GTPlanet at “Shift 2: Unleashed” Media Event

March 16th, 2011 by Jordan

If you’ve spent much time in the GTPlanet Forums, you know our community is about a lot more than just Gran Turismo. Our message boards host over 350,000 posts about other racing games, including the Need For Speed spin-off Shift series. Now, Shift 2: Unleashed is right around the corner, and Electronic Arts has invited GTPlanet to the company’s UK headquarters for extensive time with the game and its developers.

The first Shift game, though well received, was often criticized by sim-racers who expected a more challenging driving physics model. I’m very anxious to see how EA has tweaked this aspect of Shift 2 and I’ve already got a few good questions for the developers – of course, the comments section below is open for yours as well.

Stay tuned for my full report in the next few days…

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  1. Maybe the community should be called Car Racing Games Planet instead of GTPlanet then.

  2. I had the original NFS: Shift but was very disappointed. I sold it after one week. I don’t expect this to be any different.

  3. Praggia

    OK played shift two this weekend and all I can say is driving physics??? leave alot to be desired although improved just doesnt capture the realism of GT racing. The sounds are awesome the graphics are great but the handling is a huge let down….
    Letting Loose with a Porsche GT car or Zonda at full trot down a narrow city track is truly intoxicating. The sound the sense of speed just off the scale but when it comes to braking and taking that first turn the wheels start to come off…..
    I was hoping it would live up to all the hype but sadly not…I suggest you guys try to demo the game instore before you buy to make an informed decision

  4. Streaker

    I found Skid’s Youtube channel. Except after bashing the game he finally says it sounds like they nailed the physics. So maybe its not him, lol.

  5. Streaker

    After reading the sterotypical comments made by those on here, EA only makes arcade games, etc. I starting to think that EA overestimated the intelligence of most of its target audience on this one and should just stick to making arcade games.

  6. Streaker

    Again, does not look arcade like. Those saying I saw footage and it is a sim, lol, fanboy or clueless.

  7. Streaker

    Tommy Milner, a real race car driver, doing a lap at Laguna on Shift 2. Looks sim to me.

  8. the piston

    Seriously I miss the old games like NFS Underground, Most wanted. Simulation really is not the type for EA. it’s like this. For fun arcade games: NFS, Test Drive Burnout e.t.c. But for simulation: Gran Turismo, iRacing ,Forza e.t.c. But EA should make a fun arcade game like hot pursuit 1 and 2 and underground.

  9. GTP_WuMing77

    I’ve been “staying tuned” for the full report…. Any news?

  10. I see Shift2 as the “expansion pack” we’ll never get from GT5… sad but true… hope it is as good as they claim…

  11. Rzeractor

    The problem with EAs racing games is they tend to use a different physics engine for different in-game modes. This should NOT happen.

    • Streaker

      You mean like GT5 uses for on and off line? Totally agree. They had an entire different team do the online physics, check the credits.

  12. stoney71

    I can’t wait for this to come out, even if it is a little arcade like. I need a break from GRIND TURISMO: The Real Frustrating Simulator. Maybe we’ll be able to race and tune instead of grind, grind, grind, and grind some more. That might actually be FUN, instead of WORK.

  13. Put more than 2 holdens in it and i will buy it.

  14. - SZRT Ice -

    Anyone see the “Shift 2 vs GT5 vs Forza 3 vs Real Life” comparison video on youtube? Interesting stuff…

  15. brainfade

    cars that PD will NEVER have in GT and WHY:

    Koenigsegg < EA have exclusivity now

    Pagani Huayra < EA have this car exclusively on a permanent basis

    Alpina < EA have exclusivity

    Gumpert < EA have exclusivity

    Bentley < although GT has featured the LMP car, that is the ONLY car that PD are allowed to have from Bentley, rest are exclusive to EA

    It is unclear how long for and how the exclusivity works with each deal, but EA are clever and they'll block the possibility of these cars appearing in a GT

    • brainfade

      this also goes for certain tracks from what I understand

    • the piston

      Yeah all EA cares about is money, so they take the popular cars licenses in order to ruin PDs reputation. A good example is PORSCHE.

    • - SZRT Ice -

      The Koenigsegg and Gumpert Apollo are both in Test Drive Unlimited 2.(Atari)

    • brainfade

      @ SZRT Ice – thats because EA handed out a sublicense to them

    • If this is true… then I officially hate EA… even though I’m a NFS fan…

  16. flight50

    For all you close minded people, I hope Shift 2 triumphs your precious GT5. Considering what we got on Nov 24th, I welcome any challenger to GT.

    And for the record, I have been a GT fan since GT1. I have owned every title. GT4 ruled for its time, and is still the best of the series. I am so ticked at the regression we got in GT5 that anyone that steps forward to give racing fans what they want is alright by me.

  17. guidance is internal

    Shift isn’t even as good as GRID. & It’s NO WHERE near close to TOCA3. That means, Shift isn’t even in the same universe as GT5.

    • brainfade

      TOCA 3? are you having a laugh? TOCA 3 was the one that put the 1st nail in the TOCA/BTCC coffin!

    • the piston

      Ya I would take Grid,TOCA3 and the upcoming FM4 over Shift 2. I’m a GT fan but Forza is great to.

  18. Gavin McKiernan

    I wonder what happened to Streaker after Skid’s last comment??? Was enjoying their debate!
    Personally I believe it’s all a lot of Marketing talk, same as you get just before the release of any title. The truth is, we won’t know how this game has turned out until it’s been released & played.
    I’m interested to see how Shift2 plays, I love GT5 but am a bit sick of the constant need to grind in order to progress. If Shift2 can deliver the goods & provide proper support for G25’s, I’ll definately pick this up as an alternative to GT5

  19. I just want to know how close the Game Driving is from the Real Life Driving? \(^_^)/

  20. amazeCRAZE

    I’m excited. I loved the first shift, can’t wait for the second.

