Bentley Reveals 700 BHP Continental Supersport, Its Most Powerful Production Car Ever

Automotive News 40 January 8, 2017 by
The car in question.

Four seats, 700 bhp and 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. Welcome to the Bentley Continental Supersports.

You may have heard the name before. The Continental Supersports graced us with its presence back in 2009, but this new model is lighter and much more powerful.

Getting yourself and three others from point A to point B just became a whole lot quicker. The Supersports is the fastest-accelerating car Bentley has ever built. That 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds is the same as a Dodge Viper. Seems like a fair comparison until you realize the Bentley weighs nearly twice as much as the Dodge, and of course, you can’t seat four people in a Viper.

Keep those horses galloping and they’ll take you all the way to a touch over 200 mph. In a car that has four seats, lots of luxurious gizmos on board, and will quite easily cruise in comfort thanks to the new lowered and stiffened dynamic suspension. Bentley have married both luxury and performance in one powerful package.

Bentley’s behemoth W12 engine has been redeveloped especially for the Supersports. New high-performance turbos and engine gizmos, plus a torque vectoring system that has 750 lb-ft to play with means the Supersports has no problem achieving its quoted numbers.

Also key to the ridiculous power are brand-new turbochargers and a revised cooling system. This all means more power, and power is something the Supersports is not shy about showing off.

It doesn’t all happen underneath, however. On the outside, the Supersports has been donned with an ensemble of new carbon fibre wings and aerodynamic parts. Bentley’s clearly focused on keeping the Supersports from piling on the pounds.

An aerodynamically-balanced rear spoiler and front splitter combo is also available, so the car sticks to the road while it’s vehemently venting out all that power and torque.

That rear spoiler might come in handy.

Bentley are additionally offering a Convertible version of the Supersports. This means that you can listen intently to that glorious W12 with the roof down and no obstructions to your ears. Bentley’s even gone so far as to include a neck warmer. Perfect for those times when it’s -10 but you’ve become addicted to the growl emanating from under the hood.

Miraculously, the Convertible only suffers slightly in the speed department. The losses mainly come in the increased weight that is natural for a Convertible, but it still retains the 700hp W12 engine that powers the Coupe.

On the inside, the car can be customized in a number of ways. Paints, finishes, materials — all can be specific. And of course, hand the Supersports over to the bespoke coachbuilding department in West London and the craftspeople will sculpt the car to cater to those that have special requirements.

One must compliment power with luxury.

When most of us cannot afford such luxury and power in the real world, we turn to video games to provide us with the feeling of owning high-end cars. That’s where Forza Horizon 3 comes in. DLC has been leaking from the game this past week and the latest batch of cars includes the 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports.

So while driving this car in real-life may be a dream for many, Forza will (hopefully) soon provide thousands of gamers around the world with the chance to hurtle it around the wilds of Australia. Now we just need to fill those three empty seats!

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