Croatian Retailer Opens Preorders for “Gran Turismo Sport” PS4 Game [UPDATES]


A Croatian electronics retailer has published a new listing for a game called “Gran Turismo Sport” and is now accepting pre-orders. For its placeholder image, they appear to have created their own “Gran Turismo 7” graphic. (UPDATE: Shortly after this article was posted, the product listing has been removed.)

Typically, this type of listing is nothing to get excited about – online stores often begin accepting pre-orders and publishing incorrect release dates for games years before they’re officially announced, in hopes of attracting links and attention.

sanctaHowever, things are a bit different with this company, Sancta Domenica. They have an exclusive agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and are the sole importer of PlayStation products in the countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Their use of the name “Gran Turismo Sport” is also interesting.

Although it would be quite a departure from tradition for Polyphony Digital to drop the number “7” from the name, it may be an effort to differentiate the title, indicating the game might be headed in a different direction or may include motorcycles, as was inferred from the Isle of Man news that hit last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Croatian_STIG

    “it may be an effort to differentiate the title, indicating the game might be headed in a different direction or may include motorcycles”

    That’s as good a guess as any.

  2. Normalaatsra

    I first heard this name was going to be the racing team name for a Pikes Peak entrant (Yamauchi could be entering this year). Name is fitting for any racing team category too.

    Besides that, I wonder if this is a Horizon contender, as FH is a spin-off of FM that has a casual open-world racing game structure. If it is a mini GT7, it should be similar to the GT Concept series of games like in the past. GT3 didn’t jump straight to GT4, there was also a couple of GT Concept games and a Prologue.

    1. ArR29

      I rather have open world Driveclub than Gran turismo. Imagined cruising around with those gorgeous visuals and weather effects? :)

    2. SZRT Ice

      I’d rather have an open world GT. Where you can tune your car for the area you like.

      Off roading? WRX’s, Evo’s etc. Softer suspensions, dirt tires, etc.

      City? – Shorter gear ratios. Street tires. Drift competitions. etc.

      Highway? High horse power. Softer compound tires, etc.

      Coastal and mountainside?… You get what I’m saying.

      They can have multiple free-roam locations (Ala TDU2) using the cities in which in-game tracks reside.

      A re-envisioned Germany that includes the auto-bahn, and allows you to drive to the Nurburgring. Los Angeles with Laguna Seca. Miami and Daytona. Japan and every Japanese track they have to offer. New York, and etc.

      The physics in DriveClub seem to limiting for an open world racing game. I like the game, but it feels a bit flat at times, and it’s lacking in the rotational physics department imo.

      I can’t really explain it, but the cars have a rotational “frisbee like movement”, but the spiral “football like movement” is lacking. I also would not be fond of the Grip levels in an open world arena and think GT would allow a much wider variation in allowing racers/gamers to choose how the want to play with the tuning available in Gran Turismo.

  3. Tenacious D

    Well, this is fascinating. Darn that Amar, abandoning us when we needed him most. Then again, as long as he’s flirting around the intranets with his engrossing hints, he really hasn’t.

    I said below that this is the age of the HD remake. It’s also the age of the internet tease. I’m not the least bit surprised that the info was up long enough to cause an internet sensation, then promptly taken down. This is how many things from NIN resurrecting to video games are pre-announced these days.

    So taken seriously, I’m in agreement with the guys who mentioned the FIA Championship deal, but just a bit further. What I suspect this means is a Gran Turismo game focused on pro racing leagues with pro racing events, or things very similar, kind of a GT version of PCARS – I can see Johnnypenso smiling at that – and/or Assetto Corsa. Fewer cars, specifically race cars, but lots of tracks to race them on, and with events patterned on or directly taken from FIA leagues. And this could have bikes pasted in for some Tourist Trophy-like Superbike racing.

    Would this have an Arcade Mode? Most likely, and possibly with an Event Maker and Course Maker for user generated events. Possibly a Livery Editor to allow for personalizing your rides, and making them your own rather than loaners. The “career”? Probably not like the usual GT game, more like Toca, GRID, AC and P CARS where you progress based on how well you finish a micro-season in some kind of beginner league, and progressing up a ladder to more serious racing.

    Would something like this sell? I’d think much better than a Prologue. With the enthusiasm expressed over P CARS and AC, I think it will sell more than the 5 million some odd GT5 Prologue sold around the globe.

    E3, hurry the heck UP! ;D

  4. omgitsbees

    Well without knowing more about what Gran Turismo Sport is, it’s hard to say what I would rather be playing. To be honest, I would rather just have Gran Turismo 6 ported over to PlayStation 4, and then continue to wait for Gran Turismo 7 is released. GT6 isn’t even done yet, not all of the Vision GT cars are released yet and it seems like there is a chance that won’t even happen.

    1. Tenacious D

      My autocrossing relative and I were discussing this prospect recently, and he pointed out that this is the age of the HD remake. A GT6 HD with some new goodies and features would be a game that might even make a few here happy. And I’d be in GT heaven.

      However… well, I’ll discuss GT Sport in my own post.


    The title ( with respect ) sounds cheesy, how about Gran Turismo Concept 2 ? ( that is – if it focuses on Concept Cars )


      Um, if the title supposed to be a prologue then Concept can fit better rather than ‘Sport’ :)
      Well .. At least to me X)

  6. Stylel_Code

    No. The only thing I want is that they bring back the true real GT’s prior to GT5. We need to find this GT ambiance again, not a new thing. It’s particularly in Gran Turismo that Gran Turismo is excellent.

  7. GTP_CargoRatt

    Will definitely keep my eye on this bit of news. Could perhaps bring me out of retirement if it does pan out to be something good. We’ll see.

  8. Maddens Raiders

    Ok I have to admit…

    My Interest Level = HIGH

    What is this? Is this actually real or just a cool looking potato?

  9. diptob79

    article from gran turismo website last year:
    “FIA & PDI plan to launch an official FIA Online Championship in 2015 with the intention of offering the large number of Gran Turismo players and motor sport fans the opportunity to engage with real motor sport”

    1. xprojected

      This makes the most sense. A limited-scope GT spinoff for PS4 would in effect serve as the “GT7 Prologue” while PD works on a full GT6 successor.

    1. theformidlog

      Yep, looks like Need for Speed AND Gran Turismo are having a little reboot (if the rumors are true)

  10. TRLWNC7396

    If GT is only going to have ONE updated/subscribed version on the PS4, then NOT calling it “7” is a good way to go.
    However, if there will be different versions….. Hmmm….. This is indeed interesting news.

  11. CorvetteConquer

    Gran Turismo definitely needs to drop the “7”. It needs a fresh take and fresh minds.


    Yep sancta domenica is legit, i got my ps4 from there.I’ll contact them to see if I can get some more info

  13. oli440

    All the recent news, from the G29 wheel to this… seem to imply the possibility of an E3 announcement for the next Gran Turismo game, but I’m still a tad bit hesitant in joining the hype.

    1. FT-1

      Kazunori said there wouldn’t be a GT7 Prologue, but maybe that meant giving the Prologue idea a reboot. We’ll see how GT Sport turns out.

    1. sk8er913

      What about 24 hours of Le Mans? Its this weekend, there are 3 nissans there and we are doing gtacademy with the nissan at le mans… GT SPORT ANNOUNCEMENT CONFIRMED!!!!!!! Lol this is going straight to the meme thread. :)

  14. fortbo

    YYYYAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, we got Project CARS, Asseto Corsa, Forza 6, and now GT7 coming to current gen. This is certainly a good time for racing sims.

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