  21. Tvensky

    When I saw that BMW I was like “omg, omg, cant belive that its in GT, best news in the world” then I saw shift and was like “awwwwwwww, ****, god damn”….. :( sad news ever.

  22. I just downloaded and watched the trailer in HD. Damn annoying cuts and editing as always.. and it’s all mostly hyped up nothingness. Oh, and I frame-by-framed the car models- they look to be a little better than GT5 standard models, nothing more. If the game is good, great, but I have little confidence in anything NFS or SHIFT or DIRT or any gamey racer to have even remotely accurate driving physics. We shall soon see. If the physics suck I don’t care if “the racing is good” or not.. it won’t be worth the $$ because I won’t play it.

  23. Britvic

    Didnt the first game have oversteer and understeer the wrong way round? lolz

  24. scarslasher

    Let’s hope this is good.

    I’d hate to see that Pagani licence wasted.

  25. Bounkazz

    I lol’d.

  26. vicious136

    I know a lot of people dug NFS Shift but I hated that game with a passion. I thought the physics were sh*t and the “Michael Bay movie” vibe made it feel more like Stallone’s Driven than Mcqueen’s LeMans.

    HOWEVER! considering it’s absence from GT5, that E30 M3 (and the M1 procar I saw on the Shift 2 car list) goes a loooooooong way to convincing me to pick up this game.

  27. Funny how everyone already knows this game sucks, while they seem to forget that Shift1 was downplayed by EA.

    While maybe Shift2 will be the full sim the devs want. And the devs are the guys who made real sims, (no Gt5 is not one of them). I mean GT Legends, GTR2.

    • Big Ron

      As EA is the guide line. developers rarely can develop games as they want. If EA sais, they have to make it mass-market-suitable, the developer has to do it.

      Anf therefore it is not interesting, what games they made before.

    • GT5 has better physics, GFX, and Force feedback than GT Legends or GTR anything.. They both use the craptastic G-Motor 2 engine that rFactor uses from ISI. PD has them all beat now, face it.

  28. symustafa1996

    LOL, the makers say this is better than GT5 or FM3. Its only racing, nothing else.

  29. I just watched a gameplay video… it almost looks exactly like the first SHIFT with better graphics and slightly better (by the looks of it) physics. But I can tell that this is not going to be the most realistic racing simulator ever :P

    • Streaker

      Watching footage, probably made last year, and playing the finished game. Night…and day.

    • Watching promos and paid drivers commenting how realistic is,is also day from night….
      We’ve seen other drivers also saying how realistic a game is (including GT5)so i wont run to buy a game bacause someone said is realistic(and paid to say this..)
      Wait, didnt actually Shift 1 also had drivers commenting and helping the physics,actually one of them is also on shift 2? Where did their “experience” went when they build the first one? Did it turn out to be realistic as other sims out there? What changed now?
      To tell you the truth i dont know how much different is gonna be now until I try it,so for now,it will stay on the TRY list and not BUY.I really hope it brings something new on the sim world(as i SIM factor,not Fun),but from what i have seen until now, it doesnt seem like it..But that is just my opinion.The game,it will be put on the test and we will all see…

    • Streaker

      I didn’t see drivers commenting on Shift 1. I can see where Shift 1 was a step away from arcade racing. I can see the logic of them first trying to get their audience used to circuit racing and then tackle realistic physics. I also didn’t see any videos from the first Shift talking about telemetry or using CAD designs to reproduce actual, realistic physics. I also didn’t see any videos from the first Shift that said that we hired drivers and if they say the game is different then real racing, we are changing it to what they say its like. These aren’t paid drivers coming in to just use the game and put their name on it, they are there to give feedback and help change the game and make it more realistic.

    • Lol just see at youtube “Need for Speed SHIFT: Drift Reveal Video” where Vaughn Gittin himself says that he was involved at the development of the physics and givving feedback….

    • Streaker

      It may be close to physics for drifting, which is entirely different then racing. So much of drifting goes against racing where you want traction to apply torque and acceleration. Who is to say for a drifting sim, its not pretty good?

    • Is it?
      With two different models of physics?Which was right and which was wrong?
      From EA itself..
      “Developed by UK-based Slightly Mad Studios — home to many of the folks who worked on the critically acclaimed GT Legends and GTR 2 — the game is 95% pure racing simulation, with a bit of arcade feel thrown in so as not to totally alienate players who aren’t actual race drivers. (Though EA Games Euro SVP, Patrick Soderlund, is intimately involved with its development — and he races for real, having most recently placed fifth in the TOYO 24 Hours of Dubai endurance event.)”
      As you see also then they told Shift 1 is 95% pure racing sim.
      Thats contradicting,dont you think? they meant 95% for drifting,and 5% arcade for rest of racing?lol
      Thing is ,again, they can say anything,even if they hired Shumacher himself or develope tires model on molecule basis..If cars dont react as real then its just fireworks..
      That is MARKETING!We will see what job they really did….

    • Streaker

      GT5 had two different teams do the physics. Which was right and which was wrong? The online or the offline?

      Right now, GT5 looks like the least realistic of the 3 compared here. Without realistic damage, you can’t say GT5 is real now can you? I mean even the sound is fake.

      Do you think that they set up a racing team just to make arcade game? Really? And I don’t see that they are using multiple physics system. I see where they are using one. Stop focusing on the past, look forward to what they are saying they are doing to produce THIS game. THIS one.

