Aston Martin Shows Off Valkyrie’s Even Faster Track Pack and Huge Options List

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When you buy an Aston Martin, one of the things you expect is the ability to make it truly individual. Even if it’s one of 150, stripped-out, $3.2m hypercars, sporting a 1,000hp, 6.5-liter V12 and F1 knowledge from Red Bull Racing, you’d expect some options at least.

It turns out that Aston Martin is well ahead of you on that front, and it’s showing off some of the enormous list of personalization options in a series of new images. The designs are part of a range that the company’s bespoke division, “Q by Aston Martin”, has created to demonstrate just how in-depth the options list is.

The Valkyrie might be pretty spartan inside, but that doesn’t limit you. As standard, the Valkyrie has a huge range of colors, patterns and finishes for the seats, and six color options for the harnesses.

Along with Alcantara and carbon fiber, customers can pick woven leather elements — as on the One-77 — for a little more of a personal touch. All of the switchgear, which you’ll find on the steering wheel, comes in anodized black, red or silver, although the Q division will allow for an even wider choice. If you fancy titanium switches, or even more carbon fiber, Q has you covered.

The exterior options are even wilder. There’s four basic “Designer Specification” themes, that keep the Valkyrie closer to how the car should look. These feature four colors exclusive to the Valkyrie, one of which is the Ethanol Silver seen here on the “Spirit” theme. That includes other options such as the Caycous Orange exterior graphics, matte black aluminum wheels, exposed carbon-fiber roof and engine cover, and the black tail pipes.

Of course you don’t have to stick to what the designer thinks. The Mantis theme in the images shows some of the more ostentatious features. It gains the Q by Aston Martin “gold pack”. That adds 24-Carat gold leaf to areas of the car — the detail line on the hood and side swage line, for example — underneath the paint lacquer. There’s also gold anodize detailing on the honeycomb wheels and oil filler cap, along with a gold-plated Aston Martin badge. The paint, Iridescent Emerald, is another Q creation.

These are just standard alternatives though. The Q by Aston Martin Commission service is able to realize almost any vision a customer has for their Valkyrie, in any color and any material.

The ultimate in custom Valkyries though is the AMR Track Performance Pack. This features a selection of new track-only parts, which the customer can swap over with the road-legal components, that make the car an eye-watering 8% faster. To put that into context, it makes an ordinary Valkyrie seem so slow that some series wouldn’t even allow it on the same grid due to the dangerous speed difference…

For the Track Performance Pack, the Valkyrie gains a new front end. This gives even more downforce and improved aerodynamic efficiency. There’s track-focused suspension coupled with even lighter titanium brakes. A new set of matte black magnesium wheels, fitted with carbon-fiber aero disks completes the pack, although there’s also a second set of all of the cars body panels too.

That means you can swap the car’s livery at the track, and if there’s a little damage you can still drive home in a pristine car. Track Pack owners can specify the car in one of three AMR livery designs, such as the Stirling Green and Lime version in the images, or work with Q to get their own livery. The customers also get a range of race suit accessories and pit garage equipment in their choice of livery too, although that doesn’t make the car any faster.

Aston Martin’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, said:

“This is simply the best car in the world if you want something bespoke and we are really pushing the boundaries to match the dreams of our customers. Every single element of this hypercar, including its performance, can be personalized. The materials are very much about science, the art of creativity and the ability to create a unique solution that doesn’t detract from this exceptional car’s performance capability.”

Aston Martin isn’t quite finished there either. The range of specifications shown here only scratch the surface, and it’ll release even more of them in due course along with a full options list. Customers can already see them, and option out their car, with a virtual reality vehicle configurator at the company headquarters in Gaydon.

The first Valkyries are due to reach their owners’ hands early in 2020. There is, of course, no need to register your interest as Aston Martin has already sold every last one of them.

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