Bugatti Shows Off A Life-Sized Vision GT Replica

Bugatti_VGT_20150914_1 (2)

The Frankfurt motor show may only open to the public on September 17th, but Bugatti has taken advantage of the press days beforehand to reveal a life-sized model of the virtual Vision GT car it has been teasing us with for weeks.

Further information on the car itself is still somewhat thin on the ground. The feature presentation was somewhat shy on power figures, for instance, but it was revealed that the Bugatti Vision GT uses the famous 8.0 W16 powerplant and will reach a theoretical 250mph on the straights of the Circuit de La Sarthe.

More interestingly still, the mock-up has been shown moving under its own power – setting it apart from some of the other full-sized VGT replicas we’ve seen, unveiled as static models at previous motoring events. Promisingly, the real thing also has a full and somewhat lavish cockpit, even sporting a plaque signed by Kazunori Yamauchi.

While we’re still waiting for the car to debut in the game however, there is a large image gallery to pore over in the intervening period.

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  1. gtabird

    I can’t tell if these images are real or not. And, yes, I did read the article. I can see the petals and headrest and signature as being real, but none of the other images appear realistic to me. Are some of the pics from GT6 or are all of them real life photos? More specifically the ones on track.

    1. Griffith500

      I don’t think any of them are from GT; some are as you say clearly photographs, whereas others look to be composites of real photos (backgrounds) and renders of the car.

  2. Sick Cylinder

    Hopefully it has an interior. I love the look – like a lightweight race car version of a Veyron. I’m hoping for a range of colours and maybe race numbers, together with a sensible level of performance so I can host a race series for it – looks like the best VGT so far.

  3. Progress823

    Some fans: “We want more real cars.”

    Bugatti: *makes full size running model of their VGT*

    Lol….just lovely. Hopefully this will continue the trend that the VGT program should be about.

    1. infamousphil

      I doubt it will happen, Progress. But an interior from PD would illustrate that they are listening to what we are are are asking for.

  4. nocturnalgrey

    The ever growing collaboration with the automotive industry is what separates Gran Turismo from every sim-like racer out there.


    1. liv4hardstyle

      I dont understand your use of the old “ridge racer” comment applied to this as its based off the veyron. So the veyron looks like a ridge racer to you? This looks like a baddass veyron racecar. Not sure which ridge racer you where playing…

  5. GTracerEHTeam

    Yes please, I want something I can use to play with my Citroen. Might even be able to make a whole racing series out of that, oh the possibilities that just opened up.

    1. infamousphil

      I already have the GT by Citroen road car paired with 2 other VGT ‘road cars’. So l’ll be looking… hoping it’ll match-up well with the Mazda LM55, which is still looking for a good dance partner. The Bughatti is very promising and fine as hell!

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