  30. Streaker

    Looks like when you do a race, it flashes right after, to your friends in game, your time compared to theirs in that race along with their being able to watch the replay or see photos of the race. All in real-time. If anything, this game is going to be too competitive for GT5 players who like to bring a car with 200 more hp into races. You can’t do that in GT1 or GT3 racing. And with someone here reporting that the AI is tough, well, that just means its even harder. Yeah, I can see many GT5 fans blowing it off as arcade when in truth its too hard.

  31. Mygroth1989

    I swore to myself to never buy an EA title again after this failure called Fifa 11, but I’ll try this one and give EA a second *cough* sixtieth *cough* chance.

  32. I am buying this game for my PC, because my PC has full support for my Logitech G25 wheel. cough. Also, my PC has been neglected for some times since GT5 Launch. Shift was a good direction since the downfall of NFS Underground series. Bring back NFS to my heart with Shift 2 review! or break it.. I welcome the mild arcade element of Shift series, I don’t expect it from GT5, GT5 is in its own AAA class of realistic game, but I also like the occasional rortyness of the NFS genre. Most Wanted was fantastic too. But IF Shift2 is going to try hard to be “exactly like GT5″, then it’s an instant pass.

    • Have fun with the inevitable bugs like the first Shift had.

  33. We need an E30 in GT5 BADLY!!!!!

  34. Nfs Sucks!

    Better won GT!

  35. brainfade

    sorry EA but Vaughn Gittin Jnr is NOT a real driver, just because he can do a fancy slide to impress a bunch of slackjawed californians doesn’t mean he can drive fast

    • Streaker

      Whatever… Looks like Paul Tracy has arrived to give his $.02. Don’t blame EA on the popularity of drift racing, blame the Japanese culture and the 2 Fast 2 Furious movies. And how about Jamie Campbell-Walter? Is he a real driver? He won an FIA GT1 Championship. Is that real enough for you? He was brought in for his opinion on the game too. And I think there was an F1 driver brought in too. But F1 isn’t real racing either, is it Cole Trickle?

    • brainfade

      Jamie Campbell-Walter is stuck in low-rating low-interest championships like World GT1 for a reason = he just can’t cut it in REAL global motorsport, he’s just another Johnny Mowlem or Tiff Needle = mediocre, mid pack, lack lustre, basic drivers

    • brainfade

      Paul Tracy? A man who just like MOST other North American single seater drivers was never good enough to even get a test with an F1 team, and when he did he was pathetically slow.

  36. brainfade

    EA has individual rights on the E30 and the new Pagani

  37. EA servers are junk and they never correct the issues with them. I’ll be passing on this one until EA learns how to run online servers.

    • Streaker

      I haven’t found a PS3 game without server issues and I have been playing online on the PS3 since 2007. So where are the games with great servers??? Certainly isn’t GT5, PD and Sony. Why do you think the online physics are different?

    • No online game will be prefect. But EA servers take the cake when it comes to crap. Lost sound, mics not working, lag central, lock-ups…the list goes on and on and on.

    • Streaker

      Never had those issues with 200 hours online with BFBC2. You know that some server issues are with the game and software, and server load, not EA right? But with the Studio who wrote the code, like connection issues with Tiburon’s Madden games.

    • Streaker

      Worse server issues I had was with Sony’s SOCOM servers. Wait, its not Sony, its Slant 6. And it wasn’t the server, it was the SOFTWARE. How many times do you see companies issuing patches, both client side and server side to fix online issues. Rarely is it the actual servers. Mostly its the software and sometimes it has to do with the backbone and internet company they are using.

    • I’ve experienced all of those issues with BFBC2.

    • Streaker

      And I’ve experienced all those issues with GT5 in MUCH less time spent online. Mics not working, check, disconnected, check, unable to join any room, check, ps3 locked up, check, in room lag, check, some can hear some others can’t, check, choppy mic, check, black screen after race has started, check….the list goes on and on of all the crap I have had on just GT5’s servers alone. You want me to start with COD (Activision), SOCOM (Sony), TDU2 (ATARI) and all the other online games I have played? And speedtest has my internet connection listed as 97 percentile worldwide with a solid mid 30s dl/7 up.

    • Strange, never had issues with GT5 servers. No lockup, nothing.

    • mcfizzle

      I couldn’t race online at all on Shift 1. It wouldn’t let me connect to the EA servers at all. Not one time. EA’s customer service recommended that I delete everyone from my friends list. I kindly told them that isn’t a legitimate fix but they never did anything about it as far as I know. That is a major problem with servers in my eyes.

  38. GT5 is not a sim, Shift is not a sim. console player go play mario karts like.

    rfactor/gtr2/gtl are a sims.


    This game is more of real life while GT5 is a simulator. Case closed.

    Do want this game, it’s interesting enough.

  40. I had shift 1, and like everybody says it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good neither. I probably gonna buy shift 2, but don’t believe the sales talk of EA, i’m sure this game will be good, but never at the level of gt5. This is the type of game that once you finished it, you’ll never play it again, and for me this is not the case about gt5 which is the type of game i will grab anytime, when i feel the need 4 speed : )

  41. Big Ron

    I am not interested in this game. The first titel was in relation to driving the biggest crap…the title didn´t know itself, what it want to be…simulation or arcade…and it wasn´t half of both.

    Even when the developer said, there is and “Elite Handling”-mode for more realism, I don´t trust them.

    I saw a lot of videos now and the handling seems to be the same crap as the first game.

