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Pro Drivers to Play Gran Turismo Sport for Charity on May 4

Professional drivers from various disciplines of motorsport will take to Gran Turismo Sport on Monday, May 4, for a live-streamed charity event. The driver roster includes some big names from… Read More »

GTPlanet's Year in Review: 2019

Once again, we’ve reached that time of year that the Norwegians call “romjul”. Calendars are rapidly finding their way into the recycling despite having a good couple of days left,… Read More »

Around The Planet 02: Dreaming About GT Sport's User Interface

Our community has been doing a different sort of fan art…

Around The Planet 01: Revisiting Gran Turismo Past, Via Forza Motorsport

For the first installment of a new feature, the GTPlanet community looks back at the much-loved Race Mods of GT’s PlayStation 1 days.