
  22. stuTREACH


    If u have a ps3 type into the psn store
  23. alex98704


    I wanna give it a try at 2 pm. Is there anyone at that hour? (I'm Italian)
  24. new player here, call me!
  25. 333hp


    I got rid of my PSP & GT PSP when I got a Vita. I just bought GT PSP again on my PS3 & transferred it to the Vita. Works fine, but it says the Save file was created on another PSP & over wrights it. I guess it locks the Save file to the system it was created on. Sucks.

    I used to have around 400 cars, including 20 non-tradable ones & probably put 100-150 hours into it.

    Does anyone want to go on Ad-Hoc Party & share their cars, I'd be willing to race with you as well. PM me, I'm in Pacific Time Zone. Thanks. :gtpflag:
  26. Alonsomania

    The Netherlands

    After accidentally erasing my savegame, could anybody please help me out with sharing some cars? Much appreciated!
  27. qwertyu676

    United States north carolina

    what is the world g1 lobbies :confused:
  28. qwertyu676

    United States north carolina

    Is the ps3 only way to use it