  42. speedbeast

    mad copy of GT5. Need for speed knows gt5 is better and their just trying to match a game that took 4 years to make good luck

  43. (withheld for legal)

    I was actually lucky enough to playtest this for an hour last month.

    It’s a good game- some elements are great- the way the online connectivity and leaderboards work is fantastic. The Driver cam that follows the track, not being stuck 100% forward. And the AI is TOUGH

    But compared with G5 the physics just aren’t there for me

    • Streaker

      Well, every game goes through changes. You saw it 2 months before launch, things change.

    • (withheld for legal)


      Absoutely. If they improve the handling it’ll be a great game imo. A little more arcade in style than GT but good fun without becoming Burnout

  44. Hm Looks like the headlights in this game actually work (not like in gt5)

  45. Played the first Shift. Didn’t like it. To many bugs. Frame rate was questionable too. Loved the cockpit view and the sound effects though. Now they’re trying to sell the same game but with “helmet cam”. Will not buy&drive this time around.

  46. Blitz187

    The only way this game will be good is if EA keep their filthy mits off of it and let SMS decide how to make the game… That was the problem with Shift 1….. EA just HAD to keep their filthy fingers on it and thats what dumbed it down so much… Now if SMS can implement a good physics system that caters to all, including hardcore sim racers then they will have a banger of a game… If it follows the same route as the first… it will SUCK.

  47. I’ll buy the game and hopefully it will be good. I am not expecting better graphics than GT5 but also not that much lesser than GT5. If they can tread the arcade/simulation line carefully then this will be a great game. It already looks good enough for me to put in my $60 and test it out.

  48. Another arcade? Ofcourse. EA never did simulation games and they never wanted to do them.This is not their target and not their audience.

    • Streaker

      And how would you know? Have you played it yet. Sounds like you are just biased against EA. Only way you can explain statements like yours.

    • Streaker

      If you read the interview with the developer Andy Tudor on Eurogamer, the developer said the first goal of that game was to get the audience used to circuit racing. This upcoming game they are shifting the focus to realistic physics and improving graphics. Check speedhunters website too.

    • Streaker

      That game being the first Shift.

    • Streaker> EA stated about their ‘new focus to real racing’ before each previously released racing game..and what happened when we tried those games? 5min and uninstall. Ofcourse we can hope that “this time” everything will be different, but knowing what EA do and what is their target – i’d say it won’t happen. If they release a simulation game, they will loose milions of their arcade fans and potential buyers.Why would they do that?

    • Streaker

      )razor, Again if you actually read what their developers said instead of making uninformed statements and assumptions, you’d know that NFS Pursuit is remaining as their arcade series, which they admit is arcade. The first shift game was to just get their audience used to circuit racing and Shift 2, which was totally planned back when they made the first one, is TOTALLY geared at moving away from the NFS series, dropping the name and moving into SIM RACING. THAT IS WHY THEY HIRED RACE CAR DRIVERS TO ASSIST IN MAKING A RACING SIM. Its why they got the actual schematics of the cars and gathered telemetry data. They want to SEPARATE it from the ARCADE NFS titles. SEPARATE, GOT IT? You can find TONS of interviews supporting that along with reviews, previews and first impressions. Do you think they hired 3 professional drivers, spent countless hours duplicating the suspension of over 100 cars and incorporated tons of telemetry data into the game IF IT WAS JUST GOING TO BE AN ARCADE RACER? Really?

    • deftonesmx17

      Have you ever heard of F1 Challenge 99-02?

      Along came this mod group that called themselves SimBin who took F1’s engine, made a FIA GT mod then later was able to make a commerical game called the GTR series using said engine.

    • Streaker> Only couple more weeks to wait and we will have answer.You just don’t dissapear as usually happends with such discussions.

      Come back here (or to forums) to talk about this game when you try it.Truth is just around the corner.

    • Streaker

      Ditto for you. I am going by what people that have tried the game are saying, what the developers are saying, and by what pro race car drivers who have tried the game are saying, not by watching a promo video or being prejudiced based on what any previous game was like. If the producers had said they were just going to tweak Shift 1, I would be saying what everyone else is, its an arcade game. Obviously they are going to great lengths to ensure it competes with GT5 and every other sim racer.

    • the piston

      @Streaker LOL your biased against PD. Clam down they are only games no need to have a flame war on them get a life.

    • AERO_HDT

      Race drivers don’t necessarily make the best physics engines. Remember Ferrari Challenge?

  49. It LOOKS better than GT5. I love the helmet cam that points to where you are going. PD should incorporate that!

  50. yay Bathurst at least shift has an Australian track in it unlike gt

  51. Bluez_Freak

    Shift 1 was an arcadey dissappointment but it seems they are doing some serious homework to improve so yes I am buying it.

    Besides the E30 M3 and SPA are good enough reasons for me. The track list in general is much more impressive than GT5 which is based a lot on fictual tracks. And I appreciate much more to have another real world track in the game than 500 more of the same miatas, rx7, skylines, S2000 and GTOs we are offered by PD.

    • Streaker

      Yeah, it has the GT1 and GT3 tracks in it. I wish that GT5 had more real tracks and less fake. There are plenty of great real tracks in the world. Plenty.

  52. DaveTheStalker

    SimBin, err, Slightly Mad Studios is still behind this. Plus this one is coming out AFTER the juggernaut that is GT5 has released. It’s easy to spot where GT5 is still screwed up (40 Skylines, 5 Vitz, 30 Imprezza, pathetic damage, horrible engine sounds, etc), so they know where they need to advance in terms of gameplay. As for the sim physics, there is a strong pedigree in place that SMS needs to return to.

