Assetto Corsa and Project CARS Bundles Featured in Steam Autumn Sale

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With many of us spending the day with family and food, the big day of deals known as Black Friday is just hours away. With Sony getting the PlayStation Store party started yesterday, and Microsoft announcing its sale last week, that only really leaves the PC crowd and Steam has things in place with the Autumn Sale going on right now.

Steam sales are often an event in and of themselves, and while well over 13,000 titles are being discounted for PC players, things have been narrowed down to focus on the games relevant to the community.

  • Project CARS Game of the Year Edition (Regular: $82.37 / Sale: $22.82 / 72% off)
  • Project CARS (Regular: $29.99 / Sale: $11.99 / 60% off)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Regular: $59.99 / Sale: $29.99 / 50% off)
  • DiRT Rally (Regular: $59.99 / Sale: $29.99 / 50% off)
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Regular $19.99 / Sale: $4.99 / 82% off)
  • F1 2016 (Regular: $59.99 / Sale: $40.19 / 33% off)
  • Assetto Corsa (Regular: $29.99 / Sale: $20.99 / 30% off)
  • Assetto Corsa and Dream Packs 1-3 (Regular: $49.99 / Sale: $34.99 / 30% off)
  • Assetto Corsa Japanese Pack (Regular: $4.99 / Sale: $2.99 / 40% off)
  • Assetto Corsa Tripl3 Pack (Regular: $2.99 / Sale: $2.09 / 30% off)
  • Rocket League (Regular: $19.99 / Sale: $11.99 / 40% off)
Assetto Corsa Launch_Ford GT40
The V8-growling Ford GT40 awaits those that have yet to give Assetto Corsa a try.

While there are plenty of racing games offered for the duration of the sale that will make even the most devoted racer’s head spin, Assetto Corsa gets the overall nod here. With Porsche Pack Volume I released last month, and Volume II arriving earlier this week, introducing the likes of the 911 GT3 RS and 919 Hybrid to the mix, there isn’t a better time to give the acclaimed racer some attention.

Project CARS fills a similar niche with the added bonus of dynamic time and weather conditions. With the Game of the Year Edition including the base game and 12 pieces of additional content, players will be in for everything from kart racing to barreling down the Mulsanne Straight in a Le Mans Prototype.

Burnout Paradise and Rocket League may be the furthest things from a racing simulator in the lineup, there’s no denying their fun factor. Both games have been received favorably, and with the former featuring an open-world full of events and the latter offering Top Gear-esque car soccer fun, both will be viable alternatives to the otherwise serious titles in the genre.

Those keeping track of the console sales will see some familiar discounts on PC too, in the form of F1 2016, Grand Theft Auto V, and DiRT Rally. In the case of the latter title, console gamers miss out on a hefty patch that added PC-exclusive VR implementation.

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