Author: Andrew Evans

GT Sport Daily Races: Mini Mayhem and Seaside Shenanigans

It’s a more traditional-looking affair in the GT Sport Daily Race this week, as you get a chance to break out your Manufacturer Series rides. Race C takes us to… Read More »

GT Sport's Next Update Confirmed for End of March

Kazunori Yamauchi has made his traditional silhouette Tweet, confirming a further content update is inbound. The Tweet notes that the update is due “next week”. That will, unusually, mean a… Read More »

GT Sport's 2019 FIA-Certified Nations Cup Stage 1 Starts Today

If you want to emulate Igor Fraga in 2019 and stand on the top step of GT Sport‘s Nations Cup podium, your chance starts this weekend. The massive, 40-race season… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Has 'No Intention of Stopping' GT Sport's Free Updates

Yesterday we brought you the first part of our interview with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, from the Paris World Tour event. We got to sit down with Yamauchi… Read More »

'So Much More We Can Do' with FIA GT Championship Says Kazunori Yamauchi

At the recent, season-opening Paris World Tour event, GTPlanet again had the opportunity to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. Alongside all the racing, in both the… Read More »

Volvo's Cars Will Watch You While You Drive

Hot on the heels of announcing a worldwide hard speed limiter earlier in the month, Volvo Cars has revealed the next stage of its safety mission. Volvo aims to have… Read More »

Porsche Builds Four More Unicorns to Replace Cars Lost At Sea

You’d be forgiven for missing the news that the cargo ship Grande America sank last week. The container vessel, carrying several tons of acid, caught fire in the Bay of… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Players Will Help Develop the Toyota Supra

GT Sport players participating in the recently announced GR Supra GT Cup will have an unusual extra role: vehicle development. Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer at Toyota Gazoo Racing, was… Read More »

Nicolas Rubilar Wins GT Sport World Tour Nations Cup Final

Chile’s Nicolas Rubilar has won the Nations Cup final at the Paris World Tour event — and qualified for the World Final in the process. After four thrilling races, Rubilar… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: A Mazda Blast From the Past

Long-term Gran Turismo players will either get a kick or a shiver of dread from this week’s Daily Races. Race A is a classic GT combo, and we mean classic.… Read More »

Aston Martin Wins GT Sport World Tour Paris 2019 Manufacturer Series

In the curtain-raising Manufacturer Series event at the Paris World Tour, Team Aston Martin has taken a thrilling victory. For the World Tour, the Manufacturer Series was a four-race affair.… Read More »

Live Stream: Gran Turismo FIA Championship 2019 World Tour in Paris (Nations Cup)

The action continues here in Paris this afternoon, with the first World Tour Nations Cup final. Following on from yesterday’s Manufacturer Series team championship, it’s time for drivers to exhibit… Read More »

Toyota's New Supra Gets Its Own Gran Turismo Sport Online Championship

As revealed earlier today, Toyota is now an official partner of the GT Sport FIA-Certified Online Championships. Already this partnership is the foundation of something special, with a dedicated online… Read More »

GT Sport By The Numbers: 8 Billion Miles, 51 Million Liveries

As part of the presentation at this weekend’s GT Sport World Tour event in Paris, Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed some interesting numbers behind the game. Confirming the numbers we’ve seen… Read More »

Gran Turismo's 2019 FIA Championship Events and Details Revealed

Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed the plans for GT Sport‘s second season of FIA-certified online championships, and it’s safe to say there’s some changes on the way. Yamauchi’s presentation came at… Read More »

SEAT's Leon Cupra R Now Packs As Much Power As a Porsche 911

Spanish carmaker SEAT has made a play for the top of our “cool wagons we need to own” list with a new version of the Leon ST estate. The Leon… Read More »

Toyota Reveals Its Lunar Rover Concept, Heading to The Moon in 2030

Toyota and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have together unveiled a lunar rover concept, as we revealed last week. The two have been working together since May 2018 in… Read More »

GT Sport Update 1.35 Arrives, Brings Bugfixes

Polyphony Digital has released the next update for GT Sport. As expected for a new game version following on so soon after a content update, it’s a small patch —… Read More »

Fastest Lap Gets a Bonus Point in New F1 Regulations for 2019

There’s another change coming to the Formula 1 rules for 2019, but this time it’s all about scoring points. The sport’s governing bodies have agreed to a change that will… Read More »

Bugatti's Baby is The Cutest Way to Spend $34,000

2019 is the 110th anniversary of the Bugatti brand. It’s celebrating with not only a limited edition model of the Chiron and the most expensive new car ever made in… Read More »