    It’s in my GameFly Queue. I’ll play it and when I decide to “keep it”, I’ll play it a bunch more so I don’t get screwed like Shift 1.

    With no true preorder bonuses, I have no reason to preorder this. Which COULD lead to a regrettable purchase.

    • deftonesmx17

      SimBin and SMS are two different studios!!!!! Yes some of the SimBin team is now part of SMS, but they are not the same studio.

  53. xX_54MW1CH_Xx

    EA seems really cocky about a game they’re not making themselves. Don’t believe everything they say…

    • Streaker

      Sony seems cocky in every PS3 commercial for every game it doesn’t make. It only does ‘fill in the blank’. Guess we shouldn’t believe Sony either.

    • Yep

    • Streaker

      The only thing I do believe is that you haven’t read on review, interview or impression of Shift 2.

    • the piston


  54. bonesawtx

    Been a GT fan since Day one of the original GT and haven’t bought many other Race games due to GT being so good each release but GT5 hasn’t had the same replay value as the old GT’s and it’s time to look else where. Shift2 looks really good so far and I think i might pre-order this game. Hopefully this pushes PD to really improve the GT series and races games as a whole.

  55. Maryjane

    Tracks? Looks like Mt.Panorama 0:59-1:00.

  56. I wish GT5 had the same ‘driving experience’ factor as Shift – in terms of the graphical representation of speed, impact and whatnot.

    Anything beats the flimsy ‘poot’ that you get in GT5 when you slam into a barrier at 300kph, coming to rest like you’v just parked the car.

  57. kirbthadrifta

    I wonder if they are going to charge 9.99 to get the “ea online pass”…

    • Streaker

      Only if its used. Where have you been? Don’t tell me you have been buying online passes and not entering the free code you get with the all new EA games? ROFLOL. Try reading the directions.

  58. AERO_HDT

    I must admit, that despite all its flaws, getting through all of Shift was immense fun – there was real personality behind it. I’ve been a GT fan forever, but I always enjoy other experiences. GT has its own rather sombre and too serious mood and games like Shift give you the chance to relax and have fun whilst gaming.

    Shift 2 is definitely on my wishlist. The original game was a total blast.


  59. I will actually buy this Shift 2 because I am wondering how much improvement compare to Shift 1. I am a fan of GranTurismo for 11 years now and as well as Need for Speed.. Honestly, I like them both and I think they are both good but in different levels. It’s like pros and cons that GT have and NFS doesnt have and the other way around.

  60. RacingManiac

    The first shift was a bit loose, but overall drives not bad. If this “shifts” back to more GTR territory in terms of handling, might not be a bad driving game….graphic certainly looks pretty decent…

    Time attack cars look cool…

  61. Drift_champ

    I predict Shift 2 will have great sounds, great screenshots and crappy 30 frames-per-second gameplay. I have Shift 1 and I loved it until I played Gt5, then there was no going back.

    • Streaker

      30fps play only sucks when it lags. So far the reports are that it doesn’t lag so it will be fine.

  62. This will be my go to game as long as I don’t get randomly kicked out of rooms mid race like gt5 does I have a great connection and race clean and most of the time I can’t stay in a room for more than 10 minutes

  63. that car is from that game as for myself i will not be looking forward to many racing games anymore unless they bring back the underground series will probably start buying games like gta an shooters

  64. Geo_212

    Let’s face it. EA CAN NOT make a good game unless they’re working with another game company. Good examples: Command and Conquer 4 was horrible; they were alone on that one. But Burnout Paradise was utterly amazing; Criterion Games helped them on that one. Same with NFS: Hot Pursuit. Though I wouldn’t call it amazing, it’s still a crowd-pleaser in my book. SHIFT 1 was puke compared to most sims. Rewarding drivers for spinning other drives off the track and slamming into them? That’s not a simulator. I believe SHIFT 2 will fail along with SHIFT 1.

    • X-Power

      EA aren’t making the game. Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) are making Shift 2 and they have some of the people who made the GTR Series (PC sim racer) working for them. Also, Criterion developed all the Burnout games and NFS:Hot Pursuit on their own, EA simply published the games. If you’d have done some basic research you would’ve known that EA only publish the game.

      I’m personally looking forward to Shift 2 because it looks promising and I like to play a variety of driving games, unlike most of the fanboys who worship GT and hate everything else.

    • Streaker

      EA is the PUBLISHER, THE PUBLISHER, not the studio. Same with Sony and PD, same with Activision and Infinity Ward. Same with Atari and Eden Games, etc etc etc. Read up, then post.

  65. Streaker

    This game isn’t going to be “arcade like” at all. If you actually stop cutting down all games not GT5 and read you’d find that the company is basing how cars act on how cars really act. They have the CAD drawings for every car’s suspension in the game. They used telemetry to program how each car reactions on different surfaces. They have 3 real race drivers in F1, GT and D1 giving them feedback to make the game realistic. In some ways, they have done more to reproduce racing then PD had done. They hid this info in interviews on the web. Might want to check it out. And I think the car count is upper 100s. And for those saying GT5’s physics being “spot on” and yet have never driven a car, or a car worth more then $10,000, you have no idea what you are talking about. Furthermore, is the online physics “spot on” or the different offline physics? Both can’t be “spot on”. Many things in the game are not realistic at all, including handling of cars like the Shelby GT350 and Yellow Bird. You can’t put an ECU on 70% of the cars in the game, they don’t have a computer. There is NO WAY that PD knows the characteristic of 1000 cars and have them “spot on”. I love GT5, but its not “spot on” in the physics and as another developer in an interview said about car games, some are making cars how they “think” they should handle. Shift 2 is using test drivers, telemetry and design schematics to actually make the game feel like the cars actually do feel and act like. Big difference.

