Your internet connection?

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Your connection?

  1. T1, T3, OC-12, OC-48, or faster :D

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  2. *

    Cable modem

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  3. DSL

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  4. Dial-up modem (56k or slower)

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  1. Jordan

    United States United States

    How many of GTPlanet's visitors have been blessed with broadband?

    I'm on a 56k modem, with no cable or DSL lines in sight (for at least 6 months to a year). :(
  2. Ghostrider

    The Sunshine State

    Jordan you should edit your poll because DSL and ISDN are not the same. DSL can have speeds up to 4 mb per second and ISDN is only 128 kb per second. Big difference. :)
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  3. Jordan

    United States United States

    Yes, I know, but I really don't think there will be enough people using ISDN to make a big difference.

    On second thought, I'll just remove it...
  4. Ghostrider

    The Sunshine State

    I use ISDN but hopefully not for long..:) :( I'm am probably the only one..:rolleyes: At home that is. Now at work DSL..
  5. Concept

    Cartersville, GA, USA

    I have 56k. I know, I know, Its slow. But it has me where I am today. :)
  6. Tom M

    Around town

  7. Pako

    United States NW Montana


    (Stated Service) 512/download 256/upload
    (Actual Service) 426/download 216/upload *best case* has some good info in regards to XDLS connections.
  8. Zero

    Duluth, GA

  9. NocturnalPS

    Staff Emeritus
    Tx, Alamo City

    Cable:D it sucks sometimes :mad: sometimes it just cuts off for no reason. I call for help and the operator just tells me that im the 1st in my area to to say something is wrong
  10. Jon

    Pennsylvania, USA

    Im a still at the 56k...
  11. Ghostrider

    The Sunshine State

    Cable in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
  12. Concept

    Cartersville, GA, USA

    I will get cable for x-mas. Its kinda dumb but hey, it beats what I have now. 56k
  13. LoudMusic


    At home I have 1.4mbit cable service. It's pretty decent I guess. I've gotten download speeds up to 380kbs on a single file.

    At work (main work) I've got 6mbit DSL, and yes, I've maxed that bad boy out. For the less knowledgeable, that's 6,144kbit, which I got over 700Kb/s total download speed for multiple files (aproximately 30 simultaneous Napster connections). Compare that to 56k dialup sometime (:

    At my other work (and school) we have a 10mbit connection. Unfortunately it's shared to the entire campus, 15,000+ students and roughly 2,000 faculty/staff. I still get good speeds there.

    At my last abode (house) I was living with two guys that worked at ISPs at the time. We had 1.4mbit cable, 3mbit DSL, 128kbit ISDN, and as many dial up accounts as we could sign on with ... juuussssst in case. We also had our own 10/100mbit network with a 280GB Mp3 server, and a really bad ass game server running CounterStrike, and various versions of Quake. Yea, we're geeks, that's why we make the big bucks (:

    But my all time favorite connection was the 128kbit ISDN connection I had two houses back. I lived about 500 yards from the telephone company, and it was about three miles from the ISP. That was the most rock solid connection I've ever had. The only times it wasn't connected were during the ice storm when the power went out over half of Little Rock, and the day someone driving (drunk) over 50mph smacked into the telephone pole outside my house. That pretty much dropped my connection until they raised a new poll and pulled new lines.

    Remember when they used to say that the Internet was just a fad, and it would go away in a couple months, maybe a year? HA HA! That was over 15 years ago! I see no signs of it going away. However, the popularity and demand have slowed, but not stopped. It's still growing every day. And for the most part, it's getting better all the time.

  14. Saleen Man

    Winnipeg, MB

  15. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    So two days are here. How do you like it? Dumb question isn't? What kind of download/upload speeds do you get?

    There's a pretty good tester here:

  16. Ghostrider

    The Sunshine State

    Ok here's the story at 7:52 pm10/26/01
    Test running..........
    ** Speed 961(down)/349(up) kbps **
    (At least 19 times faster than a 56k modem)

    Smokin!! :D :D
  17. GVX

    Reading, UK

    I tried using a UK speed test site.

    Your line speed:

    1632 Kbps

    200 K bytes/sec

    Don't know what it is as I conect to the Internet through the network via a Firewall.
  18. LoudMusic


    Hey, I wanted to get this back at the top of the lists. Can everybody vote on this? It can be quite helpful for anybody making webpages and stuff. If too many of you guys are on dialup we might want to stop posting external images (like using the tag) strait to the threads. It makes it take longer to download the page. But if we're mostly on better than 56k dialup, it could be nice to have the images load with the thread.

    Just a thought ... so VOTE!

  19. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    ** Speed 409(down)/202(up) kbps **

    Sorry for the repost... (-:
  20. Schumy


    we get free cable so we didn't bother getting internet by cable b/c we don't want them to find we got Bell High Speed Sympatico which is just as good or better ;)
  21. GilesGuthrie

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    22nd Dec, 11:30GMT:

    ** Speed 551(down)/209(up) kbps **
    (At least 11 times faster than a 56k modem)

    This is interesting since it's a 512/256 service, and I'm in the UK, so there should have been some net congestion getting to the test server, but all is well. I'm pleased :)

    Thing is that there are issues with the ISP's DHCP server, and sometimes you can't get a connection :mad:
  22. LoudMusic


    You should buy a 3Com cable modem from ebay and see if it will work. Sometimes (most of the time) they can't turn one or the other off, so you get them both without paying.

    Something a little birdie told me one time ... (and it worked, for 3 years)

  23. LoudMusic


    Well that's just stupid dumb. DHCP is so easy to manage.

  24. GilesGuthrie

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    I suppose that depends upon how many scopes you're trying to manage!

    I don't know if I'm expecting too much, but being unable to connect 2 - 3 times per month is unacceptable to me, and I get all worked up about it, :mad: and I phone them up to complain, and their on-hold music has this woman saying that I can do all sorts of stuff with my account if I connect to their website, and I get so :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: and then the wife gets worried for my heart, and tells me to calm down!

    I think I'm a bit too dependent upon my internet connection! :eek:
  25. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    I know it's my lifeline! :eek:
  26. LoudMusic


    A friend of mine says he'll volunteer to be the first to get "jacked in" when someone figures out how to connect the human brain to a computer. Pretty scarey thought if you ask me.

  27. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    It's not that scary if you support a common conciousness with the world. What's so scary about that? :D :nervous:
  28. GilesGuthrie

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    Not too scary if you subscribe to the belief that the brain is just a very large, complex, powerful computer. Believe me, having studied Psychology and Computer Science at University, the evidence is compelling...
  29. vat_man

    Brisbane, Qld, Australia

    Imagine copping a virus!
  30. Magic069

    Carboard Duplex, w/ Covered Patio and Puddle Pool

    I had cable... but then I moved, and nothing is available in my area. :mad:
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