Croatian Retailer Opens Preorders for “Gran Turismo Sport” PS4 Game [UPDATES]

Gran Turismo 7 42 June 10, 2015 by

A Croatian electronics retailer has published a new listing for a game called “Gran Turismo Sport” and is now accepting pre-orders. For its placeholder image, they appear to have created their own “Gran Turismo 7” graphic. (UPDATE: Shortly after this article was posted, the product listing has been removed.)

Typically, this type of listing is nothing to get excited about – online stores often begin accepting pre-orders and publishing incorrect release dates for games years before they’re officially announced, in hopes of attracting links and attention.

sanctaHowever, things are a bit different with this company, Sancta Domenica. They have an exclusive agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and are the sole importer of PlayStation products in the countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Their use of the name “Gran Turismo Sport” is also interesting.

Although it would be quite a departure from tradition for Polyphony Digital to drop the number “7” from the name, it may be an effort to differentiate the title, indicating the game might be headed in a different direction or may include motorcycles, as was inferred from the Isle of Man news that hit last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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