    • It does not matter what DICE or you _claim_ Shift2 is like.

      Shift 1 had arcadey physics most testers said, the same testers said GT5 physics are much more realistic. These are not fanboys talking.

      It stands to reason Shift2 will retain some of the arcadey physics. Although I hope DICE have physics as good as GT5’s or even better. GT5 and PD need competition

    • ilove evos

      I agree with streaker who said “This game isn’t going to be “arcade like” at all. If you actually stop cutting down all games not GT5 and read you’d find that the company is basing how cars act on how cars really act. They have the CAD drawings for every car’s suspension in the game. They used telemetry to program how each car reactions on different surfaces. They have 3 real race drivers in F1, GT and D1 giving them feedback to make the game realistic. In some ways, they have done more to reproduce racing then PD had done. They hid this info in interviews on the web. Might want to check it out. And I think the car count is upper 100s. And for those saying GT5’s physics being “spot on” and yet have never driven a car, or a car worth more then $10,000, you have no idea what you are talking about. Furthermore, is the online physics “spot on” or the different offline physics? Both can’t be “spot on”. Many things in the game are not realistic at all, including handling of cars like the Shelby GT350 and Yellow Bird. You can’t put an ECU on 70% of the cars in the game, they don’t have a computer. There is NO WAY that PD knows the characteristic of 1000 cars and have them “spot on”. I love GT5, but its not “spot on” in the physics and as another developer in an interview said about car games, some are making cars how they “think” they should handle. Shift 2 is using test drivers, telemetry and design schematics to actually make the game feel like the cars actually do feel and act like. Big difference.”

      I actually do race in real life and have a 400 hp talon and audi s4 and i do pdx which is road course racing. Everyone wants to pump GT5 up to be the real racing sim but its not. True the driving physics are decent but everywhere else fails. They have had 6 years to make this game and yet all the cars get the same lame mods and there isn’t even a livery editor. Yet the fanboys continue to ignore the broken things in this game and pray to their god Kaz. Here is something simple that needs to be fixed if we are even going to call it a real driving simulator and that’s the clutch. If i miss a shift in a real car it doesn’t go to neutral the gears scratch and i go into the gear. Forza got it right and it’s sad that GT will continue to make crap as long as its faithful fanboys keep shelling out the dough. I think shift 2 will get it “Spot on”. For all that say shift 1 was a let down i agree but that leaves room for improvement. GT1-4 were awesome games so why does 5 suck so bad?

    • Streaker

      And that is why for Shift 2 they brought in RACE CAR DRIVERS. The RACE CAR DRIVERS know more about driving RACE cars then you me, or any other 12 year old.

    • Did you try this game? How do you know what it will be like?

    • Streaker

      Well there is a whole website of dedicated Sim race car drivers that drove the beta and really liked it. They have a D1, F1 and GT driver working with them to make the game realistic. You can find interviews of the 3 real race drivers and their impressions online. So no, I didn’t, people that know what race cars act like did.

    • Real F1 drivers were ‘involved’ in codemasters F1-2010 game…and they also wrote how ‘real and amazing’ game will be.Guess what – typical arcade peace of crap.I am 95% sure same will be here.

    • Britvic

      Shift was truly truly awful, even for an arcade game. I dont see this being any better, even with all the glitzy trailers.

    • brainfade

      @Razor – i can tell you haven’t even played F1 2010, they used Anthony Davidson and two others who couldn’t be named for contractual reasons.

      Also its worth noting that some of the footage we’ve see of ingame stuff the cars do appear to behave better, they have that familiar ‘bounce’ of GT cars. The AI in all the gameplay videos so far do appear to be smart in terms of where you are on the track and what theyre going to do about it, in one trailer you even see the AI trying to get past down the inside with two wheels on the dirt, but not fast enough to really give you a challenge if your a good driver. It does appear that you are punished for clapping the wall at speed too.

    • brainfade> I can tell YOU that i played F1-2010. And it is crap. Total piece of junk. Arcade stuff for noobs.Go and try rFactor F1 mods then you will realise how bad F1-2010 is.

    • the piston

      @Streaker, I agree with Razor just because they say that they are using real drivers to test the games physics doesn’t mean that its going to be good. A good example is F1 2010. But we will see. Besides if NFS Shift 2 has better physics than GT5 well it,s because it’s a newer game. Anyway stop having a flame war on which game has better physics. Just enjoy the games.

    • I don’t know if this game will be sim or arcade. I don’t know, and really don’t care too much. I know that supposedly there wont be any pits or fuel or something to that effect which basically kills a huge aspect of length races in my opinion. HOWEVER I do agree with you Streaker on several points you made, SEVERAL. Especially how GT5 with it’s dual personality physics can be “spot on” in both instances of offline and online. Wait till GT6 comes out and how that will also be “spot on” and better than GT5’s “spot on”. That “spot” sure gets around. No of us have driven one lap in Shift 2 so we all need to shut up and drive when the time comes. Let’s not speak that which we know not.

      ilove evos is also correct. I swear people don’t get that difficult does not automatically mean real. People railing on F1 2010. Who here has driven a Formula One car? I do know what I’ve heard/read from real F1 drivers, and I’m not talking about some guy who’s getting paid by Codemasters, I’m talking about independent videos about F1 racing having absolutely NOTHING to do with the game whatsoever, the things they describe you having to do in real life you have to do in F1 2010.

      Shift 2 may just indeed bring what racing is about and it would be interesting to see. I’m very curious about it even if I really have no plans to get the game myself. But I’m not going to dog it out just because it doesn’t have a big PD on the side or come with Sony kneepads if I pre-order.

