Need for Speed Unbound Volume 7 Adds New Game Modes, Mustang Dark Horse, and M3 Competition Wagon

The latest update for Need for Speed Unbound, Volume 7, is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series, adding more features drawn from previous NFS games as well as two hot new cars.

Subtitled “Drift & Drag”, Volume 7 — somewhat unsurprisingly — adds a specific Drift Mode and Drag Mode, as well as a new League Mode solo progression system, all inspired by Underground.

Accompanying the new game modes is a pair of performance cars which are both making their racing game debuts (aside from mobile titles, in one case). That’s the brand-new Ford Mustang Dark Horse, and the 2023 BMW M3 Touring in Competition specification.

Both cars are available from today, and you can earn them for progress through the two Speed Pass tiers too. You’ll need to hit level 30 of the regular Speed Pass to earn the M3, while the Dark Horse is gifted with the purchase of the Premium Speed Pass along with three bodykits for the car.

There’s also unique custom models for both cars (explaining the thankfully nose-grafted version of the M3, apparently inspired by the F80 model), with special Drift and Drag versions of each. You’ll need the Premium Speed Pass to unlock most of these, with the “Underground-Dragster” M3 available in the normal Speed Pass.

Drag Mode and Drift Mode bring new challenges and playlists to both single- and multiplayer, with the latter also heralding an “overhauled handling model” for drifting and drift builds. For Drag Mode there’s manual shifting and a lane-switching mechanic to allow players to dodge obstacles or block rivals.

In League Mode there’s a new set of solo player challenges that see you progress up the street-racing tree, but also a collective community challenge that will see players’ combined efforts count towards unlocking a final boss challenge and a new, mystery custom ride.

There’s more NFS “Legends” content too, with multiplayer playlist events also drawing from Underground. You’ll be facing off against Eddie’s Skyline and Rachel’s 350Z, while Melissa’s Eclipse is another Premium Speed Pass reward.

You’ll be able to download the Volume 7 update for Need for Speed Unbound from today on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and the game is currently part of the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and available for free to Extra/Premium subscribers.

The Premium Speed Pass is also available now, as a $/€9.99 add-on, adding an extra 30 tiers to the 45-tier Speed Pass with unique custom cars and special cosmetic flairs. Catch-up packs for Volumes 3-5 are also available for $/€9.99 apiece, giving all of the rewards in one hit for each update, and we’re expecting Volume 6 to be available soon too.

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