  66. Zekerbox

    Come on GT5 where’s our iconic BMWs’ like the E30, E28, E39?

  67. Caio_Reinhardt

    I Want the Escort RS Cosworth and the Old M3 in the GT!!!

  68. how many cars are there? over 100? over 1,000 like GT5? lol i dought it but how mny

    • Streaker

      145 cars from 36 manufacturers and 35 different tracks (but I have read 100 tracks too). Whatever it is, you are going to have a game full of cool cars and not 40 S2000s, 70 Skylines, etc.. Included cars are the 1992 Bugatti EB110 SS, 2009 – Bugatti 16.4 Veyron, 2010 – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, 2008 – Ferrari 575 Super America, 2009 – Ferrari FXX, 4 other Ferraris not in GT5, 2010 – Gumpert Apollo Sport, 2011 – Koenigsegg Agera, 1999 – Lamborghini Diablo GTR (I love this car), 2010 – Pagani Zonda Cinque, 8 different Porsches, 2010 – Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe, 2008 – Bentley Continental Super Sport among the cars in the game.

      Also included are all the official GT1 and GT3 tracks.

    • JoeMaPampang

      Might as well get the Forza Ultimate collection with all Dlc and tracks. Thats over 540 Premium cars,65 manufacturers, over 120 tracks, Livery editer, Auction House, and Tuning galore.

    • Streaker

      When is Forza coming for the PS3? Well there goes that idea. I have a computer, if I were to do anything it would be to join iRacing. Forza doesn’t have sanctioned racing like iRacing does.

  69. I’m not too sure as of yet (since Shift was supposed to be sim-like, and was a real let-down in that department – and the aging level-up system). However, the team behind it have the skills, and EA must’ve learnt from last time. There is room for you because, although GT5 nailed the physics, it fell down almost everywhere else, reeking of inconsistencies (and half of the time, simply isn’t fun). If you guys can get that right AND create an addicting, exciting experience beyond the driving, then I’m in.

    I love GT racing and would love a sim that caters to my needs properly.

    • stoney71

      I agree, if this game is as good as it looks, goodbye GT5. Hello, Shift 2.

  70. cornishbrooksy

    At 0:43, you can see marbles on the road in the night racing section.
    If they incorporate that into the physics model and it affec5ts how the car handles, as well as changing the track dynamically then this shows some real promise.
    I just hope they have made some serious steps into simulation modelling of the cars, although i did find shift 1 a blast to play.

  71. NoonenF1

    I will admit, this game looks pretty good (in reference to the track & car list). Although, I played Dirt and Race Driver and those had too much of an “arcade-like” physics model. I also played the first Shift game and I felt that that game’s physics model was not unlike those two aforementioned games.

    GT5’s model is pretty close to being spot-on, so Shift 2 would need to pull a rabbit-out-of-a-hat to get close to the high standards of GT5.

  72. I’m excited for this game! I have it pre-ordered. :D

    The first one was “decent”. The physics were definitely lacking, but I’m hoping this one will be way better.

    It -looks- absolutely stunning. The graphics look terrific. I can’t wait to play this game in addition to GT5!

  73. It’s funny how a Gran Turismo specific site is being looked at by other racing games, and actually more hospitable to the site than PD is!

  74. ##GreenHell##

    this game looks awesome cant wait. March 29th right?

  75. Sandboxgod

    Just seems like every racing game an EA studio makes it now has the “Need For Speed” branding even though none of the various NFS games seem to have very much in common. Just thought about that just now.

    Anyway I am truly keen on getting more info on NFS Shift 2 :D

    • There is no NFS in the title anymore. Please pay more attention to things in general – you may find you do better in life, too.

  76. So, the poster cars are the Nissan GT-R – which is the star of GT Academy and for which Polyphony Digital designed the computer interface – and the Maserati Gran Turismo. Just a coincidence?

    • deftonesmx17

      The Maserati GranTurismo has nothing to do with the GT series. Maserati is an Italian car maker and the phrase GranTurismo is Italian for Grand Tourer.

    • And did I say that it had anything to do with the GT series? Looks like you totally missed my point…

    • posimosh

      nice (attempt) at a recovery Eric…. What was your point again?

    • - SZRT Ice -

      I think his point was:

      A: They are blatantly targeting the Gran Turismo audience by inviting GT Planet.

      B: Using The GTR and Maserati “Gran Turismo” could be some sort of subliminal reference to attract GT fans. No need to be a dense prick about it. I get where he was going. Some of you are too quick to bash someone, I swear. Get off you high horse sire.

  77. if you don’t read them before some questions for you:

    1/ is the elite mode (simulator) available from the beginning?
    2/ What about the sound? better than Shift1?
    3/ Will it be a way to remove the speed blur in the game options?
    4/ How is the handling in Elite mode with a wheel? Thank you in advance, Jordan!

  78. Nato_777

    Shift has a decent hood cam – PD could learn from this… but I doubt it.

  79. Nato_777

    Shift promised much, but delivered little. Hopefully Shift 2 will reach it’s potential as a great racing game.

  80. oblivionskate

    AWWWWWWW! i thought this was DLC at first too. i got excited. well i might get this game because it has e30’s and e36’s :-) im pretty pissed they werent in gt5 :-(

  81. Paulyee

    I’ll buy it, play it for a week, put it down, then play GT5 again, because thats what i have been doing with all my games since gt5 came out.

    • NoonenF1

      Hahaha, same here, I got Uncharted 2 for Christmas and played it for a week, and then I went straight back to just GT5. I also used to play Modnation: Racers just about every night but I haven’t touched that since GT5 was released. I was thinking about getting Heavy Rain since that is a “Greatest Hit” now, but looking from this trend, it would just be a waste of money.

  82. WangansGodHand

    if porsche is in this game,im getting it.

    • R1600Turbo

      Of course they will be, EA has the license.

    • ChicoMaloXD

      If EA has Porsche. Why can’t PD just take NISSAN? : )

  83. LaBounti

    Well played EA… reach out where other dare not….

  84. GregTheStig

    I’m personally excited for this game, but only if they really have improved the driving physics. It looks awesome though, I’ll be following this for sure.

  85. the developer claimed they sold 5m copies so i guess they will be confident about the confident about their arcadey/simulator physics, which i didn’t like when i played the previous shift

  86. Jose’

    I do not like this series at all…

    • Devedander

      This series is 1 iteration long…

    • Tenacious D

      Need For Speed has been around a while, Dev… ;-)

    • ^ But Need For Speed SHIFT hasn’t.

      This isn’t developed by Black Box like many of EA’s other NFS games and the other forthcoming NFS release this year. Shift and Shift 2 are/were developed by Slightly Mad Studios.

      The easiest way to tell the difference? The ones not developed by Black Box tend not to suck.

  87. Game looks ok, probably not a real simulator like they always claim, but I bet it’ll be fun. Shift was terrible though, I hope it’s better.

  88. No46_TheDoctor

    Looks like the same old arcade racer crap.

  89. thatguy

    When I saw the E30 I thought this article was about DLC for GT5. ;_;


    EA know how to sell their games, it’s just a shame they can’t make them.

    • 2 points.

    • Streaker

      EA doesn’t make games, studios like DICE make them. EA is the publisher. Sure ome of the studios are owned by them or they have a controlling interest like Tiburon. But not all are owned by EA. Its almost like saying Harper Collins writes bad books. Anyway read the reviews of BFBC2 or the excitement building for Battlefield 3. Somehow EA with all its “bad games” became the second biggest company in the industry behind Activision, with billions in sales.

    • strikieg

      make it 3

    • the piston


  91. SMOKY247

    by the way looks Arcade game NOT MINE !

  92. COOLfiat

    That is an epic game, I am going to start saving for this one! :D

  93. Brandon

    That is awesome news. Could you have ever imagined when you made this site so many years ago you’d be getting invited to developer studios on other contintents?

    Will you please ask if the game will require the new EA standard $9.99 online pass to play the game online?

    Thanks, enjoy your trip.

    • The codes comes with the game if you buy it brand new.You only have to purchase the code if you buy the game used.

  94. Hold on, where did you get that 1990 M3?

    • e30freak

      unfortunately most new gen games include the e30, just not GT5.

    • moggstyle

      reminds me of this great m3 on car domain dot com. not trying to plug that site, but the car is awesome. check it out.

    • how do you get that car? i didn’t understood, is it in the game or is just a picture?

    • RTSolvalou

      You have to unlock it by holding Square for 4 hours on the main menu screen…

      ffs it’s not in GT5, it’s a Shift 2 promo shot.
      (love to the people who came up with that fake cheat joke for GT1)

    • Mr. Apex

      Daaang … I swear I opened up the site and for a split second I was convinced that Jordan’s post was about an M3 E30 as DLC …


    • NFS Rocks too!

    • Big Ron

      @Jared and nmd_pro

      *double facepalm*

      try to read the topic ad you know, where the E30 comes from ;)

    • Tvensky

      yea :) GTP fooled me aswell. I was so happy when I saw that old BMW.. when I find out it was Shift my happiness disappear into a black hole and will never get back from there! :(

  95. 1:10 “pre order the most realistic racer ever” :p

    • Cachaito

      Back when the GT5 TT came out, I remember a friend said… “I don’t like it (GT5), Maybe I’ve been playing to much Need for Speed Shift”. So for what its worth I think if you are good at GT5 this new game may be to arcade-like. lets hope it is just as Good as gt5 though,that would be awesome.

    • theArmourKing

      Sorry Jordan, but we are here only for GT!

    • @theArmourKing


    • Not really, I like looking in the other forums as much as the gt5 forum. Anyway if shifts physics are half as good as gt5 it will be good.

      gt5 the real driving simulator
      shift 2 the real racing simulator

    • theArmourKing

      we respect the other games and it’s makers. I even play it when no new-GT for long time:)! But any way we are here for the news of the best game;)!

    • vicious136

      lol exactly what I was thinking. “Really, guys? most realistic ever? peh.”

    • Tvensky

      NFS :) in such a short time it’s just impossible to create good physics. I have given NFS to many chances, and I hardly doubt this new Shift will be better than GT. Fun – yes, real – no. (PS I would love to see NFS shift a real driving simulator, it would be win-win, fun and real, unfortunetally it will never happen for NFS, its for kids market mostly, for EA its win-win (more money) for us grown ups its sad..

    • tyl0r_r

      @ ArmourKing: You != We

    • FlareKR

      I’m not buying any more NFS until they put back split-screen. GT5 has basically provided everything I ever wanted in a racing game (except customization, but I got over it).
      Jordan can you ask EA why their being a bunch a jerks about split-screen, I remember asking in the EA forums once about that and I got the response from EA that split-screen is for kids or online is the future.
      I guess I’ll reconsider even buying Battlefield 3 this year, or any EA product.

    • the piston

      LOL,the developers of NFS Shift 2 think they could beat GT5 in the simulation department. Well good luck to them but I doubt it after all this is GT they are comparing to

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